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Mandy Adendorff: "God Is Aligning the Generations - From Elijah to Elisha"

Mandy Adendorff
Jul 29, 2022

Intro From Brian Simmons:

Steve Shultz

Mandy Adendorff is incredible! Not only is she a gifted and anointed artist, but she carries a powerful grace of the Holy Spirit to bring people into encounters and a deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Mandy writes with passion and fire from the Holy Spirit. Her life testifies of God's favor and wisdom. I know you'll enjoy Mandy's insights! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Brian Simmons
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The Alignment of Generations

God measures time in many ways. We may use calendars and other means, but God also sees time through the lens of generational timelines. The timing of significant biblical revivals and movements of God were usually preceded by the time pointers that shift history – genealogies. Though there are always natural signs that precede revivals, revivals are not subject to natural elements of time but to the alignments of generations. We are actually called to speed up the increase of His Kingdom and His coming by the way we posture our lives, and it happens through the passing of mantles from one generation to another.

All Eyes on the Elderly Fathers and Mothers

In 2018, I had a significant dream which strongly implied that the current elderly generation was carrying revival. In my dream, the revival was not fully manifest in them, but it would burst out at the passing of their mantles to the next generation. It was as if the precious mantles that were faithfully carried by the fathers would catalyze as the sons caught them. (Note: "Fathers" and "sons" represent both mothers and fathers; sons and daughters.)

The prodigal son, though he was given an inheritance, didn't understand its value and therefore lost it. Those who are alive now are standing on the edge of history with the possibility of inheriting and stewarding a kind of revival never seen before. The elderly fathers and mothers are carrying a seed which has come of age that we must recognize.

In my dream, the mantle was given to the next generation by the Spirit and not by the will of man. It felt as if the spirits of the sons were aligned with the spirits of the fathers. I woke with a sense that in order for the mantles to pass, something very practical would be required from the younger generation – value and compassion for their fathers.

The Precious Oil Flows from the Grand Generation

There is precious oil flowing from our grandmas and grandpas. Grandparents have a grand vision and perspective of life. Not only have they experienced more of history, but they have also carried us, their children. They have suffered for us, warred for us and have been spent for us. God holds that very dear as He Himself is a Father acquainted with the pain of fatherhood. He has bestowed insight onto the Grand Generation, and a precious anointing, like oil that has been pressed through time, pain, faith and perseverance. These fathers (and mothers) carry a mantle that we are supposed to inherit, but we must be positioned properly to receive these mantles.

The precious oil described in Psalm 133 is a picture of the anointing on the head of a priestly grandfather that flows down like oil and touches that which is most closely connected to him – his beard and garments. This mantle does not transfer to the younger generation through a special ceremony, but it flows naturally to those in proximity, like oil flows down onto everything in its path. We align ourselves to the fathers simply by being sons – by covering and caring for them practically, by holding them in high esteem, by being teachable and by valuing the wisdom and glory that God has given them. (Photo via Public Domain Pictures)

It is required that we have mercy and care for our fathers, not because we want to share their mantles, but because we love as sons. This is not rocket science, it's the natural order of life that God has set in place, and there is a reward for staying aligned with God's natural order. We could seek for this great promised revival by crying out and pleading like orphans, but revival is the inheritance of sons.

Elijah and Elisha

Mantles are not passed simply because a father or son desire it; there is a positioning of both hearts that creates the space for the transition. The passing of mantles is a process that requires alignment, which happens through a heart connection that builds over time.

Elijah and Elisha experienced a powerful passing of a mantle at Elisha's transition, but Elijah had been passing his mantle onto Elisha from the time they started their relationship. The passing of mantles takes time and is often a hidden and precious process!

Mass Mantles

Our grandparents are carrying the weight of a mass of revival mantles that are our inheritance. These mantles begin to pass from one generation to another while both generations are living. It's like the moment in a relay race when both runners are holding the baton together in trust.

