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Charlie Shamp: "Rise Up and Fulfill Your Calling as the Bride of Christ!"

Charlie Shamp
Sep 28, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve Shultz

Prophet Charlie Shamp is always full of powerful revelation from the Lord. He's told us that his encounters and dreams have increased in this new season...and we know many of you have experienced the same!

God IS pouring out His Spirit on His sons and daughters in a fresh new way.

Below are the notes that Charlie shared from on his recent interview with us, including notes we didn't get to. We wanted to send them all, so you could enjoy the revelation Charlie had to share.

Steve ShultzThere is much to go through grab a cup of coffee and dive into Charlie's word... God's outpouring is here! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Days of Blood and Fire

Word from August 21, 2022:

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "You are in the midst of a re-definition of the Church. Watch for My hand upon fresh movements, emphasizing new battle plans for the Ecclesia. My Church is entering an age of militancy and spiritual confrontation. A new global prayer movement is about to emerge."

I then saw angels, with swords drawn, released on assignments to different regions. Written on the swords were the words "spiritual warfare." In their other hand was a bottle of oil containing the warrior anointing mingled with the Bridal revelation. I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "These will be days of 'blood and fire,' so My Church must be prepared to war in prayer through intercession. I am sending My winds and ministers of fire to co-labor with the saints as they declare My word into the earth. For those that do not know Me, it will be a time of great turmoil, a time of blood and fire. For My Bride it will be at time of great triumph, a time of My Blood and My fire."

I was then shown a white war horse and heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "Prepare for the manifestation of 'wars' in the natural reaching greater heights in the coming days, as well as an increase of warfare in the realm of the Spirit. My Bride must stay in a humble position upon her knees to gain ground in the air. Greater clashes of light and darkness are about to come, but I will cause My Bride to ride upon the white horse, and she will leap over these dark days to the place of victory."

We have entered into a time of increased judgments and the glory of the Lord in the earth. I could see great clashes of light and darkness, unlike anything we have experienced in the past. The greater glory of the Lord with His manifested presence will shine forth. Many will be saved through the outpouring that will come. The seeds have been planted and now prayer will produce the rain to bring a great harvest. Great outbreaks of regional revival will touch across the land. Many will experience God's manifest hand. Signs and wonders will follow them that believe. The presence of the Lord will cause salvation in the streets. At the same time, great natural disasters are about to come in the earth. Mudslides, plagues, increase of hurricanes, sizable earthquakes, fires, droughts, and volcanic activity will be felt in various regions, the likes of which Earth has not experienced in the past.

I saw America and I heard these words: "Mayday, May-Day."

I then heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "For those that call upon My name, I will be the Prince of Peace in the eye of the storm."

The Number 70

Word from September 11, 2023:

In a recent dream, I found myself ensnared in the cold, unforgiving confines of a prison located in a land far from my own. The air was thick with the palpable desperation of countless souls, their pleas for freedom echoing off the stone walls, a haunting symphony of despair. Yet, in a surreal twist, this prison was also an airport, a gateway to freedom, tantalizingly within reach.

Clutching my passport, I approached the counter, my heart pounding with hope. The gate attendant, however, merely responded with a chilling laugh. His words, a cruel proclamation, echoed in my ears, "You don't have a ticket with the right number to pass through these gates."

Defeated, I retreated, my steps heavy with sadness. But in that moment of despair, I turned to prayer. And then, like a beacon in the darkness, I heard the voice of the Lord. His words, a promise of salvation, resonated within me, "I will come to set My people free. Return to the desk to receive your liberty."

With renewed determination, I approached the desk once more, only to find the Lord standing there, a clipboard in His hand. I implored, "Lord, they told me that I need a specific number to pass through these gates and board the plane. I have my passport, but they refuse to give me my number."

The Lord, with a serene smile, glanced down at His clipboard and declared, "I found it. Here you go!"

I looked down, and there it was – the number 70. Overwhelmed with gratitude, I said to the Lord, "Thank You. Now we can all go free," and tears began to stream down my face.

As I wept, I asked the Lord, "What is Your name?"

He replied, "Shanee!"

The name Shanee means "beautiful" and "God is gracious."

With a heart full of hope, I walked through the gates and on to the plane. And then, just as suddenly as the dream had begun, I was awake.


