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Mandy Adendorff: "The Famine of Singleness Is Breaking"

Mandy Adendorff
May 11, 2022

Intro From Brian Simmons:

Steve Shultz Mandy Adendorff is incredible! Not only is she a gifted and anointed artist, but she carries a powerful grace of the Holy Spirit to bring people into encounters and a deeper intimacy with Jesus Christ.

Mandy writes with passion and fire from the Holy Spirit. Her life testifies of God's favor and wisdom. I know you'll enjoy Mandy's insights! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Brian Simmons
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I had a dream where God showed me the pain and plight of many single women in this generation who are longing to marry but feel hopeless. The pain in the dream stayed with me when I awoke. I myself am happily married, and I discerned that the Lord was revealing what He was about to do for His single princesses.

A Field of Heather Flowers

I dreamt of a single woman. She was joking around with others about being single, as if she had no pain, but then she went into a private room and shut the door. As she did, the reality of her situation hit her, and she was overwhelmed with intense anxiety and a sense of powerlessness. She realized that she had been under the assumption that she could find love in her own power. She cried out to God, "I am so sorry that I assumed that I could have found a husband in my own strength."

As she cried out, she saw a window. It was located where there used to be a mirror. Through the window was a field of heather flowers that were in the latter season of their life, and it was late in the day. There was a sense that the flowers were sad.

As she looked at the flowers, which had passed their prime, she decided to cry out to God to help her, but something stopped her. She remembered her single older sister, and she was gripped and compelled to pray for her older sister first. The dream ended.

While pondering the dream the next morning (particularly the unusual heather flowers), I received a text from a prophet friend named Heather. I noticed in the background of her text was a field of heathers. Obviously I prayed for Heather, but I knew this dream was not only about my friend; this dream carried a message for this generation of single women.

Windows in Heaven

The window that the single woman saw is important. Windows in the Bible speak of openings from Heaven through which God provides supernatural resources. In 2 Kings, chapters 6 and 7, we learn about a terrible famine in Samaria. I believe this story parallels my dream. So horrific was the famine, there is an account of women being so desperate that they ate their own children.

Elisha the prophet told the king of Samaria that God would break the severe famine by the following morning with an immediate abundance of food in the city. The skeptical king listened as he leaned on his officer's arm. This officer responded to God's word by saying, "...'Even if the Lord were to make windows in Heaven, could this thing happen?' Then he [Elisha] said, 'Behold, you are going to see it with your own eyes, but you will not eat any of it'" (2 Kings 7:2 NASB, emphasis added).

The Mindset of Skepticism

The king leaning on his skeptical officer's arm was a prophetic picture of the mindset that leans on the arm of flesh. God is going after the mindset of unbelief that has taken root because of years of hope deferred. (Photo via Unsplash)

When we experience disappointment, there is a danger of us fixing our minds on the trauma and pain of the past. If we do, those disappointments become our testimonies that we feed on. When the mind is set on testimonies of pain, it cannot receive the testimony of God. God is calling the singles and their families to surrender the testimony of 'hope deferred' at His feet and fix their eyes on the God who creates windows in Heaven to provide impossible resources – even spouses!

The Famine Breaks

After Elisha released the word about the famine breaking, an incredible thing happened; four starving lepers left the city in desperation, and to their surprise, they found an enemy camp deserted. It was filled with a huge abundance of food and supplies. As they began feasting, they remembered the plight of those who were starving at home. Gripped with conviction, they were compelled to immediately go back and share the good news. If these desperate men had kept the plunder for themselves, the famine would never have been broken.

In my dream, the single woman was compelled by the Spirit to pray for her older sister first. This action of sharing in a time of need is a prophetic act of laying down the desperate mindset that doesn't believe there's enough for everyone. It is the act of believing that there is always enough with God, because He is faithful and He has windows of limitless resources, even spouses!

The lepers told the news, and by the next day, abundant food was flowing into the city and the famine was supernaturally broken. That morning, the officer who refuted the word of the Lord was trampled by the excited people in the streets; he never tasted the supernatural feast.

The Famine of Singleness Is Broken

2023 will manifest the beginnings of a season of weddings that were long awaited, especially for the older sisters. The celebrations are going to feel like a dream, as there are going to be so many weddings – an unusual occurrence in history. This will be a sign and an encouragement to the Bride of Christ – a maranatha reminder of the coming union long promised between Christ and His Bride.

How Do We Respond to This Word?

1. Pray the prayer of faith for your single friends and family members, like the lepers who were compelled to think of their desperate brothers and sisters. (Photo via Unsplash)

Every time you feel anxious and powerless about your situation, use your pain as ammunition and begin to fight for your single friends in prayer; as you do, faith will come to you for them and for yourself!

2. Learn from the king who leaned on skeptical thinking. Make sure your mind is not leaning on what is only possible in the natural, but change your mind to believe that God is faithful to you and He desires to give you your spouse. Make sure your thoughts aren't ruminating on past disappointments, but instead, when you feel hopeless, start to counter those lies by speaking aloud about God's faithfulness to you, and intentionally remember ways that you have seen His works in your life.

3. Choose the better view. The window in the dream was originally a mirror; we can choose to focus on the mirror of our present natural reality (the heathers fading), or we can choose to focus on the window through which God supernaturally provides.

4. Don't cry anymore, because this is a sacred day, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. In Nehemiah, there is an account of another kind of famine – a drought of the Law of God. After many years of living in darkness, the famine finally broke and the people understood the laws of God for the first time. As they did, they began to mourn in regret, but Nehemiah stopped their mourning. He explained that the day the famine broke was sacred to the Lord, and because it was sacred, the people were to celebrate, enjoy delicious food, and share their feasting with others. "...This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10 NIV).

Marriage was given as a gift to us by the Lord of love. When a famine of singleness breaks, it is sacred. God rejoices over your promise fulfilled, and His joy is your strength. Rejoice with Him before you see it. Your sacred offering of joy will join with His joy and usher in the abundance of joyful weddings. This is the offering we're going to bring to God, and we're going to see Him open the storehouse for a generation of women!

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Mandy Adendorff
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Mandy Adendorff is a visual artist, author, prophet and founder of Firehouse Supernatural Schools. The trajectory of her life was dramatically altered when she had an encounter with Jeshua Messiah at the age of fifteen. Being an orthodox Jew, Mandy kept her faith a secret until receiving the courage to share her faith with her family. She has not stopped preaching and demonstrating the good news of the kingdom at home and abroad for over thirty years. In 1998 Mandy, her husband Stuart and their two daughters immigrated from South Africa to Connecticut where they lead in business and ministry.

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