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Christa Elisha: "A Clashing of Titans! Hell Shall Not Prevail!"

Christa Elisha
Mar 6, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzIf you've been reading the prophetic words released in this past year, especially, you'll see that God has been calling us to boldly stand in this day and hour. We've also shared over and over that God is training our hands for war.

"...Blessed be the LORD my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle." (Psalm 144:1)

Our friend Christa Elisha had a profound vision of the enemy doing everything to unleash Hell on the earth...and that's when God's army came on the scene, as Christa shares here in this word of the Lord:

The Lord spoke: "This year, you will see a spiritual clash of titans. For just as Hell has released its fury upon My beloved creation, so have I released My vengeance against My enemies. These titans will invade regions and take back Kingdom control of cultural gates of influence, and Hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL against My governmental forces. I have been working to prepare My army, and now My company of apostolic war machines is ready for deployment."

Steve ShultzWho has God been training for this day? You and me! Be empowered by Christa's word and know that God is rallying the troops to go into the darkest places with His power and authority. And as you take your place in Him...Hell will not prevail! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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A Vision of God's Giants Combating Hell

On January 22, 2023, as I was resting my eyes and praying through some turbulence during a flight home from Panama City, Florida, I went into a vision. Suddenly, I was taken into a place that was at the depths of the ocean. There, in the midst of the recesses of the sea, was a large, black gate. As it swung open, what looked like an underwater volcanic eruption was released, and with it came massive, demonic creatures that were set to march across the earth, and with them came deception, death, famine, disease and pestilence.

I was then taken up by the wind of the Spirit into the atmosphere over the earth, and was shown seven international gates – all unleashing the powers of Hell on Earth. As these ancient gates opened, the earth began to tremble. Earthquakes began to occur all around the globe.

As I looked out over the horizon, searching the earth below, I began to recognize the bodies of sleeping giants scattered across the ground. I knew, by the Spirit, that these giants represented regional Ekklesias, or governing bodies of Believers assigned to certain cities, states, countries and territories. Many seemed to be lying down, asleep.

The Spirit of God, seeing my curiosity, took me in for a closer look at these giants. I was surprised to see that they weren't human at all, but instead they were massive war machines! They were being prepared to confront and combat the demonic assault that had been unleashed from the seven gates.

The Lord spoke: "This year, you will see a spiritual clash of titans. For just as Hell has released its fury upon My beloved creation, so have I released My vengeance against My enemies. These titans will invade regions and take back Kingdom control of cultural gates of influence, and Hell SHALL NOT PREVAIL against My governmental forces. I have been working to prepare My army, and now My company of apostolic war machines is ready for deployment."

God's New War Machines

Looking at the earth, I saw construction sites where people were busy working. I could see individuals, who were known contenders for unity in the Body of Christ, dressed as machinists, engineers, laborers and foremen, urgently working to build, develop, test and maintain the large, humanoid war machines.

Then I saw the soldiers who had been trained by the Lord in the wilderness in the same way King David had been prepared to take out Goliath, when the Lord gave him victory over the lion and the bear as he looked after his father's sheep. Only leaders with a heart like David (who was a man after God's own heart) for a nation could operate the machines. But even then, they were only trained in how to operate one specific part of the system. For example, one man was assigned to the left arm, another to the right arm. Then one woman was assigned to the torso and one man assigned to the right leg, while another person took the left leg. Five people had to work together in this mechanical suit as a team in order to get it to function. (Photo via Pxhere)

Right when I wondered who had the head, I saw the engineers attach what looked like a Roman helmet to the shoulders, with a cross inlaid on either side, above where the ears would be. I knew it represented Christ as the head. As the head was attached, the entire machine was activated as waves of electricity begin to move downward from the head into all the other members. I watched in awe as the mechanical suit stood up and began to move in perfect synchronization with all the other members. UNITY under the Cross was the key to movement!

I said, "This looks like something out of a movie... They look like the transformers, Lord."

"Yes!" said the Lord, "Because this new breed of prophetic pioneers and five-fold apostolic companies are going to reform and transform the nations as they work together to release My thoughts and intentions over the earth. These war machines are a new apostolic technology that I have been developing secretly in the wilderness. They are designed to combat the end-time demonic confederacy that has rallied against My Church in an effort to kill, steal, destroy and prevent the global harvest of souls.