In this captivating dream, the prison becomes a powerful symbol of the Church's struggle against the limitations, oppression, and challenges it faces in various aspects of its existence. Like a mighty fortress, the prison walls represent the societal pressures and persecutions that seek to confine and restrict the Church's influence. (Photo via Pxfuel)

But fear not, for amidst the darkness, a beacon of hope shines through the dream's portrayal of the airport. This bustling hub of transition and possibility signifies that the Church is standing at the precipice of change and transformation. Despite the difficulties it faces, there is an undeniable potential for unprecedented growth, advancement, and liberation.

However, the dream takes an unexpected turn as the Church is denied passage due to a lack of the correct number. This twist represents the vital need for the Church to align with God's divine plan and purpose in this crucial hour. It serves as a cautionary reminder that without proper preparation and adherence to spiritual principles, the Church may encounter formidable barriers and obstacles in the days to come.

Yet, amidst this challenge, a powerful message emerges. The act of fervent prayer and the resounding voice of the Lord reverberate through the dream, highlighting the critical importance of seeking God's guidance and wisdom in navigating the difficult path ahead. The number 70, bestowed by the Lord Himself, carries profound significance for the Church as a whole. It encapsulates a period of completion, fulfillment, and perfect spiritual order, suggesting that the Church stands on the threshold of a remarkable breakthrough or accomplishment in its divine mission.

Drawing from the depths of biblical symbolism, the number 70 echoes the ancient Israelites' captivity in Babylon for precisely 70 years, as proclaimed by the prophet Jeremiah. It serves as a reminder that even in times of captivity and adversity, God's redemptive power and grace abound.

Embracing this divine grace, the Church finds solace in the name Shanee, meaning "beautiful" and "God is gracious." This powerful name serves as a constant reminder that amidst the trials and tribulations, God's grace and beauty remain present. It beckons the Church to rely wholeheartedly on His provision and guidance as it traverses the treacherous terrain ahead.

Finally, the dream culminates in a breathtaking moment as the Church triumphantly walks through the gates and boards the plane. This triumphant imagery symbolizes the Church's resolute determination to conquer obstacles and embark on a new season of unparalleled growth and spiritual advancement. It signifies a hopeful and progressive journey, where the Church emerges stronger, more resilient, and fully equipped to fulfill its divine purpose in the days ahead.

In conclusion, this dream serves as an empowering message of encouragement and divine guidance for the Church. It underscores the utmost importance of seeking God's direction, aligning with His will, and relying on His abundant grace to overcome challenges. With unwavering faith, the Church stands poised to step into a season of extraordinary transformation, where it will soar to new heights, fulfilling its divine destiny with unwavering strength and resilience.

The Train of the Bride

Word from September 25, 2023:

In a recent dream, I found myself transported into a realm where two contrasting scenes unfolded before my eyes. In the first scene, I was thrust into a room where the demonic spirit of Jezebel stood before me. The tension in the air was palpable as I heard the resounding voice of the Lord declare, "This wicked woman seeks to prey upon the Body of Christ, aiming to silence its prophetic voice and strip it from the face of the earth!"

Suddenly the spirit lunged at me, but just as it reached out, a majestic white sheet descended from above. The sheet emitted a blinding light, repelling the spirit of Jezebel and leaving her frustrated and powerless. She unleashed curses and spells, but the veil remained impenetrable.

I inquired of the Lord about the magnificent white sheet. In response, His voice resonated with authority, "Behold, this is the train of the Bride's gown, a symbol of her purity and power!"

But then the dream took another twist, as I found myself in a sacred chamber pulsating with radiant light. As the walls parted, a figure emerged from the wilderness, adorned in armor and ready for battle.

I couldn't help but ask the Lord, "Who is this mighty warrior?"

His voice filled the chamber, "This, My son, is the Bride of Christ, emerging triumphantly from the wilderness! She has been called to fervently intercede for My Church."

The warrior stood before me, exuding authority and wisdom. Her prayers shook the very foundations of the room, igniting a fire within my spirit. Each word she uttered carried divine revelation, breathing life into my weary soul. The glory of the Lord radiated from her, enveloping me in a tangible embrace.

As I woke from this dream, the remnants of God's fiery presence lingered, saturating every fiber of my being with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.

This dream carries a powerful and encouraging prophetic word for the Body of Christ in this season. It is a call to recognize and confront the spirit of Jezebel, which seeks to silence the prophetic voice and hinder the advancement of God's Kingdom. But fear not, for the Lord has provided divine protection symbolized by the majestic white sheet, representing the purity and power of the Bride of Christ.

