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Veronika West: "Watch the Fig Tree in 2023!"

Veronika West
Jan 3, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzAs we've recently said, we have been so encouraged by the prophetic words from God's prophets for this new year.

These recent revelations from Veronika West are no exception. Veronika is a powerful seer and has incredible encounters with the Lord where He shows her so much in the heavenly realm. While reading her is like we are there with her!

God is on the move in ways we haven't seen yet... Here's a most encouraging excerpt from Veronika:

The Captain of angel armies is about to act! Lights! Camera! Action! The curtain is about to lift! The final act is about to unfold before the eyes of all nations! Heaven is about to invade the earth realm!

Steve ShultzWhat a word going into this new year!

Read the rest of Veronika's in-depth insight...knowing that Heaven is moving on our behalf. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Prophetic word received on December 26, 2022:

The Captain of Angel Armies Is About to Act! 

Today was notably different—another defining moment I will never forget. As I entered my prayer closet and began to sit before the Father, I literally felt the burning of the LORD's wrath!

It is hard to explain, but it was as if I was encountering a facet, or a dimension, of His character that I had not encountered before. It was a deep and reverential place; a holy and sacred place. I can only liken it to a court room experience or encounter. But the atmosphere was weighty. The only word to describe what I felt is "imminent."

The Captain of angel armies is about to act! Lights! Camera! Action! The curtain is about to lift! The final act is about to unfold before the eyes of all nations! Heaven is about to invade the earth realm!

I Will Use the Chaldeans! I Will Use the Wicked to Destroy the Wicked!

Then, suddenly, I heard these words: "Watch! For I will use the Chaldeans!"

As I heard this, suddenly I felt the Spirit of the fear of the Lord fall. I can only describe it this way: The moment I heard, "I will use the Chaldeans," I literally saw angels stand to attention! A holy hush fell upon the heavens...a divine, pregnant pause before a powerful demonstration and manifestation of the glory, power and kingly authority of the King of kings on full display. The earth was about to see God do something we have never seen before.

Then I heard the Spirit say, "Watch! For I will use the wicked to destroy the wicked. For an invasion of a greater evil will bring utter devastation to their doors, for they will have nowhere to run and hide. Their time is up, and those who are corrupt will be fully exposed. And from their high and lofty places of self-promotion and self-preservation, they will fall and never recover.

"Listen and pay attention to My word! I say, these are the days of greater shakings—shakings that shall shake the house of the harlot. For these are the days of great trouble—trouble for evil troublers!

"Watch as I use the Chaldeans in the days ahead to bring them to their knees! Ha! For My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts. Am I not the Creator of the heavens and the earth? For your enemies are My enemies; My enemies are your enemies—and the earth is My footstool.

"Watch as My governing hand of justice and judgment moves in this hour; for surely I tell you, the head and neck of the house shall surely be broken, and many will rejoice, shouting, 'Babylon has fallen and shall never recover!'

"Watch as I bring swift and severe destruction to the dynasties of the kingdom of darkness, for My name will be feared among bloodthirsty and evil men; and My name shall be lifted high among the stiff-necked and rebellious nations; and My name shall cause every other name to bow in reverence and worship. My name shall be heard like the sound of ten thousand trumpets among the nations of the earth. For the power of My name in the mouths of My remnant shall strike the earth like a rod of iron, and smash to pieces the thrones of wickedness in high places.

"I say, watch and pray! For My Spirit shall move in strange and unfamiliar ways in the days ahead. Lean not on your own understanding! Look up and stay on higher ground, for that which is to come will cause many to lose hope, if their hope is not found in Me. (Photo via Unsplash)

"For I shall send swarming locusts, and like a strong east wind, they shall blow forth across the lands of the nations to devour the devourer! Yes! I will use the wicked as a mighty weapon to destroy the wicked, and they shall be consumed from within; for I shall put within their wicked hearts a divine dissatisfaction and discontent. The more they have, the more they will need. They will drink and yet remain thirsty. They will eat and stay hungry, and they shall never be filled—nor become satisfied!

"Watch! A tormenting army shall be assigned to them that will cause many to take their own lives. I say again, watch the fig tree in 2023, for it shall be the beginning of a new seven-year cycle.

"Yes, a time of bread and wine...a season unto a great harvest of souls, for a greater outpouring of My Spirit shall be seen.

"Watch! Look to My vineyards, for a new wineskin is now forming over many nations. My remnant is rising to war for divine restoration and recovery in the coming days.

"I tell you the truth: eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it entered into the mind of man what I have prepared and planned for the days ahead!"

Prophetic word received on December 5, 2022:

America: Watch the Fig Tree in 2023!

One week ago, I heard these words while in worship: "Watch the fig tree in 2023. Watch, for even greater exposures and full disclosures will take place in the coming days that will shock the world.

