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Caleb Wampler: "Josephs Stay Ready! Josephs Arise!"

Caleb Wampler
Apr 23, 2023

Intro from Nathan French:

Steve ShultzI endorse Caleb Wampler as a man after God.

He has spent many years following Jesus faithfully into the nations. He is a harvester and a lover of God and people.

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Nathan Andrew French
Nathan French Ministries

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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"Josephs Stay Ready! Josephs Arise!"

Caleb Wampler, Orlando, FL

In the Shadows of Destiny

In a recent prayer time, I was taken into a vision of Joseph sitting in a prison cell. He was patiently waiting. He was realizing that he had not committed wrong for the things he was accused of, but that he certainly had done wrong in other seasons. He was reflecting on his life, realizing that each and every step had led him to right where he was.

He thought of how his father had given him the coat of many colors; he was quite proud of it. He knew he had favor in his father's eyes, but it sure put a target on his back for those that resented him. And while his dreams were prophetic in nature and he was sure He had heard from God, he probably could have been a bit more humble in his approach in sharing it. After all, what older brother wanted to hear that they'd be bowing to their little brother?

You may find yourself in the shadows of the destiny written over your life. You may find yourself in proximity to the palace but in the dungeon of its residency. You may find yourself in a position of favor but resented by everyone else in the room. You may find yourself with the promise of calling yet being thrown away by all those who are over you. You may have spoken too soon with the pearls God gave you, and instead threw them before swine. Your promise may have prematurely advanced you into positions that your immaturity didn't allow you to stay in.

You may find yourself in a season of reflection, wondering what could have been. You may be dealing with the consequences for a good reason, or through accusations that have left you in a prison of your thoughts and the shame of their endless reminders. You may have been betrayed by those whom you thought had your back but who secretly stabbed you with the daggers of jealousy. (Photo via Pexels)

A Rising Company of Josephs

The Lord is raising up a company of Josephs right now. These Josephs have been written off, abandoned, betrayed, and messed up by their own admission. They've been handed over to shame, disgrace and loss, demoted and forgotten. They will rise from the ashes of obscurity and be ready in season and out of season. They will be raised up to command resources, influence, respect, wealth, leadership, businesses and offices, and be leaned upon by decision makers. They will have known pain and will be full of wisdom. They will have known failure and will walk victoriously. They will save lives and impact eternity. They are anointed by God and won't be defeated, even when it looks like they are.

The Josephs of this season will rise to prominence. They may have had the promise of success at a previous time, but weren't ready for their promotion. They didn't stay down in defeat. They learned, they grew and they were pruned, and now they are springing forth with fruit. Others may have written them off, but I hear the Lord saying that they are springing forth even now! They will come forth as surprises from the ashes. They will be sensitive to His voice, tried and true. They won't lean on outward voices, but they will have the heartbeat of Heaven.

Your name is about to be mentioned before those with authority and power. As you find yourself brought into situations that you thought you had no business being in, wisdom will come from your lips, and you will save the lives of many. Prophetic revelations will come forth from your secret place and put Heaven's plans into motion.

God knows where you are right now. Even in the darkness of your situation, light shines with you there. Others may have forgotten about you, but God has not.

Josephs stay ready. Josephs arise!

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Caleb Wampler
Kingdom Encounters International


Evangelist Caleb Wampler is the founder and CEO of Kingdom Encounters International (KEI). While traveling to more than 30+ nations, he has seen over 817,450 people come to Jesus through Gospel outreaches in countries that are hostile to the Gospel, witnessed incredible healings and miracles, and regularly experiences God's wonder. Caleb married his wife Harmonee in 2011, and they have four children. Caleb has authored three books: Hunger, Weighty Words, and Audience of One. Caleb is also the host of the Awaken the Wonder podcast, which has produced over 550 episodes. For more information on Evangelist Caleb Wampler, check out his ministry website at Stay connected to "Evangelist Caleb Wampler" on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Caleb Wampler's Itinerary:

(Note: Events are subject to change at the ministry's discretion. Check back often.) 

May 2, 2023 at 8:00 - 9:00 PM
The Fruits of the Spirit - Kindness
Free Webinar
Hosted by Evangelist Caleb Wampler

May 18 - 21, 2023
Evangelist Caleb Wampler will be ministering in Brazil

June 21 - 24, 2023
Evangelist Caleb Wampler will be ministering in The Netherlands
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