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Donna Rigney: "The Father Declared: These Are Days Like None Other!"

Donna Rigney
Apr 22, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzWe always enjoy having our friend Donna Rigney on our Elijah Streams program. She is one who has daily encounters with the Lord...and she most certainly lives under an open portal of His glory!

Below are the notes that Donna Rigney shared from in her recent episode of Elijah Streams. As always, we send them out to you when we have them from our guests.

Here is a highly encouraging word from Donna, which she received from the Lord on April 18, 2023:

Father declared: "These are days like none other. I shall be doing mighty acts right in front of the eyes of My children. There will be great displays of Our power, majesty and love that no one will be able to deny were directly from Me. No one can deny what the enemy has been doing boldly, right in the face of the world. Now I will demonstrate My might and My goodness that no one will miss seeing.

Amen... We are truly living in days like none other, as God releases His glory upon the earth. We will see God deal with both the just and the He is a good God who loves His children.

Steve ShultzBe blessed as you read these powerful words and encounters from Donna, including several dreams she shares from her husband Jack as well. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
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Jack's Three Significant Dreams

Note from Donna about her husband Jack's dreams: I have included three dreams that my husband Jack had that are so similar to the ones Barry Wunsch and Andrew Whalen related on Elijah Streams, it is astounding! Jack had the first one at least a year ago about the military coming to Washington, and I spoke about it on an interview with Steve on Elijah Streams back then. Jack doesn't watch YouTube, so I had him sit and listen to Barry's show about his dreams and Jack was amazed! Jack dreams very infrequently, but when he does dream, these dreams come true.

The First Dream

About a year or more ago, I dreamed an armored group, made up of three units (tanks, rocket launchers, and Humvees with roof mounted weapons), was going down Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. When it was near the White House, two groups broke off. One continued to the Supreme Court, one to the Capitol and one to the White House. When the groups arrived at their assigned destinations, officers went into each building, and after a while, Capitol police (or Secret Service officers) came out and put down their weapons. When this happened, a group of troops went into each building and brought out the people they were after.

Jack's interpretation:¬†In the first dream, I felt the military was coming to remove the present administration, arresting those who had been abusing their authority and trying to convert the nation to communism. Americans were taking over and getting control of their nation—taking it back from the hands of those who had been destroying it.¬†

The Second Dream

About a year ago, I dreamed that I was at Mt. Rushmore. Fireworks were lighting up the sky, and I could see the trees in the woods were in fall coloring. A great patriotic celebration was happening.

The Third Dream

While in Texas (on April 1, 2023) on a ministry trip, I had a dream that woke me out of a sound sleep. I dreamed I was watching something on TV and an urgent message began scrolling across the bottom of the screen. The message was announcing a nationwide lockdown, mandatory to everyone, starting at noon. All travel of any kind was to be prohibited. I jumped out of bed in a little of a panic, because all my supplies and weapons were in Florida. This dream was so vivid, I was half dressed before realizing it was a dream.

Jack's interpretation: In the third dream, I felt that the rescue event to take back our nation from the corrupt, immoral government was about to begin. I feel that what I saw a year or so ago, in the first dream, is coming soon. If the enemy is about to attack our nation, there would be no advanced notice. (This wasn't a report that an enemy is coming to invade our land.) In truth, the advanced warning to stay inside is to protect the American people from any harm that could befall them during the takedown and capture of all the corrupt leaders.

End of Jack's dreams.

The Gallows of Arrest and Indictment

Prophetic word of the Lord (March 18, 2023):

During my time of prayer, Father exclaimed, "The enemy is overplaying his hand by trying to indict and arrest Donald Trump. This will only do My son great good, and no harm will come to him. Just as the gallows Haman built for Mordecai did Mordecai no harm, but it did do great harm to Haman and his family, you will see the same thing happen to those who are attempting to build gallows for Donald Trump. They and their families will live to regret it!

"When injustice tries to reign, then I have to bring My justice forth. They are setting something in motion that will boomerang back on them with great speed and destructive power.

"The more the wicked and unjust do to try to stop Donald Trump from fulfilling his call, the more I must respond and come to his rescue. I will use this latest attempt to rally many more people about him to support and defend him. His base will expand! Your nation always rises to defend the underdog who is being harmed for only doing good!

"I sit on My throne and laugh, because I see how the wicked will regret setting this latest assault in motion. I will turn it around for great good (see Psalm 2).

"As I did arise when the wicked paraded satan before the world at the Grammys, and did present a worship service for him, I will respond in the same manner against this attack against Donald Trump. They tried to get My children to worship their god, satan, and instead I launched a revival among the young and old alike, and caused the multitudes to worship Me, the one true God!

