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Andrew Whalen: "God, We Pray That President Trump Is Insulated and Protected!"

Andrew Whalen
Apr 6, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzHigh-level what you will receive in this recent Elijah Streams episode with Johnny Enlow and Andrew Whalen.

Andrew Whalen is a mighty young man of God...and we're in awe of the revelation he carries to help equip the Body of Christ in this hour.

Johnny Enlow brought Andrew on his recent show to share and break down some profound dreams Andrew had concerning President Trump, and even one of seeing him handcuffed!

Steve ShultzBelow are some of Andrew's dreams and notes from his show...however, we want to preface that more detail was shared in this interview, and we highly encourage you, for better context, to watch this episode, while following along with Andrew's notes.

Saints, let's all be praying for President Trump and his family in this time...and for God's mighty hand of Justice to move on their behalf. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Below are a series of dreams that Andrew Whalen had concerning President Trump and various leaders which were shared on Elijah Streams:

Pray Against the 1655 Movement

Dream encounter (just prior to the election of 2016):

In a dream, I saw myself standing in the Oval Office facing President Donald Trump. I looked at his hands, and he was holding the Bible opened to Isaiah 45, the passage about Cyrus. He looked into my eyes and said, "Please pray for me." I knew, instinctively, that Isaiah 45 was key for President Trump.

In the dream, I was immediately taken in the spirit to a hidden 'dark room' beside the oval office. I saw a former president leading a secret meeting of people wearing dark hoods. This man in a dark hood spoke up and said, "We must establish the '1655 prayer movement' to stop Trump." I had instant discernment that this was not a godly prayer movement, but rather witchcraft. The hooded group of individuals all responded with evil agreement.

Immediately, from that scene of the dream, I found myself driving on a street, prophesying to the Church of America. I boldly and urgently declared, "If we allow the '1655 prayer movement' to succeed, then the millennial generation will truly know what it means to come under slavery." Then I woke up.

After researching 1655, I discovered two significant things that I believe the Holy Spirit was connecting in this dream. First, I discovered that in the year 1655, a man named John Casor became the first black man to legally be declared a slave FOR LIFE in America. Second, in the year 1655—the Penruddock Uprising—a coup attempt in England to place the nation under the rule of the monarchy (a demonically aligned bloodline) was exposed and destroyed, at least for a time.

To unpack all of this would require much more space and time. I believe the point God wanted me to understand is that the 1655 prayer movement I saw in the dream is parabolic of a real demonic effort that was initiated to keep and make slaves of Americans by stopping Trump from fulfilling his Cyrus-type scroll (read Isaiah 45).

Another interesting note about this: I discovered that there is a book of witchcraft that occultists use simply titled 1655.

Our Weapons: Prayer and the Prophetic

Dream encounter (July 2017):

In a dream, a covenantal friend and I were invited by President Trump and His team to be his main security detail. I walked with Trump into 'light rooms' and 'dark rooms.' I knew that everywhere Trump had access, I could also go. I was aware that the light rooms were God's plans, and the dark rooms were the devil's plans. (Photo of Trump via Flickr)

In the dream, I looked down at my waist to see what kind of gun I had on my belt, but I couldn't find a gun and I said, "If I'm going to be part of Trump's main security detail, I need a weapon." Then, suddenly, the Spirit of Lord came upon me, and I proclaimed, "Oh, my weapons are prayer and the prophetic!"

End of dream.

After this dream, I prayed and told God I was willing to be a part of the main security detail, and would employ my weapons of prayer and the prophetic for Trump. I asked the Lord to show me the light rooms, and the dark rooms.

Dream Validating QAnon

Dream encounter (March 2018):

In a dream, I found myself prophesying out loud, "If the Church would listen to a man named Praying Medic speak about something called QAnon, then the Church would really understand what is going on and know how to pray."

End of dream.

(At the point when I had this dream, I hadn't heard of Q or that Praying Medic was speaking about this.)

For the next several years, God gave me dreams that validated the legitimacy of Q as some sort of military/intel operation.

Trump Handcuffed and High-Level Players Revealed

Dream encounter (September 1, 2022):

I had this dream encounter, and in my dream, I found myself riding in a vehicle with President Biden and other high-level players on the governmental scene. I overheard them talking about their alignment with deep state agendas and plans. I was aware that their goal was to destroy America, and I rose up in a fury, and with a prophetic intensity, I declared to them: "Have you not heard of the God of the storm?" I continued, "What He will unleash from Heaven against you will not be stopped."