"The enemy knows his time is short, but he will not delay My second coming. I am bringing together this new breed of giants of faith as a special elite force to combat and overthrow the demonic powers that are being unleashed. They are highly skilled in their own areas of ministry, and are focused on completing their mission. They know and are satisfied with their own role in My Body. They have rejected the sin of competition and comparison and have conquered their own souls with excellence. Their greatest weapons of mass demonic destruction are their LOVE and their understanding of COMMUNION and UNION with Me and each other. Just as when the Israelites entered the Promised Land, they discovered the giants occupying the mountains, so has My remnant.

"Now I am calling My titans to take back the high places! They will arise on the mountains of influence, armored in the superhuman power of the Holy Spirit as elite special forces to bind the powers of Hell and loose Kingdom strategy, revelation, angelic assistance and governmental authority to transform and reform systems, governments and culture. They will function in submission to the mind of Christ in such unified harmony that it will astound the nations, as they clash with societal titans and wrestle into submission regional principalities.

2023 – A Year of Epic Proportions

"2023 shall be a year of EPIC proportions! You will journey through Psalm 23 leading into 2024, which is the Psalm 24 door where My people shall occupy and open up the ancient gates to experience Me as the King of glory! This will be a season where you will witness long-awaited prophetic promises coming to pass swiftly.

"You will witness the knowledge of My glory covering the earth as the water covers the sea, and it will bring in global harvest in the midsts of global shakings. (Photo via Graphicstock)

"This is a season of rapid Kingdom advancement, regional occupation, spiritual maturity, destiny deployments, mega moves and throne room worship. There will be sovereign moves of God that will occur this year that will be so noteworthy that movies and documentaries will be made about them.

"Just as the transforming reformers are powered by My head being the head over them, be aware that the battle for many in this season will be against the mind. It is imperative that My people take captive every high and lofty thought that rises itself against the knowledge of Christ and force it into submission to Me.

"Decree that you have My mind, My heart, My imaginations. Declare that you think God thoughts and have God ideas! Be intentional to not lean on your own understanding, nor trust in the reports of man, but trust in Me. For this is a season of great change and great hope! This is a generation that was created for conflict and born for battle, and I have called and equipped you to ARISE and OCCUPY!" says the Lord.


Saints, pray with me:

Father, God we thank You for bringing together and training these five-fold apostolic companies who have been born for such a time as this! God, we pray that no weapon formed against them will succeed and that there would be a firewall of protection around them, in Jesus' name. Father, we also cry out for mercy over the nations of the world. We loose the hosts of Heaven now to prevent any premature loss of life or demonically inspired destruction now! We bind the destroyer in Jesus' name!

Lord, we also pray for the minds of Believers around the world. Your Word says that Your perfect love casts out all fear, so we pray for a greater revelation of Your immense love for us! As this great love is revealed, we ask that You would supernaturally increase our faith and trust in You.

Jesus, we declare that we have the mind of Christ because You live in us. We ask for a special grace to be infused with revelation knowledge that rapidly transforms us by Your written Word. We make a commitment to take captive every high and lofty thought that raises itself against the knowledge of You in our lives and force it into submission to the Lordship of Jesus. Thank You, Daddy God, for the good plans You have for us! We say "yes" to the deployment of the transforming reformers, in Jesus' mighty name! Amen!

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Christa Elisha
Arise Kingdom Ministries


Christa Elisha is the founder of Arise Kingdom Ministries, the Revival Rooms and W.I.L.D. (Walk In Love Demonstrated) Equipping. She is a vibrant apostolic revivalist that burns with passionate devotion to Jesus. She carries a strong anointing to invite others into the ecstatic bliss of knowing Christ for who He truly is: The only one who satisfies every need for every soul. It is out of this intimacy that Christa has been commissioned by God to baptize a generation in Holy Fire so that the Bride of Christ arises in purity and power to shake the gates, destroy Hell and radiate the splendor of the risen King, bringing glory to the Father. Christa walks in signs and wonders and prays that revival fire is sparked in each person she touches as her heart cries, "On Earth as it is in Heaven!"

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