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Andrew Whalen: "It Looks Like We Lost, but We Didn't!"

Andrew Whalen
Apr 14, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzWe sure have enjoyed getting to know Andrew Whalen and his ministry. He is a powerful prophetic minister who has incredible dreams about the days in which we live.

The revelation he shared during our recent interview with him and Johnny Enlow is one for the books! If you missed it, we highly encourage you to watch it here.

Below are the dreams Andrew shared during our broadcast, and we know you will be greatly impacted by the revelation in them, including this one regarding President Trump that he received on December 5, 2020:

As I stood in a room, suddenly a government agent took me into the future. He brought me into the Oval Office of the White House. When I walked into the Oval Office, I knew I was in a place in time called "the near future." I came up to the president's desk, and Trump was sitting behind it. He looked at me and said, "Andrew, everything the deep state tried failed. The fraud failed—it all failed—and I am still your president." Then I was taken from the room and brought back to the present time...

Steve ShultzNow that should encourage us we are seeing history unfold before our very eyes. And we will watch God's justice being poured, in our present time, over our nation and on behalf of the children across the earth. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Praying with you,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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[Editor's note: Below are a series of dreams that Andrew Whalen shared during his Elijah Streams broadcast on April 11, 2023.]

The Time of Operation Fury

Prophetic dream received on April 6, 2021:

In my dream, I saw President Trump. He was all wrapped up in the American flag. Suddenly, I saw a red 'cloud' or mantle coming down upon him. I knew, in the dream, that this was an anointing from God that was coming upon him. It seemed like this was a present moment in time or the very near future.

Somehow, in the dream, I was able to jump into the cloud of anointing that had come upon President Trump, and immediately I was hit with the same anointing he was being given. I knew that this anointing was called "FURY."

As soon as the anointing hit me, it was so strong and powerful. The only thing I could do was roar with a supernatural roaring that would not let up. Every vein in my head was bulging, and every fiber in my being felt electrically charged with fire and power. It was impossible for any human to create this sound or be able to sustain the power of the roar, but it continued to flow through me. In that moment of the dream, I realized that what God was placing on President Trump, no man could conjure up, and I knew it was a manifestation of God's fury, justice and vengeance against evil.

As I stood under the anointing with President Trump, I began to have open visions. I saw that what the world has seen so far of President Trump was the tame version of what God was about to do through him. What we have seen is only a drop in the bucket of the anointing and power of God that is about to be released upon him to do a historical work of justice. I knew in the dream that the anointing was so powerful that its ability to produce justice would extend throughout the nations of the earth and last for multiple decades. It was an anointing that I knew evil men and Hell itself were terrified of.

While I continued to stand under this anointing and roaring, another vision came to me. I saw an eye and ear upon the American flag. I prophesied in the dream, "Everything is going according to plan. All things have happened for this purpose—that now America can heed the truth. No words spoken by President Trump will fall to the ground. He will be anointed with a spirit of prophecy and favor, in which those in whom He blesses will be blessed, and those whom he condemns will be condemned."

While I looked at the eye and the ear, I knew that multitudes would be awakened to the truth they had not been ready for until now.

Finally in the dream, I said out loud, "We have entered the time of Operation Fury." When I said this, I realized that both the military and the angels of Heaven were working in tandem to accomplish God's fury against His enemies. It was Heaven on Earth to accomplish God's will.

End of dream.

God's Wrath Upon Evil Touching His Children

Prophetic dream received on November 21, 2022:

Lying in bed, I clearly heard the Lord say, "The nations have not understood the structures of witchcraft governing from secret." After a little while of pondering what I had heard, I suddenly heard the Holy Spirit say, "I am coming to destroy the scepter of the wicked for the sake of the children." Then I fell asleep and went into a dream.

In my dream, I had covertly infiltrated a witches' coven that looked more like a fancy hotel with a conference center. None of the so-called witches looked like what I would have thought. In fact, most of them were very polished, sharp and professional.

