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Bernice Scheidler: "You Will Be Fruitful and Multiply This Easter Season"

Bernice Scheidler
Apr 9, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve Shultz

I know many of us enjoy seeing the fruits of our labor in the Lord...and in this season, we will see them greatly advance and multiply.

Bernice Scheidler writes an awesome word for this Easter season we are in as she says:

Over the Easter period, God is going to saturate you. The weights and worries of the past season are being washed away and a new level of joy is being imparted to you. There has been a clearing away of the chaos and clutter from your life. Old things that are no longer beneficial for this season have been removed, making room for multiplication and advancement.

Steve ShultzWhile you've been sowing and tilling the ground, God has been watering it...and making it ready for you, so you can be fruitful and multiply in Him.

On this Easter Sunday, enjoy this word from God's heart to yours...and we thank YOU, Lord, for the finished work of the Cross. He IS Risen! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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A Gift Straight from Heaven

Prophetic dream (March 19, 2023):

I had a dream I was standing in a large conference center. There were ministers and friends in the building with me. The windows of this conference center overlooked the mission field of nations.

A lady came up to me in the dream and handed me a fruit; it looked like an apple. There was a breathtaking scene carved into the flesh of the apple, as if it had been carved by the finest craftsman, except it had not been touched by anyone. It had grown on the tree just like that.

The lady was incredibly excited as she handed this fruit to me and said, "It is a gift that has come straight from Heaven."

As I looked at it I was amazed. Carved into the apple was a bunny sitting on a rock, which formed the focal point of this beautiful fruit.

I walked over to a minister I knew well, who was looking out a window at the mission field, and showed him this fruit that had come from Heaven. I was so amazed by this gift, I also ran into the conference room to find a friend of mine to show her the fruit too. She was just as amazed.

Joy for Heaviness

I then began clearing the conference room to make it ready for the event that was about to take place. I picked up an ottoman and opened up a door in the floor to the basement. As I did this, I noticed that the basement, which had originally been piled up with dusty boxes and old clutter, had been completely cleared out! (Photo via Pxhere)

I then left the room to get dressed for the meeting upon my return to the event.

The landscaper, who had been watering the grounds, saw me heading into the conference room and began to spray water at me with the hose! He was playful and laughing. Then the minister who had been looking out the window to the mission field grabbed the hose and began playfully spraying me with it too, trying to get me to laugh! A playful spirit entered into the conference center and I began to laugh. I could feel the heaviness, weight and worry that had been riding in the atmosphere being washed away. –End of dream.

Multiplication and Fruitfulness

On a following morning, I went out for breakfast with my husband. The table we were seated at had a glass bunny on the window sill, and I figured they had decorated for Easter.

This restaurant serves its hot beverages in a variety of different mismatched mugs, and as I sipped on my chai, I noticed a bunny emblem painted on the inside wall of my mug. I smiled, knowing God was showing me the connection between the bunny in my dream and the season we are entering into. Bunnies are often associated with multiplication, fruitfulness and fertility, because they are rapid breeders.

As I pondered this dream in my heart, the Lord showed me that over the Easter period, He is releasing to us a gift from Heaven. It is the gift of fruitfulness and multiplication.

"Then God blessed them, and God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.'" (Genesis 1:28 NKJV)

You Will Begin to See Evident Fruit

You'll begin to notice that the things you have been working on, which carry Kingdom purpose, will become very fertile, causing abundant fruit. The Lord says that the things you put your hand to for Kingdom advancement will bring rapid multiplication. It is not about title or position; it is about Kingdom advancement, both within the Church and the marketplace.

We will begin to see evident fruit produced by spiritual fathers and mothers who have poured into spiritual sons and daughters. We will begin to see them become more fertile than ever before, as they birth healthy spiritual children.

The Lord will bring anointed ones into your life to add to what He is doing in your life. They will further saturate you, until you are drenched in the purposes and promises of God! (Photo via Unsplash)

From the Weights and Worries to a New Level of Joy

The Lord says, "While you were getting ready for what I am going to do, I have been watering the ground." He's making it ready...making it fertile.

Over the Easter period, God is going to saturate you. The weights and worries of the past season are being washed away and a new level of joy is being imparted to you. There has been a clearing away of the chaos and clutter from your life. Old things that are no longer beneficial for this season have been removed, making room for multiplication and advancement.

God Is Building His Church! The Nations Are Ripe for Harvest

God says to look at the nations; they are ripe for harvest! You will be amazed by the fruit you will see – both coming out of Kingdom gatherings, within the walls of buildings, as well as on the mission field, throughout the nations.

God is building His Church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it! Multiplication will be found standing firmly on the Rock of Jesus Christ.

"And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." (Matthew 16:18 ESV)

I release this gift of multiplication and fruitfulness from Heaven over your life, in Jesus' name!

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Bernice Scheidler
Bernice Scheidler Ministries

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Bernice Scheidler was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to America with her husband Josh in 2010. They currently reside in Redmond, Oregon, along with their three children, where together they planted Ignite Faith Church in 2016. She is a revivalist and is passionate about the call of God on her life. She places great emphasis on the importance of prayer in her life and the life of the Believer. If she could choose any title in the world it would be "friend of God"! She is called to release the Kingdom of God here on Earth through sharing the Gospel, releasing God's heart to others through dreams, visions, the prophetic, the creative arts, and acts of service that will propel and champion others in their callings. Her heart's desire is for people to encounter God in a very powerful way, bringing them the salvation, healing, deliverance, breakthrough and freedom they desire. She longs to see people turn their hearts fully to God. She believes in signs, wonders and miracles, and all the gifts of the Spirit, and that the Body of Christ should operate in them today!

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