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Brad Pauquette: You know America's next Christian writer

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Jun 14, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

God is calling writers to change the American media. The media can only exist because God fathomed it at the creation of the world and intends it for His glory.

If you look at our media culture today, it may be difficult to believe that. But God is raising up a new generation of disciples who are specifically commissioned to write new content and transform the American media. It is our opportunity and privilege as Christians to see this day.

Chances are good that you know a writer who you can see is gifted and called to create stories that honor God. (Maybe it's you!) You see it, but, like anyone, they're going to need help to step into the full measure of their calling. We all need training and support! Media is a complex industry, and it requires special knowledge and skills to be successful.

At the School of Kingdom Writers, we're training Christian writers to absolutely kick butt in the media. We are training writers to exceed the quality and expertise of their secular counterparts. We are at war, and we are training the special forces.

Here's the problem for an aspiring writer today. If a writer wants to be trained, the world offers only two options and neither one is any good.

They can spend 4-7 years at a university and pay tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for a degree that still doesn't get them any closer to their goal. Worse still, they're going to be taught by atheists, humanists, and new age pagans who will do everything they can to "educate" a young writer's faith right out of them.

The best case scenario on this path is that an aspiring writer will lose time, money, and possibly their faith. At the end of it all, they'll be able to bore you to death talking about Jane Eyre, but won't have ever written a novel or know how to get a publishing contract.

As a second option, an aspiring writer can muddle through advice they find on the Internet and join groups and conferences. This is time consuming, expensive, and after a decade or more, very few are successful.

Ironically, by all reliable estimates, less than 1 in a 1,000 people who take either one of these paths will actually end up as a professional writer.

The School of Kingdom Writers is different. Our program was created by publishing industry professionals to give aspiring Christian writers the real tools, skills, and confidence they need to make serious headway as professional writers in today's market.

We work with writers to improve their craft, we teach them all about the media and publishing industry, and we disciple them spiritually—connecting them powerfully with the living and active Holy Spirit.

We don't waste any time with high-minded theory and antiquated hoops to jump through. This is practical, hands-on, learning-by doing education. Students are directly mentored by real professionals who have proven they know what it takes to succeed.

Classes are small and individualized. Much of the instruction is one-on-one.

Our next full-time cohort begins this fall. Space is limited, but we still have seats left.

We need your help. You are receiving this email today for a reason. Will you share this program with a writer who is ready (or needs a little encouragement) to take a big step into their calling?

It's simple, just forward them this email or send them this easy link:

This opportunity could change someone's life. This kind of support and training could be the difference maker in their life. Imagine, they may affect millions with the light and love of Jesus Christ through their work because of the connection that you make today!

I mean this quite seriously. Simply by forwarding this email or sending a quick message, you may be the critical link in the chain that brings millions to repentance! It may seem silly, but you truly could be connecting the next C.S. Lewis, Frank Peretti, or Francine Rivers with the mentorship he or she needs to do this the right way.

The link to share is simple:

Will you take 30 seconds right now and invite someone to check out this program? That 30 seconds might be the best investment you've ever made.

And if you are an aspiring writer, we want you to check it out, too! Our students come from all over the world, from all backgrounds, of all ages. If you'd like to chat, please send me an email personally at

God will be glorified through the media, with or without us. I'm so glad He's invited us to play our part. Thank you for joining us on this important battlefront.

-Brad Pauquette
Founder, School of Kingdom Writers

P.S. There's one more way you can help. In order to keep our tuition reasonable for the writers we are training and sending out, we rely on the support of brothers and sisters who believe in a redeemed American media. Will you help? Learn more and give here.

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