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Dr. Sandie Freed: "A Time to Expose and Defeat Mammon and Lack"

Dr. Sandie Freed
Jun 9, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzThis is a most heart-penetrating message from Sandie Freed of Texas. Sandie has been a faithful writer on the Elijah List, as she's been writing for us for many years now!

She writes a very much-needed word in this hour about being delivered from Mammon and lack.

Do you need to be delivered from the spirit of Mammon? You would initially say NO, but you'll need to dive into this message and receive key wisdom on this very subject matter, identifying its tactics and how you can be set free from it.

As you read through this word, remember this Scripture from 1 Peter 5:8, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."

Steve ShultzBe encouraged by this word from our friend Sandie will really help you defeat the enemy and his attempts to devour areas of your life! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


Dearest Believer, you have probably been aware that the subjects of money and prosperity have been hot topics for decades. However, with so many teachings on these topics, why have we not witnessed more transformation concerning obtaining and maintaining Kingdom wealth? Have you been like me, wondering why so many Believers are still suffering from poverty and lack? It has been on my heart to fervently pray and "touch Heaven" concerning these issues. As Christians, we should be experiencing an open Heaven. Luke 6:38 says that when we give, we should experience multitudes of blessings, or "good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and (literally) running over" (see Luke 6:38)!

Mammon – a False Idol

As I spent time before the Lord, He was clear in His answer to me concerning all this. He said, "My people have not completely uprooted the spirit of Mammon from their hearts and lives."

I have taught on the spirit of Mammon for years, and have recently realized that this spirit is highly active again. Why is that? Because we are bowing down to the idol Mammon, knowingly or unknowingly. And when we bow down to Mammon, we then "serve" Mammon.

When I wrote my book a few years ago, Crushing the Spirits of Greed and Poverty: Discerning and Defeating the Ancient Powers of Babylon and Mammon, I wrote this about Mammon:

"Mammon is not simply a love of money; rather, it is a demonic spirit that attempts to set itself up as equal to God. Jesus said, 'You cannot serve God and Mammon' (see Matthew 6:24, Luke 16:13). He is quite clear in His statement: God is God, and the opposite of God is Mammon. A clear choice is involved. Which will we 'serve'?"

I also wrote these words: "According to the American Dictionary of the English Language, Mammon is defined as riches, wealth, or the god of riches. Mammon, therefore, can refer to riches and wealth, but also a false god."

The Lord showed me years ago that Believers were bowing down to Mammon, a false god. And, also, they were serving Mammon, leading to bondage, poverty and lack.

The word "serve" in the Greek is the word "douleuo," which when translated means "to be a slave," and "to be in bondage." So, when we choose Mammon over God, we come under bondage to the demonic realm. None of us would willfully choose Mammon over God! However, this spirit is so deceptive and seductive in its attempts to cause us to not trust God for our finances.

We worry and fret over money—especially in this economic climate today! We have a difficult time waiting for the breakthrough and attempt to make it happen in our own strength. The enemy will whisper words like, "God won't provide; you need to do it on your own." Or, even when we seek God and "think" we have a strategy, this spirit can interfere with our belief system!

Fear of Lack vs. Trust in God

Mammon attempts to cause us to love or trust money more than God. And when we are suffering from lack, the lies of the enemy concerning God's faithfulness bombard us. Mammon seduces us into "loving" money often much more than God. Mammon attempts to rule over us through ungodly lust for wealth, fame and fortune—or just getting our needs met! Mammon creates an atmosphere of fear of lack. Fear of lack is huge. Trusting fully in God and His divine provision is what negates the power of Mammon over our lives. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Interestingly, the Israelites went through the same thing; they suffered from lack. That's right. And because of this, they began to worship the false Syrian god named Mammon. They bowed down to this idol, just as the pagans did, applying their faith toward believing this false god would provide for them. This is one of the reasons why Israel went into bondage! They suffered hardships because their hearts were not fully committed to the Lord.

Just think of Egypt and all of their false gods and idols. Whenever they needed rain, they bowed down to the rain god. Whenever they needed sun, they carved a false image and then bowed down to a sun god. They had a false god for all of their needs.

Dear ones, we are in a season where we should be extra careful to watch over our hearts! Again, none of us would knowingly bow down to a false idol. But we do, and we do this a lot. Allow me to explain further. This next part is key for your breakthrough!

Created in His Image

I know it's hard, at times, to believe God and His Word each time we witness bankruptcy, foreclosure and inflation. Let's take this a little further with something that's daily on the news—the national deficit that is completely out of control! We can all relate to this, having the potential to fear our future concerning financial security during these times. However, as Believers, we are not wired to depend upon the global economy. Let that truth go deep into your spirit man.

We are wired with God's DNA, and we are to be imaging Him on the earth. We do this by submitting our lives to the process of glorious transformation, being changed continually into His divine image. Whatever it is that we endure on this earth is for the purpose of His taking everything and working it together for our good, so that the "good," through us, can project His image upon the earth more. Whatever it takes for us to look more like Him is what He is after!

