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The devil came in person to steal his destiny, and lost

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May 17, 2022


When I learned this INCREDIBLE SUPERNATURAL STORY from Peter J. Daniels, it made the hair on my arms stand up! Literally!

If you've ever wondered whether the dark side has a clue about your destiny and tries to intervene, read this now...

For those who don't know, Peter Daniels is an extremely wealthy Australian who began life as a third-generation welfare recipient. In 1959, at age 26, as an illiterate bricklayer, he committed his life to Christ and things took a dramatic turn.

From that point on, he had two goals in life... (1) To see how much money one person could give away in their lifetime and (2) Create a Christian impact that would change the world for 300 years!

He's done magnificently with both!

But shortly after his conversion, not knowing exactly where he fit into God's plan, an event occurred that was so unusual and horrific to him, that he rarely talks about it.

He and his wife were asleep in bed when he was disturbed by the sense that someone else was in the room. As he awoke, he could smell a stale, awful stench.

Looking towards the bedroom door, he saw a slight mist, and through it, quite clearly, he saw a satanic being that was grotesque and yet transparent. It was disappearing and reappearing, sinister and changing in appearance, while moving towards him and then backing away.

As a new Christian, this engendered unimaginable terror. This was no dream. It was real! He was fully awake and terrified!

With his wife still sleeping, he jumped out of bed to resist this hideous creature, which turned to mist and then disappeared.

He was so sure the devil had come to take his soul, that he slept with the light on for quite some time after that.

But the next day...

Peter went to work as a bricklayer, where his younger brother David also worked. Something was very different about David. The normally outgoing young man was distant and kept to himself, very obviously troubled about something.

Initially his brother refused to talk to him, but after persistent questioning, David finally revealed that a grotesque, satanic creature had come into his bedroom the night before, just like what happened to Peter.

When David rose from the bed to resist the creature, it also disappeared. So real and terrifying was this experience that David slept with the light on for the next two years!

Peter's encounter haunted him for some time until his pastor told him how to dismiss it through the Blood of Jesus Christ, if it ever happened again.

Well months later, it did happen again, but this time, standing almost toe-to-toe with it, he claimed his salvation through the Blood of Christ and never dealt with it again!

I've heard Lester Sumrall tell about his similar experiences. You may also have heard of one occasion where Smith Wigglesworth awoke during the night aware of a satanic presence. Looking across the room, he saw the devil himself standing there.

It seems that the greater the destiny, the greater the resistance.

Looking back at Peter Daniels' life, one can see the devil's resistance was fierce, but there came another dramatic day when all that changed for Peter. (More on that Thursday night)

From that day on, everything changed and Peter (after having already failed in business three times) started a fourth time and became one of the most substantial financial supporters of the Gospel in the 20th century!

I tell you all this because Peter, now almost 90 years of age and struggling with advanced Parkinson's reached out to me a few weeks ago and suggested he and I do one FINAL INTERVIEW where he could pass on what he has learned to the Body of Christ.

(He knows whereof he speaks, and it's been widely claimed that his teachings have produced more millionaires in the Body of Christ than anything else ever has!)

Knowing the gravity of his suggestion, I asked if I could invite a few other Christian leaders with whom I am friends and share the privilege of the interview with them. (You may recognize some of the other men such as Dr. Joseph Peck, Os Hillman, the Benham Brothers and Patrice Tsague of the Nehemiah Project.)

He agreed and we were able to submit our questions on video to him, so he could reply on video back to us with his answers.

If you'd like to join me and six other influential panelists as we hear Peter's final public words to the Body of Christ on the topic of fulfilling your destiny, then REGISTER HERE NOW for THURSDAY, MAY 19th at 8 PM Eastern time.

I hope to see you Thursday night. If you are there LIVE with us, you can ask the panelists questions and do a deeper dive on what you will have just witnessed.

If your time zone doesn't allow you to attend, you still must register to receive notification of the replay.

To learn more and see one of the most inspiring videos you will ever see called, "What Are You Are Capable Of?" CLICK HERE.

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