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Can God and science save your memory?

The Elijah List
Sep 18, 2022

What do you do when the tragedy of memory loss hits your family?

Memory loss gets in the way of the future you want, even in its mildest forms. It damages relationships, productivity and confidence.

Vivolor's founder searched for solutions when her mother was devastated by dementia. She prayed God would show her the solution to memory loss! She quit her job and applied her pharmacy degree, Harvard MBA and 30 years' experience developing new healthcare products. After many divine encounters, attending scientific lectures, poring over the medical research, and praying, Vivolor's founder created Vivolor® Memory Support.

Vivolor believes in science. Vivolor believes in miracles. We believe that science, faith and miracles are completely compatible. And we seek healings that give God the glory.

Many people believe the myth that there is nothing you can do about memory loss. Those who know what to do have seen that 95% of memory loss can be prevented. Vivolor teaches many actions that improve memory and can help prevent dementia. Taking a powerful supplement is an important piece of the solution.

Vivolor Memory Support is a mega-supplement with 5-20 times more brain enhancing ingredients than any other brain booster. All ingredients are natural, things God made. It is premium quality, made in the USA and has benefited many people. Even our name is intended to give God the glory. "Vivo" means living and "Lor" is from Lord, so the company is literally Living Lord Therapeutics!

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One customer independently wrote 3 books about award-winning Vivolor Memory Support!

Dr Johnson's 3rd book was written after taking Vivolor daily for 1 year. He observed 50 different aspects of his life that were measurably improved!!

See others who had great results as well at Testimonials. Vivolor has helped those with normal memory, mild issues and severe memory loss.

Memory issues don't start when you notice your forgetfulness. The pathology started many decades earlier with changes in your brain. So don't wait. Act now!

Memory loss is a plague or tsunami that is increasingly common and at risk of overtaking our society with the aging of the population.

Stay in tip-top shape even as you age. Start now investing in your memory.

Get Vivolor Memory Support!

Have peace of mind and the future of your dreams.

Enter promo code EL for 25% off.

Vivolor prays that God's glory rests on every pill and for signs and wonders and supernatural healings that go beyond the powerful science.

Feel free to contact us if we can be of service. I hope you will join our mission and pray that the mountain of memory loss falls into the sea!

Bless you,

Susan P Gibson RPh MBA CC CFNC
President – Vivolor Therapeutics Inc
650 243-7135

For More Information:

650 243-7135 |

30 day guarantee

For a list of ingredients for these products, click here and here.

Note: You will not be ordering this item from The Elijah List. Your order will be processed on Vivolor site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

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