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Donna Rigney: "A Call to Protect the Newly Birthed Revival!"

Donna Rigney
Mar 17, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzOur recent interview with Donna Rigney was full of the Joy and Glory of the Lord!

You can't help but laugh, be filled and receive from HIM as you watch this broadcast on Elijah Streams with Donna and our fill-in host, Yvon Attia.

Both of these mighty women of God live in Florida...and they know how to encourage the saints and release His presence wherever they go.

As we have notes from our broadcasts in article form, we will send them out to you, our viewers and readers, so you can watch the broadcasts and follow along with the messages. This was so, so good, and here's just one word from the Lord through Donna!

"No one and nothing can, or will, stop Us from accomplishing all We have declared. Those who tried to usurp authority and bring to pass their plans will be eliminated. All they poured out that was wicked shall be overturned and overthrown and replaced by all that is good and pure."

Steve ShultzWhat a word that is...and we will continue to see this unravel and be revealed in the days ahead...full of His unstoppable glory!

Be filled with HIM as you read through this word, as it goes hand-in-hand with Donna's broadcast right here. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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[Editor's Note: Below are the notes in the order that Donna Rigney shared them on her interview, which aired on March 15, 2023.]

A New Normal Is Coming!

On March 13, 2023, the Lord declared: "The wealth of the unjust shall pour out on the just! What the enemy planned to do – to destroy the banking industry and rob My children of their savings – will fail. Instead, We shall go into the camp of the enemy and plunder his ill-gotten wealth, and return it to those it truly belongs to – My faithful children!

"This is the hour of the extermination of the rats, both in the natural and in the spirit. Rats pillage, destroy and bring diseases. These rats have been scurrying about in secret, but now My light is shining on them, and they and their wicked deeds are being exposed." (While the Lord was speaking this to me, I saw many rats roaming about, and a very large rat get its head cut off.)

"When My glory comes, there is always a big shake up. Normal isn't normal in the glory! What people are used to is turned upside down, so a 'new normal' will happen. In Our 'new normal' the enemy will lose his throne! He has established many false thrones all over the world; these will be seen for what they are, and will be demolished.

"Where lies reigned, now truth will be enthroned. Hatred and violence and lawlessness will be replaced by love and righteousness. Injustice will be evicted and justice will get its seat back. No longer will wicked thrones rule over the land. One by one, I will be dismantling them and reestablishing righteous rule.

"Where you have seen wicked rulers steal the thrones of the God-ordained righteous, this is but a sign of what has been happening in the spirit realm. Both in the spirit and in the natural realm, the wicked shall lose their thrones!

"Not just in the governments of nations and cities and states will this exchange happen, but in families, businesses, and even churches. There will be a great changing of the guard. My word has been spoken, and it will not return void!"

Confirming Scriptures: Micah 2 and 3.

A Child's Impressive Dream About Donald Trump and Joe Biden

In years past, the Lord told me that in this great end-time revival, He would be using the children powerfully. He said that many of them would dream dreams, see visions, prophesy, heal the sick and preach His Word. They would astound the adults who heard them.

On March 11, 2023, a dear friend of mine, who lives off the grid in Alaska, told me that her 11-year-old daughter, Rose, had a very impacting dream. In the past, Rose was taken in the spirit to Heaven, and while there, Jesus told her that one day she would preach for Him. A few days ago, Rose dreamed that Donald Trump came to live in her house. He took the bedroom on the right. Joe Biden was there too. He had the room on the left. Many people began voting. A vast multitude of votes came in for Donald Trump. A helicopter came and picked up Joe Biden. He left the house in shame, with his face covered, because so many people hated him. He went away into hiding. (Photo via Flickr)

Her dream continued: There were no vaccines left in the world. All of them were burned up and the world was free of them.

Spring Will Bring a Wonderful Change!

On Monday, February 13, 2023, Father spoke a very impacting and hopeful word to me: "Winter is almost over, and spring shall spring forth with new life for all! Hope will arise! Where death entered My children's members, life will take over and chase death – winter – away. Spring shall bring forth the long-awaited respite and transformation that My children have prayed and believed for.

"A great cleanup will happen, just as when winter ends; there is a cleanup time to get rid of what died during the rigors of winter. This is what you will see happen in the spirit realm, as well as in the natural. Those things that died, or tried to bring death, will be taken away and thrown in the refuse heap. Piles of trash will mount up, and regions filled with life will arise! Watch and see what We will do! None can or will stop Us, just as none can stop the changing of the seasons in the natural realm. I have spoken. Spring shall bring a great bursting forth of new life!"

A Great Shift Is Coming!

On February 24, 2023, Jesus declared: "Life is going to get better and much more enjoyable. That is why I came – to give My friends a full life...a life filled with joy, expectation, hope and delight! My will shall be done. For far too long the enemy's plan has been unfolding to steal, kill and destroy; now My will shall unfold!

