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Bernice Scheidler: "God Is Strategically Bringing You Into: Divine Alignment"

Bernice Scheidler
Sep 12, 2023

Intro from Bernice Scheidler:

Steve ShultzThe prophetic word for September through the fall is "Divine Alignment." God is strategically aligning you with His plans and aligning you relationally. Get ready to step into God's promises!

You will see the Lord bringing new relationships into your life that are necessary for what He is calling you into. The Lord is bringing peace to your heart connected to relationships that will no longer be a part of your next season. You will also notice God doing a work with existing relationships, which will take on new meaning!

These alignments will propel you into what God has for you, but it is important not to force connections. God already has those relationships for you, and as you seek Him, He will make it clear to you. Be faithful to step into what He shows you, because these alignments will unlock the door of abundant blessing! I release blessing over your relationships now, in Jesus' name. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Read the full word below.

Bernice Scheidler
Bernice Scheidler Ministries

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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While in Israel over the summer, I noticed I needed help getting into my hotel rooms, but my keycards were not working.

In one hotel, it became amusing after the 6th trip from my room on the 10th floor back down to the lobby, trying to get my key card to work. At that point, a manager took notice and insisted someone come up with me to my room to make sure I could get in. I was accompanied to my room and asked if I had the right room. I assured them I did.

The manager was able to open my room using a key fob he had, allowing me to wait in my room as he tried to fix the problem. After many more trips up and down (on his part), he RESET the entire system on my door, allowing my key to work.

It became apparent the Lord was trying to get my attention. I also couldn't help but notice my interactions with people in the elevator during the process. I understood the elevator was symbolically speaking of a place of transition (going from one place to the next). As I sat in my room, #1029, I began to ask the Lord what He was trying to show me.

Alignment and Blessing

I felt there was something significant about my room number and was prompted to look up the numbers in Scripture. As I read Numbers 10:29, the Lord began to speak.

"Now Moses said to Hobab the son of Reuel the Midianite, Moses' father-in-law, 'We are setting out for the place of which the Lord said, "I will give it to you." Come with us, and we will treat you well; for the Lord has promised good things to Israel.'" (Numbers 10:29) (Photo via PickPik)

God is strategically aligning you with His plans and aligning you relationally.

Moses' brother-in-law was a skilled man. He understood the desert, where to camp, and what to look out for. Moses recognized that Hobab would be an asset to them as they set out to the place the Lord promised to give them. He asked Hobab to go with them, but Hobab was from a different tribe and wanted to return to his family. As you read the story, Moses tells his brother-in-law that the Lord will be good to the Israelites and that they will share with him the blessing they receive, if he chooses to go with them.

Many of you have been in transition and God is shifting you and bringing alignment in your assignments and relationships, and it will cause blessings to come upon you and those you are aligned with.

What God Is Saying about Relational Alignment for September through the Fall

Here is what the Lord has been showing me in connection to relational alignment for September through the fall.

1. The Lord is bringing new and necessary relationships into your life that will be a tremendous blessing to you for what He is calling you into. The Lord is bringing people into your life who are skilled, qualified and anointed, and who will propel you into the Lord's promises. Understanding that the ones whom the Lord brings to you in this season may look different than you are used to will be necessary. Just like Moses' brother-in-law, they may come from another "tribe" (stream or denomination), but they will be the ones who will help unlock the door for you.

2. The Lord is bringing peace to your heart in connection with relationships that will no longer be a part of your next season. The Lord will heal your heart from the relational hurts from the past and bring peace and closure to you as you move forward.

3. The Lord is doing a work with existing relationships as they take on new meaning! Some people are already in your life who love you and are for you; they have been there all along but not necessarily fulfilling certain functions in your life. You will notice God doing a work in these relationships as they assume a new role and take on new meaning for you. These relationships will begin to blossom and bless you immensely.

4. The Lord is renewing your value for relationships. As you move into the fall, dealing with any relational unforgiveness that might be holding you captive is imperative. The Lord wants you free. Those of you who have felt the pain of relational hurt, those who have been in isolation and reluctant to trust and step into new relationships, the Lord will heal you as you come to Him. His healing power will carry such restorative power that it will instill in you a renewed value for relationships. (Photo via StockSnap)

5. It is important not to force connections; God already has those relationships for you, and as you seek Him, He will make it clear to you. Be faithful to step into what He shows you, because these alignments will unlock the door of abundant blessing!

Entering the Door to Promise

I shared the following word while in Israel:

You can't understand why the door is not opening for you! It's not because you are trying to open the wrong door; it's not because you don't have the key to open the door. God has already given that to you! It is because a divine reset is required before you can access the promises you are about to enter into. It is happening in the transition.

What feels like ups and downs, what feels like a lot of backwards and forwards, what feels like inconvenience, and what appears to be delay is actually a sequence of moments bringing you the divine reset! Pay attention to what the Lord is saying in these moments. He is revealing your next assignments and bringing new and unexpected connections into your life that are vital for your next season! You will enter the door to the promises God has for you!

God's plans for you are so good!

I decree and declare that you will see every plan He has for you fulfilled. I bless your relationships, I bless your assignments, I bless you to prosper, and I speak divine alignment over you, in the mighty name of Jesus! YOU ARE BLESSED!

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Bernice Scheidler
Bernice Scheidler Ministries

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Bernice Scheidler was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to America with her husband Josh in 2010. They currently reside in Redmond, Oregon, along with their three children, where together they planted Ignite Faith Church in 2016. She is a revivalist and is passionate about the call of God on her life. She places great emphasis on the importance of prayer in her life and the life of the Believer. If she could choose any title in the world it would be "friend of God"! She is called to release the Kingdom of God here on Earth through sharing the Gospel, releasing God's heart to others through dreams, visions, the prophetic, the creative arts, and acts of service that will propel and champion others in their callings. Her heart's desire is for people to encounter God in a very powerful way, bringing them the salvation, healing, deliverance, breakthrough and freedom they desire. She longs to see people turn their hearts fully to God. She believes in signs, wonders and miracles, and all the gifts of the Spirit, and that the Body of Christ should operate in them today!

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