"Yes, I say again: Watch the fig tree in 2023, for divine inspections and supernatural interventions will take place—a year when the manifest power of the spirit of Elijah shall go forth to shake, shake and even break rebellious and stiff-necked nations.

"For, in 2023, My governing hand will move to bring forth a divine distinction, division and separation between that which is holy and that which is defiled. For surely I tell you, My eye will be upon the roots and fruits, and the leaves on the fig tree in 2023; and many will 'see' and be brought to their knees.

"For these are the days when My righteous anger shall burn hot against the proud and the arrogant! I shall not be mocked, but the tables of the money changers shall be overturned, and the merchants shall be driven out of My Father's house!

"I say again: Watch the fig tree in 2023, for then an overturning of the tables and a flipping of the script will take place as My remnant rises to war for divine restoration and recovery; yes, an appointed time of great blessing for the obedient and barrenness for the disobedient; a withering up for the wicked, and signs, wonders and miracles for My righteous remnant!"

Now, as I wrote down what I was hearing, the Spirit of revelation began to speak to me specifically about the fig tree. For the sake of time, I cannot share all that I heard and saw concerning the significance of the fig tree, but we know Jesus cursed a fig tree for its fruitlessness—for not living up to what it appeared to be when it had foliage but no figs. He cursed the roots of that fig tree. Then He entered the Temple and began to drive out those who sold and those who bought in the Temple. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons (Matthew 21:12-13).

So, looking at this sequence of events, God began to show me a prophetic timeline and parallel that I believe we are going to see take place in the season to come. I believe, as we advance into this next seven-year season, prophetically, we are going to see the Spirit of the fear of the Lord moving in a mighty way across the nations of the earth.

Divine Administrators

Some of you may have recently read about a vision I had where I saw divine administrators being released from the heavenly realm into the earth realm to take inventory.

I was shown, by the Spirit of revelation, marked places and marked people. Then I was shown that these divine administrators were commissioned to not just take inventory, but they were mandated to remove the candle stand from places where there was "mixture." (Photo via Unsplash)

Then God spoke these words: "Contaminated wells!"

I was then shown that some of these "marked places" would become habitations/Goshens where God's glory would reside; they would become springs/wells, where great signs, wonders, miracles and revival would begin to take place.

However, I saw other "marked places" being completely dismantled and destroyed! The Spirit has spoken to me many times in the last year about a simultaneous move of His Spirit coming to uproot and tear down; to build and plant!

A few days ago while in prayer, again I heard the Spirit say, "I say again: Watch the fig tree in 2023! For an overturning of the tables and a flipping of the script will take place, as My remnant rises to war for divine restoration and recovery!"

As I heard these words, the Spirit of God reminded me of two powerful, prophetic words. One was concerning a "Donkey Piñata," and was titled, "America: The Curse Will Be Reversed." The other, concerning a bull and a matador, was titled, "Urgent Word for the United States of America!"

While praying about both of these words, the Holy Spirit really had me focus on the one [above] about the bull and the matador. Then I heard Him say, "Watch as I flip the script, for the hunted shall become the hunter!" In that moment, I knew immediately what God was saying: The bull would now become the matador, and the matador would become the bull.

Looking at this through a prophetic lens [in all of these revelations together], I could see the parallels with the cursing of the fig tree, the righteous anger of God in the Temple, and how the tables were overturned and the merchants driven out. The coming visitation of the divine administrators and a simultaneous move of the manifest power of the seven Spirits of God are coming to do a clean sweep. The fires of purification are about to manifest in ways we've never seen before!

Recently, an intercessory friend of mine sent me a video of an Elijah Streams interview. As I took some time to listen to it, the man speaking (Juan O Savin) began to describe, in detail, a brutal bullfight, and how the bull spoke of the kingdom of darkness, and the matador spoke of President Trump and the fight for truth and freedom.

I can honestly say, after listening, I was left undone, because this interview served as powerful confirmation of what the Lord has only just begun to speak to me about, and of what is to come. Take a listen to the interview on Elijah Streams: "Prophets and Patriots" with Juan O Savin and Steve Shultz.

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Veronika West
Ignite Ireland Ministry

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Veronika West has been anointed and appointed by God as a prophetic voice to the nations. Veronika has a heart to see everyone in the Body of Christ fully activated and released in their Kingdom identity, purpose and destiny. Being born and raised in Africa, she also has a passion for deliverance ministry and seeing the hand of God set free the captives that are bound. She enjoys teaching the Word of God through practical application and supernatural impartation. Veronika heads up Ignite Ireland Ministries, and currently teaches a broad range of prophetic truths to those who are actively seeking to walk in deeper realms and dimensions of the prophetic ministry and office. Veronika is married to Andrew West, and together they have two children.

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