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Andrew Towe: "This Is a Season of My Transfer"

Andrew Towe
Aug 25, 2022

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzWe would say many of you have been waiting for this NOW word from Andrew Towe to come to pass.

In challenging circumstances that surround us and our nation, it looks like the enemy has won at many angles...but this is simply NOT so!

Not only is God restoring what the enemy has stolen, but He is crowning you in many ways as well.

Here is just a piece of a word from the Lord through Andrew:

I also heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "You are about to experience the biggest breakthrough of your life, and you will recover all that the enemy has taken."

Steve ShultzDoes that seem too over the top? No, not for our God...WHO wants to do this for you! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)


Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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I recently had a vision of a majestic crown being removed from someone's head and placed on the head of another. I was reminded of the scripture, "But God is the judge: He putteth down one, and setteth up another" (Psa. 75:7, KJV).

And the Lord said to me, "This is a season of My transfer. I am crowning those who have been hidden, and they will now rise to the forefront. It is harvest time. I am separating the tares from the wheat. Vindication is coming to those who have dodged the spears of envy and the javelins of jealousy. I am placing the crown of My favor upon their heads."

A Season of Significant Exposure, Advancement and Acceleration

Moreover, He said, "There is significant exposure coming along with My divine shifting. The shaking is because of My shifting. DO NOT FEAR! Spiritual and political leaders will continue being removed as I shift My people into the season of ADVANCEMENT and ACCELERATION. Do not be afraid. Keep your gaze upon Me as I lead you. The burning ones will be raised up to new places of authority. The crown of power and position will be stripped from those who have refused to heed My voice."

Vengeance Is Mine ‚Äď I Will Repay!

Observe what the Lord said to Saul, king of Israel: "This is what the Lord of Heaven's Armies has declared: I have decided to settle accounts with the nation of Amalek for opposing Israel when they came from Egypt. Now go and completely destroy the entire Amalekite nation..." (1 Sam. 15:2-3, NLT). (Photo via Flickr)

The King James Version reads, "...I remember that which Amalek did to Israel..." (1 Sam. 15:2). God has also not forgotten how the enemy attacked you in a moment when you were weak, and He has ordered judgment against him. "...Vengeance is Mine; I will repay..." (Heb. 10:30, ESV).

A Shifting of Kings

Saul was king of Israel and ordered the destruction of all the Amalekites, but he spared Agag, the king of the Amalekites. Saul and the people also took riches out of the Amalekite nation, which was supposed to be completely destroyed (1 Sam. 15:3). He stood in the way of God's vengeance against the enemy. The prophet Samuel confronted Saul regarding his blatant disobedience to God. Saul blamed the people. He was more concerned with man's approval than God's approval.

"And Samuel said to him, 'The LORD has torn the kingdom of Israel from you today and has given it to someone else‚ÄĒone who is better than you.'" (1 Sam. 15:28, NLT)

God stripped the kingdom from Saul that day, and the anointing lifted from him. Like then, in this current season of exposure and shaking, God is shifting. Furthermore, the Lord spoke to me, saying that He is shifting gears in this hour, for a vehicle must shift gears to accelerate in speed.

Hidden Ones, Get Ready for Your Unveiling!

Saul was genuinely anointed by God at one time, but his pride destroyed him. His disobedience cost Saul the anointing, his position and eventually his life. But God had found a man after His own heart who would become king in Saul's stead. David had been hidden in the shepherd's field, seeking after God.

Just like David, many of you have been hidden too. God is telling you to get ready for your unveiling. Unlike Saul, because you care more about the Lord's presence than a position or the praise of man, you will rise to a new authority.

The Biggest Breakthrough of Your Life and a Season to Recover All

I also heard the Spirit of the Lord say, "You are about to experience the biggest breakthrough of your life, and you will recover all that the enemy has taken.

It was recorded in the book of 1 Samuel that David and his men returned to their camp, Ziklag, to discover it was burned by fire. David learned that it was the Amalekites who committed this dastardly act upon him and his men, the very people whom God had ordered Saul to destroy. Unfortunately, some of you have been reaping the consequences of the decisions of a previous generation.

David sought the Lord for guidance. The Lord's instruction is the secret weapon for every Believer. God said, "...Pursue: for thou shalt surely overtake them, and without fail recover all" (1 Sam. 30:8, KJV). God is declaring to you the same today: "Generational curses and the spirit of failure are broken off you. You are more than a conqueror. You will recover all!"

"David got back everything the Amalekites had taken, and he rescued his two wives. Nothing was missing: small or great, son or daughter, nor anything else that had been taken. David brought everything back. He also recovered all the flocks and herds, and his men drove them ahead of the other livestock. 'This plunder belongs to David!' they said." (1 Sam. 30:18-20, NLT) (Photo via Snappy Goat)

This is a season of recovery. You will see everything that seemed lost or stolen be returned, and you will possess the spoils of the enemy. The Lord will reward you, as He did David, for your obedience!

You Will Pass the Test

Ironically, it was an Amalekite who came to David to report Saul's death, saying to him, "...I took the crown that was upon his head, and the bracelet that was on his arm, and have brought them hither unto my lord" (2 Sam. 1:10, KJV).

It is noteworthy that the Amalekite who stripped Saul of his crown and signet bracelet was from the nation that Saul had been ordered to destroy completely.

"'Why were you not afraid to kill the LORD'S anointed one?' David asked. Then David said to one of his men, 'Kill him!' So the man thrust his sword into the Amalekite and killed him." (2 Sam. 1:14-15, NLT)

When the test came before David, he did not spare the Amalekite as Saul had spared King Agag. David passed the test, and you, too, will pass the test. You are being crowned with Lord's favor while judgment is being dispensed upon your enemy.

God's supernatural transfer has already begun. Claim it today!

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Andrew Towe
Ramp Church Chattanooga 

Andrew Towe is an emerging prophetic voice to this generation! Andrew preaches the Word of God with fire, inviting God's manifested presence to fall, with signs and wonders occurring in his services. He has also authored a new book titled, "The Triple Threat Anointing." Andrew and his wife Brooke are the lead pastors of Ramp Church Chattanooga, and they reside in Chattanooga, TN along with their two children. Andrew travels extensively, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Wherever he ministers, lives are changed, faith is strengthened, and expectation is ignited.

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