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Barry Wunsch: "Truth Is Being Released! Words About Trump, USA, UK, Canada & More!"

Barry Wunsch
Mar 25, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzWe had such a profoundly good interview with our friend from up north, Canadian Prophet Barry Wunsch.

He shared such rich revelation regarding President Trump and our nation, plus words for the UK, Canada and more.

As always, when we have our guests' notes in article form, we will send them out to you, our readers and viewers, so you can watch the interview while reading them as well... I know many of you enjoy getting them to pray through!

Steve ShultzThis is a bit longer, so we'll let you get to reading it. There are some sobering parts in it as well, that are intended for us, as intercessors, to pray through...for God's plans and outcome to come to pass.

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In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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President Trump's Victory as Rats Are Exposed

Prophetic word received on March 23, 2023:

This morning (March 23), I awoke out of a dream. At first, I really didn't like what I was seeing, but as it opened up and the Lord took me in, that quickly shifted.

The first thing that I was taken into was a room where President Trump was standing. I knew it was New York City. He was calm, cool and collected, and was overshadowed with great peace. As always, he was well dressed, in a suit and tie, and was looking very strong, healthy and ready to go.

I watched as the lights were dimmed in the room, and out came the rats! They were all over the place. It was disgusting! There were so many of them that had been released on the president to try and shake him up, but he remained as calm and postured as he had from the beginning. He knew exactly what they were up to and what their plan was.

There was one rat, in particular, that somehow got perched on his shoulder and was nattering in his ear! He easily ignored it and stood calm, like it was not even there. I watched as some of these rats had characteristics that looked just like Antifa. I could see right through them! And they were going at it with all they had to cause trouble and chaos. In reality, there were so few of them, and they were so small, they were not going to be a problem; and when the light was shed on them, they scattered into the shadows.

I then found myself in a back office/room with a judge in his black robe. It was dimly lit, and men and women around him were coming and going from his office. They were working together in nefarious ways. They were trying to roll out a demonic strike against President Trump, and to do so at any cost. I saw that as these men and women came into the room, there were those who were being forced to do it against their will. They were clearly blackmailed and under threats, if they did not cooperate or comply with the plan and the orders being given to them.

There were others there who picked up thick envelopes full of cash. They were like hit men paid to take out President Trump; hit men who were running the media and false information, spreading lie after lie. They were covered in slime; they stank; they were unkempt. They looked ragged and like they were running on fumes and coffee. There was a frustration in them, because despite major efforts to take out President Trump, they were not having any success. In fact, the more they pushed, the stronger President Trump became and the stronger America the Great became.

I watched as Trump's security detail came in to see him, along with his lawyer, who had a big file in hand (who was all smiles, by the way), and together they left the building. His security was tight! As they walked onto the street, it was a sea of American patriots! They were peaceful, in strong spirits and had an overall positive, victorious stance. The crowd was growing and getting even stronger. Waves of love and truth washed over them and through them, bringing cleansing, healing and great hope. Renewal and revival filled the air. Clearly, this great nation was turning back to God.

I watched as whistle blowers and operatives filtered through the crowd with documents, laptops and information, turning them over to the true God-called and commissioned authorities. They'd had enough and had folded their tent and surrendered to the Father.

America the Great, These Are the Days You Have Been Waiting For!

The Lord then spoke to me, "America the Great, these are the days you have been waiting for! America, America, the home of the brave and the land of the free – this is what I have called you for! The eyes of the world are upon you now! This is your hour! This is your time! Watch and see what is about to happen as I take down every bad tree and pull its demonic roots out of this great nation! You will soon see the good fruits of your labor, not only in America but in the nations around the world! (Photo via Piqsels)

"As I pull things down and out, I will cut and extract every corrupt, evil tie into and out of this nation. Stay close to Me and close to My heart, for you will need My wisdom and discernment in this hour, as many things are not as they appear. I will be with you through the shaking. I will be by your side as corrupt systems crash and fail and are brought down before you.

"Do not fear and do not be afraid! For I am tearing things down so we can rebuild together. I have come to give you a clean slate! America, turn to Me, the Lord God Almighty, with all of your heart, soul and strength, and I will give you peace, and I will heal your land as you turn from your wicked ways.

"Today is a day of new beginnings! No need to turn back, for I am your deliverer, your redeemer, and the lifter of your head! Walk with Me and walk in My peace, and share My peace with all who I put on your path. America, these are the days you have been waiting for! Let My worshipers arise and your enemies be scattered!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.

"Canada, Canada, Canada – My True North Strong and Free!"

