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Hank Kunneman: "A Call to the Watchmen: Stand Against the 'August of Storms'"

Hank Kunneman
Aug 11, 2022

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve ShultzThe prophetic words Hank Kunneman just released in June and July are so, so powerful!

I appreciate Hank and his team releasing these NOW words as they are for the Body of Christ to pray into, and to be encouraged in all that God is doing.

Hank prophesied this word on July 24, 2022 about the month of August:

"Therefore, I call to the watchmen; I call to those who kneel, those who stand, those who pray: Watch your month of August, for the enemy has sought and has spoken from the very places of Hell, and he has said, 'This shall be the month of August of Storms.'"

Steve Shultz

Even in this very week of August, we are seeing this happen before our very eyes.

We encourage you to read the rest of Prophet Hank's words from the Lord. Let's rise up, watchmen, and pray against the enemy's storms that we are seeing! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Praying with you,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Great Changes and a Silver Era of Redemption

Read this prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on July 24, 2022, where the Spirit of the Lord calls for His watchmen and intercessors to stand in the gap to pray against storms in the month of August, and for a divine delay to disrupt the plans of the enemy concerning the mid-term elections.

Watch as God will continue to use the Supreme Court to carry out divine justice and righteousness across the land, and as swift changes take place among leaders and governmental authorities across nations. We are entering into a silver era of redemption!

Word of the Lord through Hank Kunneman given on July 24, 2022 at 9:00 AM:

At the Shore of the Red Sea

"There was a moment in time when a nation stood at the very shore of the Red Sea – the nation of Israel – and yet they had a pursuing army. And some of the nation of Israel looked and said, 'It would've been better for us to have died in Egypt,' for they did not see that right before them, in a moment of time, would be great change that would come to establish My promise and My will concerning them as a people and as a nation.

"I speak this at this time," says the living God, "because this nation has stood in a place where it seems as though the enemy has had the upper hand. The pursuit and the harshness of the hand of the enemy has been great, and there are those who have doubted, and they have looked and asked, 'God, when shall You respond?'

"You say this because you do not understand that even as I did with Pharaoh and his army, I set a trap for them, as I lured them into the waters. I have set a trap for many in the earth, and they will be caught. They will be tried. They will be found guilty. They will be brought to justice as My righteousness and justice shall prevail. 

"I speak this analogy – of the journey of Israel at their moment, when it looked like it would not change. Yet great changes came as there was a parting of the Red Sea, and there was a deliverance that was brought to the nation of Israel.

"Listen will look as though things are darker for just a little longer. And they will speak about your water; they will speak about your food; they will speak even about your power. But," God says, "watch, for suddenly there shall be a swift and drastic change that shall cause shock and awe to the earth. And great changes shall be [in] the future season that I'm bringing this nation and My people into.

An "August of Storms" and a Call to the Watchmen

"Therefore, I call to the watchmen; I call to those who kneel, those who stand, those who pray: Watch your month of August, for the enemy has sought and has spoken from the very places of Hell, and he has said, 'This shall be the month of August of Storms.'

"Will you allow darkness to arise at the expense of the enemy's hand? Will you allow there to be the manipulating of the weather patterns to 'rise' up storms, to come and to affect this nation, and to bring great winds, great destruction, great devastation, great distraction before your midterms?"  (Photo via Pxfuel)

God says, "You have the power, you have the authority, you have the agreement to speak a season of shalom and peace to that which the enemy is desiring to bring by the way of storms.

"For I speak to My watchmen, and I say to you, 'Stand in a place where you understand that at your words – your words – you can stand in the spirit of Elijah and you can say, "It shall not rain; it shall rain. This shall happen; this shall not happen." And so,'" God says, "'I call you to speak forth a divine delay that shall come at your words.'

A Divine Disruption, a 'Shake Up' and a Ruling in God's Supreme Court

"I have a plan; I have an agenda. I am looking in My agenda to bring a divine disruption that shall bring a divine delay that shall cause those who want to steal your freedoms, and even your election, to pause and say, 'What do we do now?'

"I have ruled from My Supreme Court, and I will use your Supreme Court, and you will see that what I have ruled shall now be reflected in the courts of your land – even at the highest levels," says the Lord. "This is the time that kings, leaders and many are being brought before Me."

God says, "You will see more 'shake up' in Europe, and then you will see it in South America and through Central America. You will see some step down [and] others forcefully removed; others will be removed by the way of death. And you will see this begin to come even into North America – swift changes among those who rule by way of governmental rule and authority.