The attacks of the enemy will be rendered powerless against the Body of Christ, as the impenetrable veil of protection deflects every curse and spell hurled against God's people. I believe the Lord is assuring His children that they are safe and secure in His presence, and no weapon formed against them shall prosper.

Furthermore, the dream reveals the emergence of a mighty warrior, the Bride of Christ, called to fervently intercede for the Church. Adorned in armor, she displays unwavering determination and carries the authority and wisdom of the Lord. Her prayers shake the very foundations of the spiritual realm.

The Lord is summoning His people to rise up in prayer and intercession, boldly embracing their identity as the Bride of Christ. Through fervent prayer, they will release divine revelation, strength, encouragement, and supernatural empowerment to those around them. The glory of the Lord will radiate from them, enveloping others in a tangible embrace of His love and power.

This is a season of awakening, where the Body of Christ is being stirred to rise up and fulfill their calling as the Bride of Christ. It is a time to embrace purity, walk in authority, and fervently intercede for the Church and the advancement of God's Kingdom.

May this prophetic word ignite a fire within your heart, propelling you into a season of divine purpose and supernatural empowerment. Let us stand together as the Bride of Christ, unyielding in our pursuit of His will, and unwavering in our commitment to intercede for the Body of Christ. The Lord is with us, and through His power, we will overcome every obstacle and see His Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.

[Editor's note: We didn't get to the rest of the revelations below on our recent Elijah Streams interview with Charlie Shamp. However, we wanted to send them out to you, our readers and viewers, so you can enjoy them for yourselves!]

The Journey to the Outpouring

Word from September 4, 2023:

In the realm of dreams, I found myself seated in the passenger seat of a luxurious, classic Mercedes Benz. But what made this journey truly extraordinary was the presence of Jesus Himself assuming the role of the Prophet. As we embarked on this ride, my youngest daughter was securely fastened in the back seat, bracing herself for the exhilarating twists and turns that lay ahead.

As we cruised along the winding road, our path was obstructed by fallen trees, imposing barriers that threatened to impede our progress. Yet, with divine finesse, the Lord skillfully maneuvered the car, navigating around each fallen obstacle. In those moments, His voice resonated with profound wisdom, proclaiming, "For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity."

Our journey continued, and with every passing mile, the Lord unveiled deeper insights into the prophetic ministry and the future trajectory of the Church. Finally, our expedition led us to a majestic home, a sprawling mansion. At its heart stood a colossal tree, its branches reaching toward the heavens. With an air of authority, the Lord declared, "This is My Father's house. Park the car and join Me, for it is time to ascend to greater heights."

I executed the task of parking the car, ensuring its safe placement, before stepping into the beauty of the home. As I crossed the threshold, a breathtaking sight unfolded before my eyes. The Lord Himself had embarked on an ascent up the towering tree. His gaze met mine, and with a resolute tone, He declared, "We are ascending to the high place. In My Father's house, this tree is legacy, a testament to the enduring impact of those who have gone before us."

Together, we embarked on this climb, scaling the heights of the tree, propelled by a sense of purpose and destiny.

At the pinnacle of this journey, a scene of profound significance awaited me. To my astonishment, my oldest son stood poised for a momentous occasion, surrounded by a gathering of vibrant youth, all eagerly anticipating their turn. A vast pool shimmered in the sunlight, beckoning them toward a transformative experience. The Lord's voice reverberated once more, resounding with power and authority, "Behold, there is a baptism of the prophets, a baptism of repentance. In the days to come, the Spirit will surge forth, igniting the hearts of sons and daughters, empowering them to prophesy and declare My truth!"

With divine grace, the Lord immersed my son and the other youth in the waters of this profound baptism, forever marking them as vessels of divine revelation.

As abruptly as the dream had begun, I found myself awakened. Yet, the impact of this extraordinary journey lingered within me, leaving me in awe. (Photo via Pexels)

I believe that this dream holds profound significance for the Body of Christ. It offers us insights and encouragement for the journey that is ahead of us. Here are a few interpretations of various sections of the dream that I had.