In the dream, the main witch, who was the 'host' of the hotel, had the whole coven watch a video explaining how they intended to corrupt, defile, and then bring the younger generations of the nations under the spell of their "queen" and "king" (whom I knew to be satanic rulers in the heavens).

In the video, the main thing that was shown and taught to the witches was that the key to putting a spell of control over the young generations was to slowly scrub the internet and libraries and movie vaults of all pure, wholesome and clean entertainment, and only make accessible entertainment that showed some form of witchcraft in an acceptable light—along with subtle imagery and acceptance of sexual perversions. (Photo via Piqsels)

In the video, they showed a future where people who wanted to find wholesome and pure entertainment to watch with their children could no longer find it, and so had to compromise with subtle allowances of sexually-charged and demonic-infused entertainment.

At this point in the dream, I was very upset, as I was thinking of all the children they are seeking to defile! I walked up to the head witch, who didn't yet know I was not one of them. She looked at me, expecting my approval of all that I had just seen, but I looked back and said, "What you don't know is that I have been sent here by Jesus Christ, and now you will suffer His fury for touching His children."

End of dream.

Afterward, I woke up from several alarms on my phone which were "AMBER ALERTS" of children being kidnapped. I knew the Lord was shouting and saying, "It is time to WAKE UP on behalf of the children!"

I believe God is fed up with wickedness targeting our children and the youth. Our future generations hang in the balance! We can no longer wink at this wickedness. It's time for the righteous to be as bold as lions and wage war for the children! Our weapons are not carnal, but mighty through God to pull down every stronghold (see 2 Corinthians 10:4)!

Trump and Military Operations Restoring Government

Prophetic dream received in October 2019:

In a dream, I saw the future and the aftermath of a time when Trump and U.S. military operations were finished restoring government control back to the people. The first thing I saw was a large, blue flag or sign with white stars around the border, and in large letters it said, "Who is Dope Now?" Then I saw a second red flag/sign with white stars and large letters that again said, "Who is Dope Now?" I immediately understood that the signs meant that Trump, his team, and "we the people" had the clout, the power, and control returned to us.

In the next scene of the dream, I saw a file with a chart in it. The chart was removed from the file and shown to me. It was a list of every "hidden" military and presidential operation during Trump's time in office. I didn't see any of them by name specifically, but I did see a list of several military operations that had been used to sweep out the deep state/satanic controllers, etc. I was very excited to see that each of the operations listed had a green check mark next to them, signifying that all operations were completed and successful!

In the next part of the dream, I was walking with President Trump. I knew we were in the future and that the Clintons, Obamas and unknown deep state controllers were gone, and justice had been done. I was watching the military peacefully transfer control and power to the people.

Trump looked at me and said, "The patriots are in control now." I knew that I was walking down a hallway into the future, unafraid and saying to myself, "This changes everything for our nation and world for the rest of my life. We had no idea how much liberty and freedom we didn't have, but now do."

End of dream.

The Round Up of Evil Leaders

Prophetic dream received on June 9, 2021:

In my dream, I was walking by a tall skyscraper. I was not certain if it was Trump Tower, but I wondered if it was. However, I suddenly realized that, contrary to what everyone has assumed about Trump's loss of the election, he was justified as the winner of the election. Not only that, but I knew that the Trump allies and military patriots had rounded up all the bad actors/evil conspirators who, for decades, have worked against America.

In the dream, I looked up to the skyscraper and saw that a whole section/multiple floors of the building had been turned into an impenetrable prison, with military-grade security and reinforcement. As I looked at the prison, I saw hundreds of people jammed up against the windows—so many people crammed into one place. Looking down at me and cursing me for praying against them was Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Obamas, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, the British Royal family, and thousands of others whom I knew represented state governments, Hollywood, rogue military/intel agents, and so many more.

In the dream, as I walked by the skyscraper, I saw Bill Clinton pull out a gun to shoot at me. He fired but missed every time. I wondered how on Earth he was able to find a gun, but then I said, "The Clintons have weapons everywhere." However, I knew these last few 'shots' were the death cry of the deep state; they have nothing left!

