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Lana Vawser: "Daughters of God, His Fire Is Bringing Forth Multiple Births!"

Lana Vawser
Apr 15, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzGod sure loves His daughters...and wants to bless them abundantly in a multitude of ways...

Good earthly fathers want to see their daughters blessed, healthy, and living happy fulfilled lives. So how much more does our heavenly Father want this for His daughters as well?

Lana Vawser gives us this word of the Lord from His heart to His daughters right now:

"My heart is thundering, 'ARISE, ARISE, ARISE!' and you are raising out of the ashes. You are arising in strength founded in your surrender in Me. You are arising into a flourishing place of being the 'you' I have created you to be, without comparison, without shame, without heaviness, without hiding, but arising in strength in Me—that you are My friend, you know Me deeply, and I am bringing you forth in this hour to partner with Me in the greatest moves of My Spirit that you have ever seen, in and through your life."

Steve ShultzNow that is such a rich word in Christ. We are called to ARISE with strength in walk in our calling and see the greatest moves of God through our lives!

Let no one detour you or tell you differently... Let God arise and His enemies be scattered as you partner with Him. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Recently, I heard the Lord say, "Daughters of God, My fire is falling on multiple areas of your lives, bringing forth multiple births."

When the Lord spoke these words, I was taken back to encounters I had with the Lord over the last few years, where He spoke the words "multiple births" for this new era. As I asked the Lord what He meant, I heard Him say:

"Many of My daughters have felt like, over the last few seasons, there has been such a battle and such warfare over what I have spoken would be birthed in them and through them that many have been left feeling like they have been in a place of 'still birth.' Many have felt like the birthing suddenly died, and have been left in such a place of despair, hardship and weariness. Many of My daughters have been crying out for My Spirit to come and revive them and bring them back to life. That time has arrived. I have walked with them in the valley; I have carried them through the pain; I have stored their tears and surrounded them with My comfort, and I have been close. Now is the time for them to arise.

"My fire is not just falling upon their hearts to bring them back to life. My fire is falling on multiple areas of their lives, bringing forth multiple births. There is a deep stretching taking place right now in their lives, for these multiple births are bigger than they have anticipated. I am calling them to make room for the birth, make room for the birthing that is coming forth.

Walk in My Wisdom

"Walk in My wisdom in whom you allow in the delivery room with you; for My fire is falling upon you to see you step forth and arise in greater strength, healing, freedom, identity and authority in Me. But also, My fire that is falling on multiple areas in your lives is bringing forth a birthing that is exponential. It is a birthing that is sacred. It is a birthing of moves of My Spirit that you have not yet seen. Guard it well with My wisdom.

"I am shifting alliances. I am moving alignments. I am bringing together new tribes. Maintain the position of surrender and allow Me to sift and shift that which needs to be sifted and shifted to bring forth the increase.

Positioned to Thrive

"There is a great joy that is going to burst forth within you in this hour. The heaviness you have felt, you will feel no longer. The sadness you have carried, you will carry no longer carry. You will feel LIFE—My life—flourishing with you, with the fruit of peace, joy, strength, vitality, hope and passion, like never before. You are not drying up and withering; you are being positioned to thrive in Me like never before. The move of My Spirit across the earth right now, to position My daughters, is unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

His Roar Will Restore

"The enemy has roared LOUDLY over My daughters to steal their roar; and many felt, in seasons past, that they had lost their voice and their roar. But I say unto you, My fire is falling now, and your roar is not only being restored, but it will be louder than ever before.

"My roar of love, My roar of authority, My roar of justice, My roar of recompense, My roar of restoration, My roar that brings forth divine alignment, My roar of deliverance is resounding LOUDLY over you. With ONE ROAR, you will see Me deal with it all. You will see Me deal with all you have been bringing before Me—the heavy, heavy weights. (Photo via Pixabay)

"And the enemy has been screaming, 'Years—it will take years and years!" But I say unto you, in ONE MOMENT and ONE ROAR of My deliverance, you will see My power bring you into freedom and re-establish you in strength and healing. Can I not do it? Will I not do it?

"There is rapid and radical deliverance taking place. Position yourself in expectancy and surrender, for I am DOING IT, and I am doing it SWIFTLY. I am restoring health. I am bringing forth wholeness in your lives that is found in Me.

Arise! Make Room for Me!

"It is imperative that you are sitting at My feet like Mary—that you are prioritizing intimacy with Me. It is a time to behold Me like never before. My heart is declaring across the earth: 'MAKE ROOM FOR ME! MAKE ROOM FOR ME!' As you make more and more room for Me, you will see health restored—wholeness like you have never seen before. As you sit at My feet, you will arise as a warrior.