"As satan was sorry for raising My ire at the Grammys, he will be very sorry for bringing forth My wrath on him for assaulting My son, Donald, again and again. Watch and see Us turn this back on the head of the enemy and his tricksters (see Micah 3:1-4)." (Photo via Flickr)

Trumped-Up Charges Will Not Stand

Prophetic word of the Lord (March 30, 2023):

The Lord continued to speak to me about the injustice Donald Trump was suffering: "Trumped-up charges won't stand, but those who built these charges will fall and never rise again. Look at what happened to Saul when he tried to destroy the destiny of the 'called out one,' David. He persisted, but in the end, Saul was used by My hand to rally a group of intensely loyal, mighty fighting men about David.

"Did Saul stop David from becoming the greatest king in Israel? No, and neither will those who are attempting to stop Donald Trump. In the end, Saul fell by his own sword, and so will those who have joined the deep state in attempting to destroy Donald Trump and your nation. And the people will rally about Donald Trump as they rallied about David!

"Jealousy motivated Saul, as well as an evil thirst for power, and that is exactly what is motivating those who are seeking to destroy Donald Trump's presidency. They will live to regret what they have done! The good people of the land will not sit idly back and watch this demonstration of injustice without rising up and defending Donald. They have gone a step too far this time!"

Steadfastly Following Jesus on the Road to Golgotha

Vision and prophetic word of the Lord (April 9, 2023):

On Resurrection Sunday morning, in a vision, I saw Jesus from His legs down, walking up a stony, dusty path. He had sandals on His feet and a long, tan garment on. At first, I thought that He was walking to the crucifixion, but then I realized it was before the crucifixion, because He had sandals and a garment on. Then He spoke, "Those who follow Me up the road to Golgotha are My true disciples."

Instantly, I knew He was saying that when problems come, those who continue to steadfastly follow Him, and don't leave Him in disgust, are truly His!

As the vision continued, I saw Him comforting those who were beaten, bloody and suffering. He was wiping tears from their eyes, holding some close to His heart, and even carrying some up the hill. Then He declared, "I promised that just as I experienced My resurrection after the crucifixion on Golgotha, those who are enduring this death to self and suffering, as they follow Me, will experience the resurrection too."

After the Lord said this, while meditating on this encounter, I realized that one of those people who is following Jesus on the road to Golgotha is Donald Trump. He, too, will experience a grand resurrection!

In this vision, Jesus was showing me that He suffered not only on Good Friday, but He suffered for a large part of the time He walked the earth during His public ministry. So many ridiculed and mocked Him, while others plotted to kill Him. He was persecuted and hated by many! The "road to Golgotha" was a long one that He traveled on for most of the three years of His public ministry. He understands our suffering and will help us through our trials, until we reach our time of resurrection.

After receiving this vision, I immediately shared it with the Church. Some people who have been suffering, grieving, and in sorrow from serious problems came up to me and told me that they were instantly set free from their sorrow and their grief. The Lord used this message to release His resurrection power into their lives.

He is faithful to perform the words of His prophets! I am expecting that what He did for these people, as His word was released, He will do quickly for Donald Trump too!

I Have Come to Wipe Away My Children's Tears

Prophetic word of the Lord (April 10, 2023):

The next morning, the Lord gave me a word for His suffering children: "I have come to wipe away My children's tears. It has been a very long season of suffering for My people, but I've come to rescue you, My dear ones; I've come with healing in My wings. So fear not; you will see My resurrection power fall on your lives and on your lands (see Isaiah 54:11-15, 17)."

These Are Days Like None Other

Prophetic word of the Lord (April 18, 2023):

Father declared: "These are days like none other. I shall be doing mighty acts right in front of the eyes of My children. There will be great displays of Our power, majesty and love that no one will be able to deny were directly from Me. No one can deny what the enemy has been doing boldly, right in the face of the world. Now I will demonstrate My might and My goodness that no one will miss seeing.

"The whole world will sing of My goodness! It will cause the enemy deep consternation to see his schemes to separate Us from Our creation fail!

"The things that We will do will have no natural explanation for how they have occurred. Watch and see, for the glory of your God will manifest in such a powerful way, no one will be able to deny that it was the Lord God Almighty's doing and no other!" (Photo via Flickr)

Confirming Scripture: "The angel said to me, 'These words are trustworthy and true. The Lord, the God who inspires the prophets, sent His angel to show His servants the things that must take place'" (Revelation 22:6).