Prophetic word received on March 20, 2023:

"Canada, Canada, Canada – My True North strong and free! It is time to arise and shine, for the eyes of the nations are soon to be upon you! For I am going to move across this great land and do what only I can do. I am going to sweep here, and I am going to sweep there, and I am going to sweep in the corners! For what I am about to do will be on display for all the world to see. It will be done by My Spirit and Mine alone! For you have put your trust in man and the systems of man, and that is about to change! For this great nation of Canada shall once again bow its knee unto Me.

"The enemy has done all he can to oppress and reject Me and My statutes. He has opened every door for evil against My people. He has blinded hearts and eyes to My love and My truth.

"This nation of Canada was founded upon Me and My foundations, and unto Me it shall return. It is time the wickedness be removed from every high place it has been seated! The demonic forces that are against you do not know what they are up against! For I am the Lord God Almighty, and no one is greater than I!

"They shall try to pull the curtain shut upon you with all they have. They are desperate and will stop at nothing, for they know that time is short. There is nothing new under the sun and they have tried this before.

"It is time, My people, to draw unto Me with all you have. The dark regimes, powers and authorities are about to be pressed! The distress they have intended upon My people shall come back on themselves. The pawns they have used shall soon be brought to justice. For I shall redeem, and I shall return all that has been stolen from My people.

"I am bringing an end to the occult practices in your government. I am releasing My holy fire into your Parliament! What has been defiled shall be restored. The puppeteers are about to be revealed. You will see who is walking in the light and who is not, and you will be surprised! I am coming against the Masonic, unholy, ungodly roots that have controlled you. It is time they are exposed and removed once and for all! They are about to lose control.

"I am bringing revival and reformation to this land! There are fires already burning, and I will fan the flames hotter with the winds of My Spirit. There is nothing that shall stop Me! My ferocious love for My beloved cannot be stopped. I will stop at nothing to set My beloved free! Nothing shall stand in My way. The enemy is trying to close the door quickly on My people, but do not fear; do not be afraid! For I am the Way Maker. I bring streams in the desert; I bring paths in the wilderness! I will never leave you or forsake you. I will never turn My back on you.

"Things are going to shake, and just as in harvest, the chaff will be shaken from the wheat and blow away in the wind. So shall it be in this hour. It is harvest time, and what a great harvest it shall be!" (Photo via Pxfuel)

Holy is the word of the Lord!

The Truth Is About to Be Released!

Prophetic word received on March 18, 2023:

"Barry, tell My people that the truth is about to be released! For have I not said that the religious spirit, Jezebel (control, manipulation, charismatic witchcraft), shall be exposed! It is time to recover MY ALTAR.

"I'm coming in the wrath of My love to drive out every unclean spirit, motive and insecurity that has beset you and My flock that I have called you to care for! The days of controlling and beating My sheep are done! It is time to stop it. You are called to beat back the enemy, not My people! You have had a forked tongue, manipulating information, using it to bring lies and division into My Body for your own gain. It is time for repentance! I long for unity, and yet you work against Me.

"Upgrades will come to those who surrender and come clean and turn their hearts back unto Me! No pulpit, board or platform shall be overlooked. It's time to clean up! It is time to deal with the carnage that has been left in your wake. You have hidden behind cardboard boards, built hierarchies you control and manipulate; and everything shall be exposed for what it is! I have not called you to build a business or an industry, but I've called you to build My Kingdom!

"It is time to be truthful with yourself and give it back to Me before it is taken from you! For I have called you to more than this; I have called you to higher things! Why settle for less? For the harvest is upon you; the fields are ripe. Set aside the distractions! Gather together and seek My face and Mine alone, and I will meet with you. For I am a good Father, and I will give you My tender embrace, saturating you in My love. For in My presence there is all that you need or ever desire. I will heal every heart. I will bring fullness of joy and gladness forevermore!

"Let Me embrace you, My sons and My daughters, and let Me restore your souls! My people are desperate for My touch. Those who don't know Me are searching for just this and this alone – not empty, dead religion!

"Saturate yourself in the love of My presence. Give Me space with you and I will fill it, and you will never be the same! Behold Me, behold My Kingdom, and you shall know Me in a whole new light! You will be infectious with My love, and no one will be safe from it! It is time to open up My altar, in My love, and I will meet you there!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.

A Call to Pray for Great Britain

Prophetic word received on March 4, 2023:

[Editor's note: Barry prefaced this word with: "This is a warning dream, intended for prayer and intercession, to give us specific intel that we can go in and pray, and we can prevent certain things from happening, and prevent an outcome."]

