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Forget Keto, You May Never Lose Weight Until You Fix This...

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Mar 15, 2023

Forget Keto, Paleo, Carnivore, and
All Other Diets. You'll Never Lose Weight
or Keep it Off Until You Fix Your Liver

You could say, Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D. is a bit of a maverick. And he's certainly hated by the weight loss industry.


Because he's shining a light on the ugly truth about morbid obesity here in America.

In his latest book, The Liver Cure, Dr. Blaylock exposes the connection between obesity and fatty liver disease. 108 million American adults are obese.

Roughly 100 million Americans suffer from fatty liver.

As you can see, these numbers are nearly identical and that's no coincidence.

Why None of the Usual Weight Loss Advice Works

Fatty liver doesn't discriminate. It affects both men and women, young and old. According to recent statistics, 80 to 100 million Americans are affected by nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

And most people never experience symptoms until the damage is severe. This is why so many doctors miss it!

Fatty liver, if left untreated, can lead to a whole world of hurt:

  • Dieting
  • Cutting carbs
  • Restricting calories
  • Exercising
  • Taking fat burners or appetite suppressants

If you've tried any of these things, you know they only bring temporary results at best. They don't work long-term. And that's because they do nothing to rejuvenate your sluggish liver.

The Liver: Your Body's Master Metabolic Control Center

Every aspect of your metabolism is controlled by your liver. This includes breaking down fats and carbs so your body can use them for energy.

Well, thanks to decades of onslaught from thousands of toxins, harmful food additives, alcohol, and even medication...

Your liver is beat up and tired. And if you're one of the 100 million Americans with fatty liver, your liver is quite literally being slowly suffocated to death.

So it's no wonder your liver can't do its job and keep your fat-burning metabolism running strong.

Here's the Good News: You Can Reverse Course, Eliminate Fatty Liver, and Shrink Your Belly in Record Time — IF You Follow the Advice Inside The Liver Cure

Healthy eating and exercise habits will always be important. But when you combine them with a few simple tweaks to your daily routine, you can fast-track your weight loss results even more:

  • Ignite your metabolism and blast away belly fat
  • Maintain a healthy weight for life
  • Never feel hungry or deprived again
  • Boost your energy levels without jitters or crashes
  • Still get to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation
  • Get rid of your fatty liver for good

Here's a Small Taste of the Metabolism-Boosting and Belly-Slimming Secrets You'll Discover Inside The Liver Cure:

  • The 2 most toxic food additives that damage your liver and pile on visceral belly fat. Avoid these at all costs! (page 107).
  • Eat this "good" carb to prevent fat gain. We'll show you the best source which may already be in your fridge (page 171).
  • The powerful cooking herb proven to activate your fat-burning genes! (page 251).
  • The 2 best fat-incinerating diets that can reverse fatty liver disease — And no...they're NOT keto or paleo (page 326).
  • Why losing weight too fast can unleash a toxic storm on your body. And the perfect rate of weight loss for maximum health benefits (pages 210 and 325).
  • The overlooked Mexican fruit that acts as power food for your liver — proven to promote healthy weight loss and shrink your waistline (page 328).
  • The 2,000-year-old Chinese herb that triggers 'mito-burn'. Your body's most efficient fat burn for energy (page 249).
  • The ancient Japanese botanical found in red wine that boosts gut health and weight loss (page 262).
  • How to boost levels of a good bacteria strain clinically proven to prevent obesity (page 241).
  • The best supplement shown in studies to reduce fatty liver and melt visceral belly fat. It also prevents muscle loss (page 140).

And the best part?

As a loyal subscriber and reader, you can claim your very own FREE copy of The Liver Cure today!

But only while limited supplies last. And we're even throwing in 4 FREE bonuses as our way of saying thank you.

One of these bonuses is our Detoxify Your Body in 10 Days report. This is one of the easiest ways to flush toxic sludge and extra pounds from your body. Many people use this to lose at least 9 pounds in the first 4 weeks!

You can look and feel your best at any age...and still enjoy life in the process.

That's exactly what Dr. Blaylock will help you do once you join him inside The Liver Cure.

Don't fall victim to the silent killers of obesity and fatty liver like so many others. Take action and save your liver today!

Click Here Now to
Claim Your FREE Copy!

*Please note: The book is FREE, but does include a small shipping fee of $4.95.

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Customer Service: 1-800-485-4350.

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