"No one and nothing can, or will, stop Us from accomplishing all We have declared. Those who tried to usurp authority and bring to pass their plans will be eliminated. All they poured out that was wicked shall be overturned and overthrown and replaced by all that is good and pure.

"Look with eyes of faith and see it before it materializes in the natural realm. This will feed your faith as you allow Us to open your spiritual eyes to see Our will before it comes from Heaven to Earth."

Confirming Scripture: John 10:10.

On February 26, 2023, Father spoke to me a very surprising word: "I am equipping My army with the greatest weapon! Like a subatomic bomb is My glory in the spirit against the forces of darkness that would steal, kill and destroy. My troops will go forth, armed and ready for battle. They will not be harmed!

"Friendly fire has been launched against My forces, but even that was to no avail! Tell My children to be of no fear, for I do go before and behind them, as they take ground for Me. Love and My Word, working together in concert, will take down many a Goliath! As they go forth, wielding My words with love and great faith, My glory will manifest, and victory after victory will be theirs."

A Call to Protect the Newly Birthed Revival!

On Saturday, February 18, 2023, Father continued to speak to me about the revival that is breaking out worldwide.

Father reminded me how He rescued the Israelites that were enslaved in Egypt by raising up Moses to go and deliver them out of bondage. Father paralleled this revival as His response to the cries of His people for deliverance from the oppression we've been under, just like He did when the Israelites cried out to Him for a deliverer in the biblical times of Moses.

He wants this revival that has just broken out to be like the call on Moses' life as a deliver of Israel – a nation enslaved by wicked rulers who were trying to decrease their population. In the same way, He is raising up a revival to bring deliverance from those who are depopulating this world, oppressing the people and enslaving many through excessive taxation, oppressive mandates and overpriced goods. His revival and the great outpouring of His glory is the rescue event He is releasing – just as He promised! He will overcome evil with an abundance of His goodness! (Photo via Pixabay)

Father showed me that there are lessons we need to learn from those whom He appointed to protect His deliverer, Moses. Our God is raising up His people to protect this revival that's being birthed, just like He raised up Miriam and the midwives in Egypt – those whom God appointed to protect His new born deliverer, Moses:

1. The midwives. Though Pharaoh commanded the midwives to kill all the newborn male babies, they feared God and would not kill the babies as they were being born. God blessed the midwives, prospered them and gave them their own families, because of their faithfulness and their courage.

2. Miriam. To save his life, Moses' mother put her baby boy in a basket in the river where the Egyptian princess bathed. When the princess saw baby Moses, she wanted to keep him. Miriam, Moses' older sister, watched from the shore and immediately came forward and offered to find someone who would nurse Moses for the princess. She acted quickly and used great wisdom. In this way, Miriam was instrumental in getting her mother to nurse Moses for the princess until he was weaned. Once Moses was old enough, he went to live with the princess in the palace.

When Moses was an adult, He was called by God to return to Egypt to fulfill his destiny by delivering Israel from slavery in Egypt. While on their journey, after they crossed the Red Sea on their way to the Promised Land, Miriam led the nation in a powerful time of worship and thanksgiving. She was an anointed prophetess and a songwriter.

Miriam's name means "beloved" and "bitter." She was beloved by God but became bitter toward her brother, Moses. As time went on, Miriam became jealous of her younger brother, and influenced her other brother, Aaron, to turn against Moses and Moses' wife. She allowed jealousy, gossip and bitterness to influence her life and to rob her of her calling. Because of her sins, she got leprosy, but was healed when Moses prayed for her.

We are called, like the midwives and Miriam, to protect this newborn child of revival that is being birthed to deliver our nation and the world. We must respond like the midwives – in the fear of God – and do only what Holy Spirit leads us to do, without delay. We must use wisdom, like the midwives and Miriam, and we will be blessed and prosper and have our own families or ministries!

However, there is a strong warning for us in this account in Scripture. We must avoid the sins of Miriam: jealousy, gossip, bitterness, and offense. Her downfall cost Miriam a case of leprosy and, after she was healed through Moses' intercession, she was cast outside the camp for seven days. We must guard our hearts, stay humble and abide in His glory, from which our holiness comes.

(Donna Rigney and Yvon Attia concluded the show, praying for viewers and releasing His glory. To view the broadcast click here.)

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Donna Rigney
His Heart Ministries Int.


Donna Rigney and her husband Jack are pastors of His Heart Ministries Int., in North Central Florida. They host a Friday evening service at the Church on the Rock in Bunnell, Florida. Donna has written three powerful books. Two of her prophetic books, Divine Encounters and The Glory of God Revealed, detail her many riveting encounters with Jesus, where He took her in the spirit to Heaven and Hell. Donna's heart's desire is to impart all of her passion for a life of intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and a hunger for the glory of God. Donna has appeared on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, and also can be seen on Elijah Streams and as a contributing prophetic voice on the Elijah List. She has appeared frequently on her YouTube channel, Donna Rigney Ministries, with other anointed ministers.

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