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Scott Allen: "The Great Transfer of Wealth and an Army of Josephs"

Scott Allen
Jan 21, 2023

Intro from Johnny Enlow:

Steve ShultzIt is my pleasure to introduce and recommend Scott Allen. We have known Scott and his wife Karen for many years, as they were also a part of our church back when we pastored in Atlanta, GA.

Scott and Karen have been tremendous supporters of God's purposes for Israel and have served many years in ministry in that capacity. They have also been quite awake and aware to all that God is exposing at this time, so Scott's seer gift has been sharpened by all he is able to see. Scott and Karen have been tested and refined by intense fire and their faithfulness to God has been heroic. They are seasoned and tried. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Johnny + Elizabeth Enlow

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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The Valley of Gold Coins and the Seven Mountains of Influence

While sitting with the Lord in worship, prayer and fellowship, I asked, "Holy Spirit, what is on Your mind?" Suddenly, I was caught up in the spirit and I saw a stack of gold coins. I asked the Lord to show me more and I saw what seemed like a sea of gold coins. Curious to see how big this was, I started walking...and walking, and walking. This vast floor of riches seemed to go on forever! Up ahead, I noticed one of the mounds of gold coins got pretty high, so I decided to climb up for a better view. It wasn't easy because the coins kept slipping under my feet. Finally, getting to the top, I looked in every direction but could not see the end of this ocean of gold coins!

Then the scene changed, and I was high above the huge valley covered deep in gold coins, and now I could see it was surrounded by seven mountains. They rose high above the valley in a spectacular range that was U-shaped like a horse shoe. There were three mountains on each side, with one big mountain in the middle. And the valley between them all was massively filled with the countless heaps of gold coins. Then I heard Holy Spirit say, "These are the seven mountains of culture and influence in America, in all the nations of the earth, and the islands of the seas. And the gold coins are the wealth of the nations."

Suddenly, I knew in my spirit that the gold coins once covered the tops of the seven mountains like snow, controlled by the world system. But the Lord had brought great shakings to the earth, causing a series of gold coin landslides, completely covering God's people and the oppressed of the earth in this valley of "low places" below. I knew there had been much shaking of the world systems, and the people and demonic structures that controlled the tops of the mountains had been stripped of their wealth to operate.

Kingdom Conveyor Belts and an Army of Josephs

Stunned at this entire scene, I stood there pondering the ramifications of it all. Suddenly, I noticed a stirring in the valley of gold coins. Then, what looked like big, steel conveyor belt ramps began to grow out the sides of the valley and onto the seven mountains! Stamped on the sides of these conveyor belts was a symbol of Joseph's coat of many colors, with a golden crown over it.

The vision changed again, and I saw a man with a powerful anointing sitting at a big, wooden, executive desk, with a big name plate displayed on the front edge that had the name "JOSEPH" written on it. He wasn't wearing a coat of many colors, but I could see it in his heart. He had pen in hand with the Kingdom checkbook. He was signing checks with big dollar amounts and signing important paperwork. He was dressed like a businessman, in nice but casual attire. As he wrote the checks and signed the Kingdom papers, the conveyor belts all around the valley began moving and growing up the seven mountains.

Then the vision changed, and I could see what was on the conveyor belt ramps up close. They had big, steel bins on hinges between both steel sides of the ramp, like you would see in an ore mining facility. Each black, steel bin was rectangular shaped – about eight feet long, four feet wide and four feet deep – and was filled with gold coins, carrying this great wealth up the mountain. (Photo via Public Domain Pictures)

Suddenly, I saw another man sitting on top of one of the bins of gold coins, wearing a coat of many colors. He was facing uphill with a determined grin on his face that seemed to confidently say, "With the Lord's help, I'm going take this mountain!" Then I saw other 'Josephs' scattered at various levels all over the seven mountains. They had been climbing for a long time, were weary and, at times, had wondered if they were ever going to make it to the top. It was rugged terrain and a hard journey, but they had made progress.

When they saw the conveyor belts moving up the mountains, they ran over and saw the bins of gold coins. Each one thanked and praised the Lord because their promised Kingdom wealth to make it to the top had finally come! So they hopped on top of bins of gold, faced uphill and rejoiced that the ride to the top was now going so much quicker and easier!

I looked down at the bottom of the mountains and could see that some of the bins did not have any gold in them. Instead, they had three or four Josephs in their coats of many colors riding in them, facing uphill for a quick climb to the top. They knew that on the tops of the mountains, there would be lots of gold coins dumping out all around them for what the Lord had called them to do.