In my dream, the fathers represented both natural and spiritual fathers (and mothers). Even the unbelieving fathers are part of this narrative. It is certainly easier to have mercy, love and respect for fathers who carry their mantles well, but we are in a season where God is releasing inheritances from ungodly fathers too, and we are required to value and have mercy on all fathers, even the those who have been unfaithful. Their generational blessing is supposed to be inherited by the sons of God.

It's vital that we carry the loins of mercy, love and compassion if we are to recognize what the Spirit is doing and inherit the mantles that we are supposed to.

What's Mercy Got to Do with It?

The Pharisees and Sadducees couldn't inherit the revival that Jesus brought to them because they exchanged sacrifice for mercy; they understood a life of religious sacrifice but they lost their humanity. These were the men who prayed and fasted and probably had a sense of connection with God in some way, but because they lacked mercy, they could not be moved when Jesus healed broken people. And, alas, they failed to recognize Jesus but condemned Him instead, and couldn't inherit His mantle.

Jesus describes why they could not recognize Him in Matthew 12:7: "If you had known what these words mean, 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice,' you would not have condemned the innocent." They thought they were going to inherit God's Kingdom through their sacrifice and service, but Jesus needed them to be fully human, discerning their own weakness; thus having mercy for others in their hour of need.

The Same Wind Is Both Terrifying and Peaceful

I recently spoke with two separate women who had very similar dreams. In both dreams the women were in a church, and they saw violent winds outside. The church in these dreams didn't represent buildings but Christ, and the roaring wind was the Spirit of the coming revival. Take note: revivals are usually preceded by demonic winds too. These winds try to prevent what God is about to do. There are winds currently blowing that are not from God, but His unrivaled wind is the strong wind that is and will rearrange things, bringing in heavenly order. Revival is not always pleasant because it is a combination of uprooting and rebuilding. The rebuilding is pleasant, but the uprooting – not so much!

In one of the woman's dreams, those outside the church were trying to anchor themselves in things like chairs and cars and news station vans, but the wind swept everything up. Everything outside of Christ was powerless in the force of the wind. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

In the other woman's dream, people were standing on the porch of the church thinking they were safe, and the older woman urged them to come inside because they wouldn't be protected by staying on the outskirts. The moves of God are either refreshing or terrifying, depending on our position in the wind. The person who is fully in Jesus is in the eye of the hurricane where there is stillness, safety and peace, but to those outside the eye, the wind cannot be rivaled.

The Middle Generation: The Golden Bridge

In one of the woman's dreams, two women were interceding in the church for the people outside who were in the wind storm. While they prayed, a younger intercessor was caring for an older intercessor's needs as they battled spiritually together. As she cared for the older woman and prayed, she simultaneously held onto a young girl. Three generations were aligned to one assignment. The middle generation aligned herself with both generations by practically caring for both while they warred together. This is how mantles are passed – on the battlefield of life, not necessarily at death.

The generation in the middle are those who are watching the elderly fathers while they simultaneously raising up the younger generation. They stand as a golden bridge between the generations, receiving precious mantles from fathers and stewarding them between the generations.

The Lord Has Not Forgotten You!

If you are the Middle Generation, you are a vital part in this transfer of mantles. You are working hard, and it's your season to plant and reap at the same time. As you selflessly pour your life into both your sons and your fathers, you are creating a space for the Lord's glory to rest.

The middle generation is the glue that will steward a mantle of revival between the young and the old. Your humble position will be exalted as you eat the fruit of a harvest one generation could never have planted or reaped on its own. Your God-breathed dreams could never have been accomplished alone. It's your season to shine, but in a more influential and fulfilling way than you expected. Take courage, the Lord has not forgotten you!

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Mandy Adendorff
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Mandy Adendorff is a visual artist, author, prophet and founder of Firehouse Supernatural Schools. The trajectory of her life was dramatically altered when she had an encounter with Jeshua Messiah at the age of fifteen. Being an orthodox Jew, Mandy kept her faith a secret until receiving the courage to share her faith with her family. She has not stopped preaching and demonstrating the good news of the kingdom at home and abroad for over thirty years. In 1998 Mandy, her husband Stuart and their two daughters immigrated from South Africa to Connecticut where they lead in business and ministry.

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