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Amanda Grace: "Accelerated Growth Shall Spring Forth!"

Amanda Grace
Feb 7, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzAmanda Grace always has incredible revelations to share on our Elijah Streams program...and her last episode was no exception!

If you haven't watched it, we highly recommend you to do so she also shared a very encouraging video clip with Donné Clement Petruska in it (Kim Clement's daughter).

Below are the notes Amanda gave to us for her show. Whenever we have notes from our guests, we always try to get them out to our readers and viewers so they can watch the program AND read take it all in.

Amanda also prayed for our viewers and for healing... We're already receiving testimonies of God's miracle-working power that happened during her show!

Steve ShultzEnjoy this word and be highly encouraged with the open doors and accelerated growth God is bringing! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Word of the Lord (January 27, 2023):

A Warning to Leaders

"O you leaders, hear the word of the Lord this day. If you choose of your will to abuse your power for purposes that are in direct opposition to the seat in which you so sit, you shall, in this season, fall, be disgraced, be shamed, be laid bare before the people that you become a byword and a heifer. For if you so choose to act like REBELLIOUS BULLS, then you shall have a heavy hand of correction brought down on you.

"Hear the word of the Lord this day: Your aspirations for other seats shall become a curse to you, for your harvest so shall come, and tares shall ensnare and choke you. For you are being weighed by the Lord in this hour – all your corrupt deeds, including the inner rooms of the church, where abominations have been committed...blasphemies on the House floor, on the floors of parliaments, as you say, 'There is no God,' as you say, 'I shall exalt myself, for I do not answer to God; God does not see.' So shall the heavy hand of the Lord strike you and the ground in which you so walk, and shall shake your paper houses that you have so built. It shall shake the grip of your fingers off your seats and positions."

Two New Leaders Shall Arise

"Russia and Ukraine, the dogs of war have been unleashed as each shall so turn over, and not one but two new leaders shall arise. And as the dogs so pursued the body of Jezebel," thus says the Lord, "the dogs of war, the dogs of destruction, have been released upon you, O leaders, who have made deals in the dark to obtain your seat, including selling the people for silver and stocks and new oil that shall arise."

Do Not Compromise

The Spirit of the Lord says this day, "The people cry out. Some cry out for a king." Thus says the Lord: "The leaders who compromise and make deals to retrieve seats shall not complete the race set before them. You shall not compromise," says the Lord. "You shall not! You shall not fight and pander for what I find detestable. For those demons of darkness who serve rulers, the "pans" are waiting in the wings to dance at your destruction. DO NOT take the path man has laid before you, for it shall ensnare you, and you shall come to an impasse. For I the Lord shall set the path, and it is your decision, O leaders, which you choose to take. For death crouches at the door of one, and life and favor so lines the path of the other." (Photo via Unsplash)

Inner Chamber Meetings: Plots and Plans Revealed

The Spirit of the Lord says this day, "They shall come with chains and fetters to bind you, and if you humbly come to ME, the Lord, I shall break their chains of iron. Their charges shall befall them, for they have been doing even worse in the dark behind the door to the inner chamber. They have met; four leaders have met from such committees. And in this meeting, they have discussed a leader swap, with each one at the table playing a role." Thus says the Lord, "They have discussed shutting down grids and markets in key parts of the country to scare the people and herd them like cattle into their plans.

"The paper that outlines your points and plans shall be revealed," says the Lord. "It shall be by one who has had a yoke of conviction come upon them. It shall surprise you," says the Lord. "It shall. And in your meetings you have discussed sorcery, and withholding certain medications, and creating shortages to bring forth a false crisis so you can deceitfully come in. The one YOU have anointed, O you who met in the inner chamber, and looks to be a hero – your plans shall fail," says the Lord. "They shall crack, shall falter, and bring forth inconsistencies as one deep in the FDA shall overturn such by their change of heart."