"My heart is thundering, 'ARISE, ARISE, ARISE!' and you are raising out of the ashes. You are arising in strength founded in your surrender in Me. You are arising into a flourishing place of being the 'you' I have created you to be, without comparison, without shame, without heaviness, without hiding, but arising in strength in Me—that you are My friend, you know Me deeply, and I am bringing you forth in this hour to partner with Me in the greatest moves of My Spirit that you have ever seen, in and through your life."

Dealing with Anger and Failure

I then heard two words—"ANGER" and "FAILURE"—being repeated over and over in the spirit, and I saw Jesus stepping in front of many daughters of God. He said, "I know you have been angry. I know you have been deeply angry for many reasons, and you have labeled yourself as a 'failure' and 'constantly failing.' Today, I am dealing with this anger. I am dealing with this lie you have labeled yourself with."

He looked deep into their eyes and He kept saying, "I love you. I am so proud of you. I love you. I am so proud of you," over and over and over again. I knew, every time He repeated that phrase, healing and deliverance were happening. It was so deep, it was too deep for words. These daughters of God began to sob and sob as repentance flowed forth, as His kindness and love were bringing forth such healing.

A divine exchange was happening. The anger was being surrendered; the anger was losing its hold, and an awakening to His love and pleasure was bursting forth and completely consuming them. The anger and failure and expectancy of failure had completely lost their hold, and freedom was RESOUNDING LOUDLY. I saw liberty bells ringing over them, and I knew this was not only a divine moment of deep, deep healing and deliverance, but it symbolized a major shift of the season. This was a life-changing moment.

From Barrenness to Fruitfulness

The Lord said, "As My fire falls upon multiple areas of your lives, you will see the landscape change. Suddenly, from barrenness, it will shift to fruitfulness. Suddenly, from chaos, it will shift to peace. Suddenly from lack of vision to CLARITY and insight into My vision for those areas of your life that extend further than you have ever seen.

"Where you have felt you have contended for the ground in these areas of your lives for years and years, now you will experience the ease in the increase of anointing and My Spirit as My glory falls.

An Invitation into the Library of Heaven

"Ask Me to take you into the library of Heaven in this season, for I am inviting you in to hear and see the revelation of My heart, and hear what I am saying in greater ways and clarity than you have ever known (Jeremiah 33:3).

"I am raising up My daughters in this hour, who are seeking Me, to walk in a level of divine strategy, founded from the place of deep intimacy with Me, like never before. This will bring transformation as My Spirit flows through them in power, wherever their feet will tread, and My glory will be seen. (Photo via PickPik)

Ignite, Ignite, Ignite!

"As My fire is falling upon your hearts and lives, I am increasing hunger within you for Me, and there is an UNDIGNIFIED CRY of worship and praise that is being released through you. There is a radical abandonment being birthed where the groan is increasing within you—'I must have more!'

"I am awakening you and growing you up into your inheritance in Me. The awakening of your inheritance of what it means to be 'in Me' is radically transforming you and changing everything. As My fire falls upon you, and in multiple areas of your lives, Heaven is thundering, 'IGNITE, IGNITE, IGNITE!' My heavenly declaration is shifting the season.

"Where you've felt like you have fought so hard to keep the fire alight and burning, now there will be SO much fire, you will not be able to contain it. My fire will spread thick and fast; and not only will you see multiple areas of your life suddenly thrust into sudden birthing (these multiple births), but you will also see My fire flow THROUGH YOU, bringing transformation to lives all around you."

A Net of Fire

The encounter ended with a vision, where I saw the fire of God falling upon the daughters of God. I could sense that this was such a sovereign move of God. His fire fell on multiple areas of their lives, and suddenly the wind of the Spirit blew, and all these areas began to come together and join. As I watched, they became a NET OF FIRE.

I heard the Lord say, "Watch the symphony and synchronicity of My hand in this hour to supernaturally bring all these areas together in a divine flow that is forming a net for HARVEST. All these areas will flow together and will be a net to bring in the harvest.

"Daughters of God, the season you are living in right now, this moment you are in right now, is a season of seeing an unprecedented move of My Spirit. Look not to your circumstances. Lift up your eyes and know this is your time to ARISE. Nothing has been lost or time wasted in Me. I am restoring all, and I am IGNITING YOU and your lives with My fire like you have never seen. The move of My Spirit you are in the midst of and will host is UNPRECEDENTED."

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Lana Vawser
Lana Vawser Ministries

Lana Vawser is an active member of the Australian Prophetic Council and releases prophetic words for the Body of Christ and nations, and is featured regularly on The Elijah List and in Charisma Magazine. She is also an itinerant preacher and revivalist who is traveling regularly with her family, seeing powerful moves of God. Lana has a strong, prophetic voice and has a heart to see the Body of Christ develop deep intimacy with Jesus and actively hear His voice each day. She also has a heart to see people set free and walk in all that Jesus has purchased for them as they carry Christ into their world each day, awakened to His nature and who they are in Him. Lana is married to Kevin, and they live in Adelaide, South Australia with their family.

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