A Silver Era of Redemption

"I am the one that is setting a new era. I am the one that is bringing new faces Рthat righteousness and justice may be the plan of not a golden era, but a silver era of redemption." (To watch this full prophecy click here.)

Global Revolution without Bloodshed and a Great Pushback Rising Out of the Nations

Read this powerful prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on July 13, 2022, concerning a global pushback by the masses in the earth. It has been prophetically declared that as the agenda of the enemy is beginning to crumble, the newspapers will begin to record and write the very things that God's people have been praying and declaring: a cry for global freedom, liberty and a 'put it back' movement for righteousness and justice!

God is bringing a global freedom by way of exposure, and whistleblowers who shall speak truth about the things that have been done in secret to try to prevent liberty. That which has been done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops to expose the evil plots, but also to celebrate what will be decided in the courts to bring a divine reversal which will release this nation into the new era that He has promised!

Prophetic Words [parts one and two] given by Pastor Hank Kunneman on July 13, 2022 at 7pm at Lord of Hosts Church:

Part One: A Pushback and Global Freedom

"As men begin to push back – as people begin to push back – there shall be a pushback across the earth against controlling spirits, [the] Marxist agenda [and] new world order. There shall be a pushback of the freedom that shall rise up, rise up, rise up out of the people all across the earth. There shall be a rising up from the people of the earth, and they will push back, and they will stand for the freedoms.

"Can a revolution take place – a global revolution take place – that is not with global bloodshed?" Come on, the Spirit of God is asking us a question. "Can there be, do you believe, a global revolution without global war/global bloodshed?" says the Spirit of God.

"I speak to you and tell you that there shall be a 'rising' among the nations of a pushback. For men are asking, 'What does freedom look like?' As they cry out in their countries, they're about to see it.

"Some say, 'What does millions of people look like all in one place?' You are about to see it, as there's pushback that begins to arise – you will see on the screens throughout the nations; and it will begin to gather even in you, United States, that the masses shall begin to gather, and they will say, 'We have had enough. We've had enough. We've had enough!' And they'll raise their hands, and this is what they will say from their mouth, 'We have had enough.'"

"Begin to pray in the Holy Ghost. I want you to begin to 'forerun' it out right now in the spirit realm. There shall be a global pushback, and the decree shall be, 'We've had enough.' You will see that word written in the newspapers and different languages – 'We have had enough!'" (Photo via Flickr)

God says, "Mark it down. Come on, birth it out right now. Begin to pray in the Holy Ghost that the newspapers will record and write what you are praying out, and that is global freedom. [It is] not global control of a new world order," the Spirit of God says, "but it is global freedom.

"I see shall arise in you, South America. It shall arise in you, Central America. It shall arise in you, Brazil. It shall arise in you, Venezuela. It shall arise in you – over Europe. There shall be a freedom that arises in you, Ukraine. How about you, Canada, Australia [and] United States?

"'We have had enough' shall be their statement; it shall be a banner waved. They shall wave banners that say, 'We've had enough,' and it shall mark the global freedom that I am bringing, so that I may demonstrate My glory," says the Spirit of the living God." (To watch part one of this prophecy click here.)

Part Two: Blowing the Whistle on Secrets Hidden in Darkness

"Do you hear the sound in the spirit realm? Their agenda is beginning to crumble." The Spirit of God says, "Do you know that they speak of whistleblowers? But I've got news for those in the earth: I am the one that has blown the whistle on their agenda. Therefore, watch the accusations that they have brought against the one who they say they beat in an election. I speak of Donald Trump," says the Lord. "Ha! Watch what I do to raise up the sound of those on that day who shall blow their cover. And they shall be whistleblowers that shall bring the whole thing down, down, down, down, down, down, down! Their agendas shall crumble, their hearings shall backfire and they shall look foolish."

God says, "Can I cause a donkey to speak? Watch what I do when I shall have even some who sided with the Donkey Party – they're going to start talking, and they're going to reveal just what took place not only upon the night of your election and thereafter," God says, "but even on their supposed insurrection of January 6th. Because I'm going to not only bring global freedom, I'm going to bring freedom to many things that they have said were true, but they are lying. Therefore, watch Me shred it [and] blow their cover. And watch as there will be many voices now that will speak and will expose him, and the true insurrectionist will be brought to justice."

I hear the sound of global freedom. I hear the sound of the Spirit of God moving across the earth. Who do you fear? Some trust in horses, some trust in chariots, but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God [Psalm 20:7].