A Dry Well Filled and a Full Well Dried Up

The Lord of hosts says, "A well once dry in this season shall suddenly be full. People shall wonder as this occurs, and it shall be a sign that I, the Lord God, am watering the dry areas to bring forth a harvest for MY PEOPLE. The areas of the corrupt shall have stunted growth, as the dry areas shall be watered. The desert shall grow vegetation it never has; for what was left dry, I, the Lord, am calling life to come forth from that dry, brittle ground. For the enemy has caused it to become a desert place where little grows; however, this shall spring forth life, and what once grew shall grow forth and spread its BRANCHES. And the areas where wickedness flourished shall begin to dry up; the well waters shall dry up. Their rhetoric shall dry up and become grainy sand to the people.

"The Jews who have forsaken the God of their fathers shall become as fools, and their lifeless words shall become bound, along with their mouths. For in this season, I am dealing with those who have forsaken MY WORD and pursued darkness for power.

"For some, I, the Lord, am wrestling with who were once a part of their order, but now are feeling the yoke of conviction and burden. They shall have a change of heart and shall no longer build the beast but stand against it," says the Lord.

Sores and Ruthless Experiments

Thus says the Lord, "What goes into the skin shall come out of the pores. Oozing sores shall break out as silence breaks between those high upon the pyramid of what you call drugs. Their pact they made shall be broken, and one at the top shall turn after their own suffers at the hand of ruthless experiments."

Open Doors


"Many of you have continued in your own captivity of your own making. This is the season laid before you to come out from that captivity, to grab hold of deliverance set before you. For this is a profound season for such to release the captives – if they so choose to be released, instead of staying bound in their cell. For I the Lord am giving open doors. You must walk through [them] – out of your cell. For the enemy has bound you many years, and I the Lord, YOUR DELIVERER, have come to free you and redirect your life to merge you into the call that is upon you – an open door," says the Lord.

"There are two doors," says the Lord, "in the Capital. There are two doors in New York. There are two doors in Texas. There are two doors in California. There are two doors in Michigan. Which door leadership walks through shall determine their fate, for only those who have asked for eyes to see and ears to hear shall recognize the door I, the Lord, have opened. However, some shall walk through the door of perdition. The alluring aroma of power shall be their destruction.

Accelerated Growth in the Spring

"Know it is I, the Lord God, who have spoken to you this day. As spring approaches, renew your hearts unto the Lord. For there are many that shall bud and flourish, for they have planted in good soil. Their accelerated growth shall spring forth in the spring into a prolonged summer, as I the Lord cause to grow, and be uprooted, the diseased trees and their branches that have become dry and brittle. One branch shall see total collapse, for I the Lord am the righteous Judge, and My WORD goes forth this day, ratified into the earth. Thus says the Lord of hosts, in the name of Jesus Christ, MY Son – your Advocate and Savior. Amen."

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Amanda Grace
Ark of Grace Ministries

Website: |

Amanda Grace and her husband Chris are the founders of Ark of Grace Ministries (located in the beautiful Hudson Valley), walking out the commission in Mark 16:15: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." They minister to all of God's creation, both people and animals. They prophetically minister and teach, breaking down the Word of God (which is living and active) by examining the Hebrew and Greek roots of the Bible, as well as the times when it was written, to understand the true context of the Scriptures and apply them to life. Another way that Amanda and Chris minister at Ark of Grace is through their animal Sanctuary, where they take in lost, abandoned, disabled animals and show them the love of God. Amanda also takes care of her husband Chris who sustained a traumatic brain injury in January 2019 and miraculously survived. They have both experienced and understand the incredible power of Almighty God and how He redeems! They teach others – through their testimony, biblical teaching, the prophetic, and life lessons of caring for the residents of their animal sanctuary – how the Lord can move in every circumstance of life.

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Can't You Talk Louder, God?

Amanda Grace's Itinerary:

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February 26, 2023 at 10:45 AM CT
February Fire, Alabama
Presented by Church International

May 12-13, 2023
ReAwaken America, Florida
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