I continued to walk by the skyscraper, and I suddenly knew that what I was seeing was now becoming public knowledge. The truth was no longer being contained. Everyone was starting to understand the depths of evil and corruption in all sectors of American society and government. Suddenly, people began walking up to me in person and apologizing to me for doubting. Some sent me letters, saying, "We thought Q and the Anon movement was phony, but now we see it was real." Multiple letters showed up in my hands from people, telling me they were sorry for how they had persecuted my dreams and what they'd thought was false. (Photo via Public Domain Pictures)

End of dream.

I knew instinctively, in the dream, that this new information would bring great healing to America and the division within.

The Patriots and Trump Will Win!

Prophetic dream received on January 2022:

In my dream, I saw two teams playing football in the Super Bowl. The first team was called the Patriots, and the second team had no recognizable name.

At halftime, a huge military plane landed on the field, and President Trump came off the plane to join with the Patriots. At the beginning of the second half of the game, Trump gave the kickoff, but it was an onside kick. It looked like the opposing team was going to get the ball, but Trump actually took possession of the football and ran it into the in zone for the touchdown. I saw that this was the winning score, and the Patriots had won!

End of dream.

I believe this dream may be a picture of what stage we are in—'the onside kick.' It looks like the ball is being sent to the opposing team, but it's actually the patriots who will take possession with Trump and win.

It Looks Like We Lost, but We Didn't!

Prophetic dream received on October 28, 2020:

(As a side note, this dream came during a prayer strike I was leading with a small team of twelve people. For eight weeks prior to the election in 2020, we met daily for prayer for the elections/ America. The following dream came before the elections.)

In a dream, our prayer team in Colorado Springs was praying for the elections, and for Trump and America. The scene shifted and our prayer team was watching the Super Bowl on the TV. I knew that we were watching a team called the "Patriots" playing against an opposing, unnamed team. We were all watching and rooting for the Patriots. For the whole first half of the game, the Patriots were dominating the opposing team.

During halftime in the dream, my prayer team went to go get a quick bite to eat, and upon returning, somehow, some way, the game (without playing it according to regulations) was just over...and the opposing team had won. The prayer team and I were super discouraged because we couldn't figure out how in the world the opposing team had won. (We knew that it was somehow rigged.)

Suddenly, President Trump, surrounded by military officers, came into the room. Trump looked at me and said, "I know it looks like we lost, but we didn't, and we will win."

End of dream.

This dream gave us so much faith after we saw what happened in the 2020 elections. It still gives us faith!

The Deep State Failed and Trump Is Still President

Prophetic dream received on December 5, 2020:

In my dream, I knew I was somewhere in the present time (December 2020). Trump had just 'lost' the election.

As I stood in a room, suddenly a government agent took me into the future. He brought me into the Oval Office of the White House. When I walked into the Oval Office, I knew I was in a place in time called "the near future." I came up to the president's desk, and Trump was sitting behind it. He looked at me and said, "Andrew, everything the deep state tried failed. The fraud failed—it all failed—and I am still your president." Then I was taken from the room and brought back to the present time.

End of dream.

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Andrew Whalen
Vanquish – Prophetic Warriors


Andrew Whalen is an emerging leader and prophetic voice to a generation. He functions as a prophetic warrior to advance the Kingdom of God in all spheres of society. Andrew is uniquely called to raise up spiritual special forces, equipped to achieve spiritual breakthroughs against regional and national level, demonic resistance. Andrew and his wife Kelly have pioneered and led various ministry initiatives, while also engaging in the marketplace, for over 15 years. In the last 4 years, they have served as core prophetic leaders with Lou Engle ministries. Today, Andrew and Kelly, along with their three children, reside in DFW Texas region, where they lead VANQUISH – PROPHETIC WARRIORS, and are also working to establish an apostolic training center, The Unapologetic Dreamers, and are working to establish an apostolic training center. Andrew's heart burns to see a generation take hold of everything that Christ has provided for us through His victory.

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