Waiting for Breakthrough

In every challenge we face, especially money challenges, we must embrace the opportunity to grow closer to God as we forge ahead into breakthrough.

Waiting for the breakthrough can be discouraging, but when we truly understand the waiting process, we also embrace the transformation process more easily. Scripture says that those who wait upon Him will renew their strength and soar as eagles; they will run and not get tired or weak (Isaiah 40:31). That word "wait" doesn't mean to sit idly (almost in boredom)! It implies waiting with active hope and also entanglement. Entanglement with God is to be so close to Him, recognizing that you are one with Him, entangled in His love, mercy and joy. Use every challenging opportunity to be entangled with Him while you wait for Him and your time of financial breakthrough!

Bowing Down to a False Image of God

Let's go back to the main problem: We "bow down" to Mammon every time we don't believe what God says. It can be subtle! In other words, if we don't truly believe that He is our Provider and we start fretting over money, we are bowing down to a false image of God. The image of Him being a stingy God who withholds from His children is a lie, and when we bow down to that lie and false image, we have committed the sin of idolatry. The sin of idolatry leads to bondage, corruption, lust, perversion, witchcraft and much more.

We also bow down to Mammon every time we believe the lie that says we are unloved and unworthy to receive His best for our lives. It's true. Many of us don't believe that we are sons with a royal inheritance; rather, we believe lies of the enemy concerning our true identity. When we embrace, believe and bow down to a false identity—whether it be a false belief about our God-given identity or of God's nature and character—we are committing idolatry!

Disasters may strike, but do you realize that God is our Master in every time of disaster? Maybe you've made bad decisions concerning money and now you are facing difficulties. I have good news for you: God cares and He still wants to bless you! Sure, you may need to seek wisdom in the future before making major financial moves, but God does not desire to punish you with poverty!

Changing the Way We Think

If you believe that it is time to repent for a false belief system, then realize this: To repent means to change the way we think. Yes, Believer, we must change the way we think about ourselves and about God.

God has made a covenant to bless you when you become His child. He will resolve your financial messes, even if they are self-inflicted. Yes! Read that last sentence again! He is the only One who can get us out of our messes. He will give us His wisdom! Getting more money is not the cure-all. Being submitted to God and trusting in Him and His provision is the only way to break out of lack. (Photo via Pexels)

Be Fruitful and Multiply!

Dear Believer, God's mandate to mankind has not changed. We know from Genesis 1:26-27 that when God created mankind in His own image, He gave them dominion and authority. We read in the next verse (verse 28) that He also blessed them and instructed them to increase: "...Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground."

Since God created mankind in His own image and breathed life into them, we know that mankind was created with God's DNA! And according to His direction to them (to know they were blessed, to be fruitful, and to take dominion and increase), I believe it is safe to conclude that we, as mankind, were not wired to accept lack. Lack should be considered an invasion from the enemy or an invasion of circumstances that attempt to seduce us into unbelief.

What Started in the Garden Can End in Your Life Today!

Satan's seduction began in the Garden when he targeted Eve's identity and sense of lack. Satan said, "Did God really say...?" How often has God given us directives, or a promise of breakthrough and increase, and almost immediately satan comes in with words of doubt? He cunningly finds a way to erect a death structure of unbelief by saying words like, "Did God really say that He was Jehovah Jireh, your Provider?"

It may have started with Eve in the Garden, but it can end in your own life today! How? Simply repent and turn. Believe what God says about Himself and believe what He says about YOU! Doing so will ensure that you're not bowing down to a false image you might have concerning God and yourself.

Allow me to pray with you today:

Father God, today I have realized that I have been operating in unbelief. Due to financial pressure and lack of money, I have also realized that I have not trusted You. I have not embraced the covenant You made with mankind concerning the fact that You are our Provider. I have been fearful and anxious about money, rather than learning to wait on You for a breakthrough.

I want to learn to wait on You—to entangle myself in Your divine care, protection and provision. I repent for bowing down to Mammon and, therefore, serving the false god Mammon. I repent for believing lies concerning You and myself. I now understand that bowing down to satan's lies is another form of idolatry. I now repent for all idolatry and for coming into agreement with the enemy. Forgive me, Lord. Empower me to endure the transformation process, becoming more Christlike. I want to become transformed into His divine image. Thank You for breakthrough! In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

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Sandie Freed
Sandie Freed Ministries
Website: |

Dr. Sandie Freed is an apostolic, prophetic leader, author of more than 14 books, and travels nationally and internationally preaching, teaching, and ministering the Word of God. Ordained as a prophet by Bishop Bill Hamon, Sandie's ministry involves a strong prophetic anointing and spiritual discernment. Her unique gifting is in dreams and visions, and as a modern-day Joseph, she empowers others to interpret God's voice through dreams and visions. Sandie's goal is to always equip the Body of Christ in their callings and empower them through revelation of the love of God. To this day, her best selling book is Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord: How to Discern and Defeat the Lies of Jezebel, Athaliah and Delilah, which has been taught around the world and is printed in many different languages. Sandie and her husband Mickey co-pastor Lifegate Church in Hurst, Texas.

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