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Diana Scimone: "Set the Captives Free! A Rescue Op with Jesus!"

Diana Scimone
Dec 31, 2022

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzThis word is profound...and when we say "profound," we mean it!

God has great plans for you and set the captives free in this new year of 2023.

You are going to receive a glimpse of this in an article from Diana Scimone of Fort Mill, South Carolina. Diana is the president of the Born2Fly Project which stops child trafficking. We've also posted some of Diana's articles on our own Breaking Christian News site.

This is going to be hard to read in some areas, but if you've been watching our Elijah Streams programs, you know we've featured guests who've taken on the subject of child abuse of all kinds, and the horrific truth of child sacrifice that has been going on. God is exposing all of this to us for a reason... He is causing His sons and daughters to rise up in this hour to confront these horrific atrocities of child abuse in all of its forms!

Steve Shultz2023 is going to be a RECORD YEAR of restoration and freedom for we get to set the captives free! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In this with you,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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When I tell people I fight child trafficking, they assume I rescue trafficked kids. The organization I run "Born2Fly" reaches kids before the traffickers do so they never get trafficked in the first place. That's why I've always said to people, "I don't do rescues." BUT a few years ago, the Lord began to show me otherwise. In fact, He started taking me on rescues in the spirit realm, including a very special one just a few days before Christmas of 2021.

A Glimpse Into the Second Heaven

I'm enrolled in MorningStar's School of the Prophets, and during the December 2021 classes, Chris Reed taught on "waiting on the Lord"—sitting quietly, no agenda, no prayers; focusing on Jesus, waiting on Him, and loving on Him.

A few days later, I set aside my week-before-Christmas to-do list, and sat waiting on the Lord. Within a few moments, I saw Jesus take a box of matches, light one, and toss it. Instantly, the flame shot through the ceiling above us, burning to the next floor.

"Is this the second heaven?" I asked Him.

"This is where they're held," He replied (meaning the children). "This is where they're captive. It is his (satan's) domain—but you can pull them out."

Set Free and Held Captive to Him

I remembered what He had once told me about Daniel in the lion's den.

"Daniel and his friends were held by the enemy," I said, "but when You set them free, You led captivity captive, and they became captive to You" (see Ephesians 4:8).

Jesus continued and said that the children we were about to set free would be captive to Him but in a different way, because of what they'd endured.

"They've known the counterfeit so strongly," He explained, "and for so long and so deeply that when they're set free, they know the truth in a way that you cannot. Would you like to see more?" (Photo via Pxhere)

The Counterfeit and the Attacks Against Children

He reached His hand into the fire on the second floor and pulled out a bundle. It was an infant and it looked like he was wrapped in swaddling clothes.

"Do you see how they counterfeit everything?" Jesus asked. "Even My birth. This one has been freed. This one has been tormented" (meaning tortured).

Carefully He unwrapped the swaddling clothes and held the baby to Himself.

As He cuddled him and held him very close, right up to His face, I thought about all the horrific things happening right now to hurt children: trafficking, abuse, gender mutilation, satanic ritual abuse, child goes on and on.

Pulling the Switch

"How long will we endure this?" I asked. "Not us, but the ones being harmed?"

"That answer is up to you," Jesus answered. "It has always been up to man. You can pull the switch any time."

"I will pull the switch then," I said. "In my own realm, and where I am responsible and have authority, I will pull the switch. And I say, no longer will I allow children on my watch to be used as the currency of darkness."

As I said this, I saw a flood coming—a flood of children, a flood of little ones wrapped in swaddling clothes, but they looked like grave clothes.

"Are they still alive?" I asked.

"Yes. They are the ones near death," He answered.

"I remember what You told me—that You swoop in at the last moment to save them, to rescue them, to take them to Yourself before the enemy can capture them for himself." (I was specifically referring to the ones about to be sacrificed.)

"I do this over and over," Jesus said, "for all of them. The enemy is furious. Not one has been lost to him. He keeps thinking it will change, but it will not. I hold the seal to Heaven and Hell, not him. Not one of these precious ones will be lost. Thank you for participating in this rescue operation for yet one more."

God's Rescue Operation and a Christmas Gift

He handed the baby to me. "Wrap him. Care for him. And return him to the proper ones."

"To his parents?" I asked. "They think he's dead, don't they? They'll be astonished when he's returned to them. Will he be the same age as when he was stolen?" (Photo via Public Domain Pictures)

"In the blink of an eye, they won't even realize the difference."

"Will I know who they are?" I asked.

"Of course."

I took the child and had no idea where to go. I heard "eye dropper," so I put little drops of something into his eyes to remove the memory and effects of all he'd been through. I knew Jesus could easily have done that Himself but He was letting me participate in his healing.

I looked around, not knowing where to go, and I saw a couple. It was dark all around us but I could see they were frantic and looking for their child. I handed them their son. They didn't even see me but started screaming that he was back in their arms.

"You could have rescued this child Yourself," I said to Jesus, "but You let me do it. It was a gift from You. A Christmas gift."

It's Time to Set the Captives Free

That was not the first rescue op that Jesus took me on, or the last. There have been many before and since. Some were trafficked children. Some were adults held captive by addictions and other chains. Some were children about to be sacrificed. Every rescue has been different.

I've stopped saying, "I don't do rescues," because apparently I do. And you can too. It's time to set the captives free.

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Diana Scimone, President
The Born2Fly Project to Stop Child Trafficking

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Diana Scimone is president of the Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking, which she founded in 2003. She is a former independent journalist and has traveled to more than 40 countries, including Sudan, Zimbabwe, and numerous trips to China reporting for Charisma, World, Open Doors, and many other organizations. She is author of 17 books including Audacious and Born to Fly. Diana is a member of MorningStar Fellowship Church and is ordained through MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries.

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