Angel Escorts and the Clouds of Encounter

I was amazed to see all this wealth and the Josephs to steward it gradually rising on the conveyor belts above the valley floor. I noticed that clusters of angel escorts had begun to appear around each Joseph. They were going up the mountains to protect and prepare them. The angels were imparting revelation from the Lord on their specific call, and what to do and expect when they got to the top of their mountains. I also could see warring angels on the tops of each of the seven mountains, weakening the principalities and powers who ruled there.

I watched the bins of gold coins with the Josephs on them steadily moving up the seven mountains. At a certain altitude, there were puffs of clouds laying over each conveyor belt. I watched each Joseph go into a cloud on the way up. They disappeared for a while, then emerged out of it as they climbed.

I asked the Holy Spirit what that was and He said, "That's Me. As My Josephs go up these mountains, I take them into encounters with Me for testing, character building and deliverance. In these encounters, I remove the enemy's places of access in them, and I replace the enemy's lies and strongholds with the truth and My inner healing. There are strong, deceptive principalities, powers and demonic structures at the tops of these mountains that have held the people there captive – and brought much corruption, greed and witchcraft to the earth. These Josephs must be prepared by Me and My angels to deal with them in the opposite spirit and close the doors of enemy access to them."

As I pondered this, I watched each Joseph go through several of these clouds on the way up their mountain. As they did, they changed. Their coats of many colors gradually disappeared, and I could now see them in their hearts. They were now dressed in the appropriate attire to take the top of their mountain. Their countenances had changed and were now glowing with the character of the Lord, full of confidence, revelation and healing for the task at hand.

From Demonic Structures to Kingdom Structures

Soon, the bins, full with the many Josephs and cargo of gold coins, got to the tops of the mountains. The Josephs were immediately confronted by the demonic forces that had controlled the tops of these mountains for so long. They thought it would be easy to deceive and control these new leaders, just like they had the other people. But the Josephs responded in the opposite spirit of what the principalities and powers were, and immediately began to take over with the new wealth that came with them. This greatly frustrated the demonic powers, as the Josephs began to dismantle the demonic structures of the world system. Then they set about to build new structures of the Lord's Kingdom way of doing things on that mountain. (Photo via Pexels)

It wasn't long before the whole demonic structure of the seven mountains was dismantled, and God's Kingdom structure was in place. As God's truth and way of doing things began to reign all over each mountain, the demonic powers were displaced by the Lord's Josephs. All the mountains and the whole valley were changed.

The Great Transfer of Wealth

Stepping back, in awe of all this, I could see Jesus standing tall over the mountain in the middle of the range...high above all the seven mountains and the valley. He had His staff in His hand, looking down and presiding over all that was happening. Jesus was orchestrating it all and He was very pleased.

The great transfer of wealth to the Josephs and the Kingdom of God was now taking over all seven mountains of culture and influence: the mountain of government, the mountain of business, the mountain of media, the mountain of arts and entertainment, the mountain of education, the mountain of family and the mountain of religion. I knew by the Spirit that this was happening in America, the nations of the earth, the islands of the seas, and the on the sea itself. There was a great harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God! I also knew that the main force behind all this was the spirit of Elijah to prepare the way of the Lord, and His Bride.

As the vision began to fade, this verse came to mind: "...but the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous" (Proverbs 13:22). Then I heard the Lord say, "A wicked elite has stolen and hoarded great wealth from My people to build a Luciferian one world order. But I am making the avalanche of their wealth ready. Can you hear the cracking giving way on the tops of the seven mountains of the nations? Ask Me for this and then declare and decree it done!"

A Prayer and Decree

So, as sons and daughters of the King, we pray and decree this together (out loud):

Lord, we thank You for this divine set up! Thank You for Your army of Josephs whom You have been preparing to steward the great transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous! America and the world desperately need them! Position Your Josephs where You want them!

So, from where we are seated in Christ Jesus, at the right hand of the Father, we declare and decree:


"You shall also decree a thing, and it shall be established to you..." (Job 22:28)

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Scott Allen

Scott Allen is a prophetic intercessor, writer, teacher and leader who loves prayer walking with God. Years ago, he asked, "What's on Your mind, Holy Spirit?" and his life was changed forever. Visions began to flow, fueling prayer and prophecy to activate Heaven invading Earth. Scott and his wife Karen have given their "yes" to Jesus for many years, taking Scott (as an officer in the Air Force) and Karen all over America; then to China, Brazil and many times to Israel. Scott served on the Georgia State Leadership Team of Christians United for Israel, and currently serves on the board of Reflections of Trinity, a growing, local nonprofit that feeds the poor. The Allens live in Kennesaw, Georgia, raised three sons and now cheer-lead seven grandchildren.

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