At this point in the dream, I recognized that 'Biden' and the other leaders recognized I could be trusted, and they took off their faces. I was shocked and I realized that these governmental leaders were actually pro-American and God-fearing people operating an intentional, misdirecting show of 'political theatre.'

[Editor's note: We highly suggest you watch this interview to understand the context of Biden in this dream. At this point of the interview, both Steve and Johnny interject with some of the following: There's a part of that that is so close to the fire of intel that I feel like we just leave that there...what you just said...he who has ears to hear... Is the dream saying that the Biden as we know it, who's not the real Biden because he doesn't even look like an actor for the white hats? I think we just leave that. Let the reader understand and we'll leave the question in the air.]

One of the political leaders who took his face off was actually 'Charles Bronson' underneath the mask, and I heard the Spirit say, "I am giving the enemy his DEATH WISH."

After that, I was taken into a secure location. I saw that these patriotic leaders, posing as members of the current administration, were actually controlling/manipulating things in order to show the evil of the hidden agendas of the deep state.

When I was in the secure location, I saw President Trump. He was being handcuffed, but looked at me with a huge smile on his face and with a wink of his eye. I knew this was an intentional part of the 'show.' I also knew, by revelation, that Trump was completely insulated and protected.

Lou Engle always taught that dreams are an invitation to participate and to pray into what God's wanting. This is how I'm going to pray:

God, we pray that Trump is insulated. There can be no weapon formed against him. It cannot prosper, in Jesus' name. (Photo of Lou Engle)

Prophets Who Went Right and Prophets Who Went Left

Dream encounter (October 15, 2020):

In a dream, I was walking on a road with a known prophet. We came to a T in the road (the T in the road = TRUMP) and had to choose whether to go right or left. The prophet I was with went left, and I went right. I then said in the dream, "The prophets who go right are those who are willing to let God's light shine on the depths of darkness in our world, uncover conspiracies of evil, and take down deep-state operations in the nations. The prophets who go left are only willing to showcase the positive side of the supernatural, and won't even acknowledge that exposing conspiratorial darkness has validity."

Then I said, "The prophets who go left are not in sin, but the prophets who go right will receive the greatest spoils of war."

End of dream.

"God, Pass Over America!"

Dream encounter:

In a dream, I was swimming with a prophet in America in the Atlantic ocean, just off the East Coast of the U.S. Together, we were crying out, "God, pass over America!" As we prayed, we were generating waves heading toward the coast. I knew it was essential that these waves hit America!

I wondered, in the dream, how our 'small prayers' could create large enough waves to reach the shore with enough impact to effect change, when suddenly I was gripped with a spirit of prophecy, and I declared: "Our weak prayers and waves will now combine with God's Euroclydon—His sovereign prophecy over America—and when these combine, they will hit our shores with massive power and impact!"

In the next scene of the dream, the prophet that I was in the ocean with was now with me in the Church in America. Together, we lifted up a cry: "God, pass over America!" Suddenly, we burst into flames, but were not harmed. Hot flames and ash were coming off of us. I knew that wherever we took this cry, "God, pass over America," the place would combust into flames.

In the dream, we found ourselves on the mountains surrounded with evergreen trees, as far as the eye could see. We knew that the flames from our prayers were about to set a wildfire through the evergreens across the nation, and that this was our assignment.

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Andrew Whalen
Vanquish – Prophetic Warriors


Andrew Whalen is an emerging leader and prophetic voice to a generation. He functions as a prophetic warrior to advance the Kingdom of God in all spheres of society. Andrew is uniquely called to raise up spiritual special forces, equipped to achieve spiritual breakthroughs against regional and national level, demonic resistance. Andrew and his wife Kelly have pioneered and led various ministry initiatives, while also engaging in the marketplace, for over 15 years. In the last 4 years, they have served as core prophetic leaders with Lou Engle ministries. Today, Andrew and Kelly, along with their three children, reside in DFW Texas region, where they lead VANQUISH – PROPHETIC WARRIORS, and are also working to establish an apostolic training center, The Unapologetic Dreamers, and are working to establish an apostolic training center. Andrew's heart burns to see a generation take hold of everything that Christ has provided for us through His victory.

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