"Some have said in this time, 'God, why are you taking so long?'" The Lord says, "You sound like the children of Israel when they turned and looked behind them, and they saw the pursuing army of Pharaoh and the Egyptian army, and they thought that they were going to die and that somehow I had forsaken them or brought judgment to them. Yet," the Lord says, "who was the one that lured them into the water – the Red Sea? It was the work of My hand. I set a trap." And the Lord says, "Do you understand now that there have been many traps that have been set? And this that I speak of – even of January 6th: you will see that I've set a trap, and the trap is [that] one shall open their trap, and they'll blow the whistle on the whole thing.

"Can I tell you a secret?" says the living God. "Listen to Me. In My Word it says that which has been done in secret shall be brought to the light [Luke 8:17]. This is the day and this is the hour that I speak of; but that which has been spoken, that which has been done in secret, shall be shouted upon the housetops."

And God says, "Yes, men rejoice because immediately they think, Lord, You speak of the evil that has been done. And yes, there have been things that have been done in secret, spoken in secret and decided in secret that have been meant to harm and to steal your freedoms. Yes, I will shout it from the rooftops, but listen to Me: this is not the only thing that has been done and spoken in secret that shall be shouted and celebrated in the earth."

God says, "Watch the courts of your land, United States. There have been secret meetings. There have been secret discussions and there have been decisions concerning laws and concerning things about your 2020 election that shall now come to the light and be shouted as a victory to those who have stood in this land for truth!" says the living God. (Photo via Flickr)

God says, "I speak not only of many courts in your land, but I speak this word: a 'supreme' thing it is. I speak of your Supreme Court." God says, "Watch what shall be brought forth that shall bust the agenda of the enemy and release this nation into the freedoms, into the new era and [in]to the reset that I have promised," says the living God! (To watch part two of this prophecy click here.)

God Has Adopted This Generation for His Harvest!

Read this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on June 26, 2022, where the Lord declared that the spirit of adoption is being released across the United States! God is gathering this generation of children as part of the harvest that He has promised His Son, Jesus Christ!

God is roaring with vengeance against the enemy and will show His justice and righteousness in a way that we have never seen before! Continue to stand in faith and agreement as we enter into the hour and the season of the Great Awakening!

Prophetic Word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman on June 26, 2022 at 9am Sunday Service at Lord of Hosts Church:

Overturning and Abolishing Laws

"Do you hear My sound?" says the living God. "It is the sound from My throne that I have stepped this time. Therefore, listen closely. There has been an overturning of your laws," and God says, "this shall continue, one after another, until I restore freedoms to this nation...that you have have fasted have desired." And God says, "It shall go from overturning to being abolished in this land. For I am roaring with My vengeance against the enemy...and I shall show My justice and My righteousness in a way that you have not seen before."

The Spirit of Adoption

"Therefore, open your eyes...look closely. It is," says the living God, "the spirit of adoption that is now being released upon this land. I have adopted this generation of children; they are Mine, and it is the harvest that I promised My Son.

"Therefore, not only is it an adoption...that I've arrested this generation...that you watch how I move through the schools, through the universities, through your law books, through your television screens, through your internets," God says, "for the sake of the children that I have adopted. "But pay attention," God says, "it also represents the great awakening that shall come from those who shall now walk upon this land Рthis generation that's been adopted. 'We're on the inside,' they shall cry out, 'Abba Father,' Рthose who've been adopted into the Kingdom of God. Do you understand the hour? Do you understand the day that is upon you? This is why I say: Do not fear." (To watch this prophecy click here.)

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Hank and Brenda Kunneman
One Voice Ministries


Hank and Brenda Kunneman pastor the Lord of Hosts Church, a thriving church in Omaha, Nebraska, and are the founders of One Voice Ministries. Together, the Kunneman's also host their own nationally and internationally televised weekly program, New Level with Hank and Brenda, airing on Daystar Television Network, Victory Television Network, and Faith Broadcasting Network. Pastor Hank has also authored several books including Prophesy with the Wind of God in Your Mouth, My Heart Cries Abba Father, The Revealer of Secrets, Don't Leave God Alone, and Barrier Breakers. Pastor Brenda is a published author with both Destiny Image and Charisma House with her most recent books being The Daily Decree, The Daily Prophecy, Roadmap to Divine Direction, Decoding Hell's Propaganda, The Supernatural You, and When Your Life Has Been Tampered With.

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