An Encouraging Word about Donald Trump

Prophetic word of the Lord (April 7, 2023):

The Lord spoke this very encouraging word to me about Donald Trump: "Have no fear in you about Donald Trump. As We did shelter David and protect him from the schemes of the enemies about him, We will do the same for Donald Trump. He and his will know Our special love and demonstrations of Our affection. Not only will they be protected, but they will see their enemies fall in utter shame and defeat as David did.

"He has been called by Me, and he will accomplish the tasks that We have assigned to him with Our help. Many angelic hosts do attend and guide him and his, for the attacks against him have been relentless. They will not even allow his foot to stumble on a stone, but will uphold him to such a degree that all his enemies' attempts to destroy him will not just fail, but they will boomerang right back on them.

"We laugh because We know how foolish it is for satan and his hordes to try to subvert My plans from unfolding. I am God; they are not, nor will they ever be.

"Diminish satan in your sight and magnify Us and Our ways so that your faith won't be moved. Keep discouragement far from you by reciting Our exploits. Paul and Silas—beaten, in chains and imprisoned—kept their sights on Us, who We are and what We have done, and not on their chains and bloody, bruised wounds. When I am exalted and worshiped, I show up, and I do chase away the enemy, and bring freedom, restoration and redemption.

"I promote My faithful ones right in the sight of their jealous, false accusers. Look at Daniel and the three Hebrew men, and at My Son and His glorious resurrection! This is what you will see in the days ahead: the full manifestation of My glory and power as I rescue My faithful ones, and answer their cries for help! Let faith arise, and let your enemies be scattered (see Psalm 91; 68:1-10, 32-35; Hosea 2:18-20)!"

A Smokescreen Won't Hide Their Wicked Deeds!

Prophetic word of the Lord (March 20, 2023):

Father began to speak to me about the Biden administration's attempt to take attention away from their wrongdoings by accusing Donald Trump. He said, "Instead of misdirecting negative attention from himself and his family's corruption, the light will shine all the brighter on it. Those who were completely unaware of what Biden has done will suddenly have their eyes opened, and he and his will not escape justice. An outcry for true justice will arise in your land, and it will not be stifled or silenced until the demands of the masses are met.

"All that they have launched against the innocent will turn on their heads. Truthfully, none will escape My wrath; justice has been called for, and it will not be denied!

"My wrath is motivated by love for My children. Where My kindness, blessings and overtures of love wouldn't bring My children to repentance, My wrath will! Warnings were heard and ignored, but My sterner dealings will not be able to be ignored by any. Each will know exactly why the boom has been lowered on them. They will be cut to the heart."

As our visit continued, Father spoke to me about those who have stubbornly refused to repent. He said, "For those who have heard My warnings, and did not repent, they will encounter My wrath. You will see My judgment fall on the unjust! Those in authority, in all areas, who have oppressed My children, will reap all the oppression that they dished out mercilessly. My wrath has been kindled into a mighty blaze. My fire will fall on the wicked, and they will regret not turning to Me and putting aside their sin-filled ways.

"When My wrath fell on Pharaoh and all Egypt, none escaped. I gave them every opportunity to repent, as I have done to the wicked in this hour, but they wouldn't. Now, the unrepentant will reap the full consequences of their sins. My wrath cannot be abated any longer. Watch and see as the wicked are drowned in the sea of death and destruction like the Egyptians were, years ago, in the Red Sea.

"You will see the righteous—who were enslaved by their [the unrighteous] wickedness—take to the streets and dance, sing and rejoice at their [the righteous] deliverance. Leaders will arise and lead My children in My ways, and My children will not rebel, but will gladly welcome their mentorship.

"The hour of your deliverance is at hand! Those with the Blood of My Son on them, and on theirs, will not be touched, but will only observe with their eyes the punishment of the wicked (see Psalm 91)."

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Donna Rigney
His Heart Ministries Int.


Donna Rigney and her husband Jack are pastors of His Heart Ministries Int., in North Central Florida. They host a Friday evening service at the Church on the Rock in Bunnell, Florida. Donna has written three powerful books. Two of her prophetic books, Divine Encounters and The Glory of God Revealed, detail her many riveting encounters with Jesus, where He took her in the spirit to Heaven and Hell. Donna's heart's desire is to impart all of her passion for a life of intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and a hunger for the glory of God. Donna has appeared on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, and also can be seen on Elijah Streams and as a contributing prophetic voice on the Elijah List. She has appeared frequently on her YouTube channel, Donna Rigney Ministries, with other anointed ministers.

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