I had a disturbing dream in the early hours. As I got up and was praying for the Canadian national leader, and saw the things that were going on with him and around him, the Lord kept highlighting Great Britain. It did not relate to the Canadian leader, but I kept hearing it crying out to me, "Great Britain!" But as I prayed, I saw nothing; I heard nothing. Over the next few days, it was continually being stirred in my spirit.

I was at a worship gathering on Saturday night, and in that time, Holy Spirit took me into an open vision and began to show me some things going on regarding Great Britain. So, I share this with fear and trembling, and release this as a call to pray for Great Britain at this time. May God intervene and have His way. May Great Britain behold the wind of change and the winds of revival! (Photo via Unsplash)

I was taken in the spirit into a metro subway station in Great Britain. I watched as worship teams set up on platforms filled with people. As those coming and going stopped to hear what was going on, the crowds grew and grew. The Spirit of God was touching the hearts of the lost, and they were being drawn into Him and His Kingdom. I heard the call going forth to the intercessors, and soon there were teams of intercessors with boots on the ground, riding the metro, praying and interceding for Great Britain. They were called in as a defense against the enemy and to break ground for the evangelists that were being released in Great Britain. I watched as these evangelists were being released on the metro. They laid hands on the sick, healed people, and brought deliverance and salvation to the masses.

I was then taken and shown a group of terrorists that were planning a strike in Great Britain. They were planning a strike on the metro and power stations throughout the land. I saw terrorists from Iran behind this strike. I saw their passports but sensed that they were radicals working independently to cause turmoil. I saw that there were traitors within the UK government, and they were funneling intel in collaboration with these guys, lining their pockets with bribes. They had been sharing and blocking information and, when needed, assisting in the plot they were working on. From what I saw, there is time to pray and divert such actions, and save lives and stop the chaos they intend.

Then the Lord said to me, "Barry, tell My people it is time to put things aside and seek My face. For, Great Britain, you are called to more than what you are settling for! It is time, Great Britain, to get back on your knees before Me and give Me your heart.

"You have dismissed Me and My ways, and you have left Great Britain in a position of great risk. Come unto Me and turn your hearts towards Me. Turn from your wicked and evil ways, and I will meet you face to face. Great Britain, you will come to know Me in a new way, and I will move on your behalf! Turn to Me and cry out to Me, and I will see that no harm shall touch you. I will deliver you and bring you victory over every enemy.

"Great Britain, I am calling each one to examine your heart, that I may heal you and fill you with love and courage to stand for what is righteous and true. Great Britain, you have called good evil and evil good, so walk with Me now and let Me renew your mind, soul and spirit unto Me, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, and you will never be the same!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.

The Burning Ones Are About to Be Released!

Prophetic word received on March 2, 2023:

This word was just dropped on me... This is exactly as it came, so I am releasing it right away in obedience.

"Barry, just as a bow is pulled back to shoot an arrow, I've pulled back many of My people in this hour. For if they remained in the positions that they were in, they would not be able to fulfill the destiny on their lives. As I have pulled them back, it will cause others around them to re-evaluate their motives and selfish ambitions. The days of blame shifting are no longer going to be acceptable. These ones I have pulled back are going to be released as flaming arrows into the enemy's camp. They will carry the Holy Spirit fire, full of love, power and authority to set many free. The fire shall burn in these camps, and many will come running out into My arms of salvation, healing and deliverance! The scales shall be removed from their eyes, and they will know the truth and it will set them free!

"These flaming arrows have been saturated in My holy anointing oil and will burn indefinitely as they remain in Me! Some have been pulled back and thought that they had missed it and were done, but I tell you today, you can rest assured that they are not done! Nothing is going to stop what I am about to release across the nations!

"Barry, tell My people to prepare for a wave of My Spirit that is bigger than anything they have ever seen! Nothing will ever look the same. Do not be distracted by the debris. Keep your eyes on Me. These are the days you have been waiting for! Behold My glory as I behold you!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.

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Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer

Facebook Ministry Page: Click here

Barry Wunsch is a Canadian prophet and businessman. He has a father's heart and a love for family and community, bringing words of hope, restoration and healing to many. Barry has a deep love for Canada and the heart of a reformer. He is part of the Frontline Church in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada, a prophetic community who have gathered the Ecclesia for 20 years, hosting some of Canada's largest prophetic gatherings. Barry brings words for individuals and regions and is a prophetic voice for Canada throughout social media. He ministers prophetically in meetings locally and regionally across Canada. Barry was born and raised in Central Alberta, and is currently residing in Red Deer. He is married to Judy and is the proud father of two adult sons.

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