1. Divine Guidance and Overcoming Obstacles:

The presence of Jesus as the Prophet in the dream signifies that He is leading and guiding His Church. The fallen trees represent obstacles and challenges that the Church will encounter. However, the Lord's ability to navigate around them demonstrates His power to overcome any hindrances that may arise. This verse, "For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity" (Proverbs 24:16), reminds the Church of the importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity.

2. Prophetic Ministry and Future Direction:

The Lord sharing about the prophetic ministry and the future direction of the Church indicates that He desires to impart prophetic insight and revelation to His people. This highlights the need for the Church to be attentive to His voice and to seek His guidance as it moves forward.

3. The Father's House and Going Higher:

The large home with the massive tree at its center represents the Father's house, symbolizing a place of spiritual significance and inheritance for the Church. The call to park the car carefully and enter the home signifies a time of preparation and readiness for the Church to ascend to higher levels of spiritual understanding, authority, and intimacy with God.

4. Climbing the Tree and Legacy:

The ascent up the tree represents the Church's pursuit of spiritual growth and maturity. The Lord's statement that the tree stands for legacy emphasizes the importance of building a spiritual heritage and leaving a lasting impact for future generations.

5. Baptism of the Prophets and Prophetic Awakening:

The baptism of the oldest son and the other youth in the dream signifies a coming move of the Spirit that will touch the sons and daughters of the Church. This baptism represents a purification and consecration, preparing them to operate in the prophetic anointing. It signifies a season of repentance and a fresh outpouring of prophetic revelation and declaration.

I believe that, overall, this dream speaks to the Church's journey of overcoming obstacles that are coming, embracing divine guidance, and ascending to higher levels of spiritual authority and revelation. It also highlights the importance of prophetic ministry, legacy building, and a forthcoming move of the Spirit that will ignite a prophetic awakening within the Body of Christ. I sense that the Lord is encouraging the Church to be prepared, attentive, and responsive to the leading of the Lord as it moves forward in fulfilling its divine purpose in the coming days.

A move of the Spirit, particularly among the youth, is on the horizon, poised to unfold in an unprecedented and unexpected manner. This divine outpouring will surpass anything we have witnessed before.

Heaven's Commissioning

Word from July 29, 2023:

I had a very vivid dream the other night where I found myself in Heaven worshiping around the throne. I saw others that I knew on Earth, as well as some from the cloud of witnesses that I recognized.

As we were worshiping, I saw angels being assigned to different people called to do great exploits in the earth for the Father during this time.

An angel would walk up to one of the Believers worshiping and say, "What vision do you have from your Father?" As the person would speak the vision and assignment, the angel would hand them the exact amount of heavenly currency to pay for the vision. Then, suddenly, they would be sent to the earth to do what the Father had shown them.

I also saw some, who felt they had failed the Lord in the past, get recommissioned by the Father and sent out, fully backed and financed by Heaven. All of Heaven would cheer as they were sent to fulfill their heavenly vision.

I believe that this dream is significant to those believing to fulfill their God-given purpose. This is a time where the Father is commissioning Believers to do great exploits for Him in the earth. As you take time to engage God and worship Him, there is a fresh commissioning that is going to come upon you. I believe the Lord is revealing that His vision for your life will carry with it the provision. It will be backed and financed by Heaven!

"Then the Lord answered me and said, 'Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; for it will certainly come, it will not delay.'" (Habakkuk 2:2-3)

The Camels Are Coming

Word from July 17, 2023:

For two nights in a row, I have had a recurring vision of camels loaded down with blessings crossing the desert.

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "The camels are coming with provisions for the weary. Those that have walked through the desert, believing to reach their destiny, are about to give birth."

I saw these camels following in the footsteps of saints that had made their way through a hard season in life. I said, "Lord, where are the camels heading?"

I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "They are making their way to Bethlehem because there is about to be a birthing. They are heading to those that have been laboring in the unseen to see Me move in the earth. These are the little places that seem insignificant and have even been passed by in seasons passed. They will experience My tangible presence (Emmanuel). They are about to be tremendously blessed by the overwhelming, overflowing provision of Heaven. Watch as outpourings will start in the most unlikely places and spaces. I'm sending My camels to the dry and weary ones."

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Charlie Shamp
Destiny Encounters


Charlie Shamp is the co-Founder and president of Destiny Encounters International. He is a sought after international key note speaker. He has been commissioned by Heaven as a Prophet to bring healing and revival in the nations. He has ministered both nationally and internationally with radical demonstrations of faith seeing lives transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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