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Jodie Hughes: "Your Page Is Turning! He Who Promised Is Faithful"

Jodie Hughes
Apr 6, 2022

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

This is one of the most uplifting words we have posted this year...and, yes, there have been many, but this one has headlines from Heaven in it...just for you.

Jodie Hughes had a powerful vision about the libraries of Heaven, including books which had specific words written in them. She shares this:

As I was looking at the bookshelves, I saw Jesus walk into the library and look intently at the many books, searching for one in particular. He stepped toward the bookshelf, and I watched Jesus reach forward and pull one particular book off of the shelf. As I looked at the binder, I could clearly read the title of the book in His hand...

I'm not going to give it away but let you read it for yourself...I will say this: Your Page is Turning! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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A Visit to Heaven's Library

As I stood in church, worshiping and singing about the goodness of God, I saw a vision of what looked like the libraries of Heaven.

There were bookshelves as far as I could see, filled with many different books that I was aware recorded many things on Earth, including the "days ordained" for every person who has ever lived. Psalm 139:16 says, "Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be."

The Bible tells us that Heaven keeps records of many things on Earth in "books." I, for one, pray often that I will live the days that God has ordained and dreamed up for me.

As I looked, more of the vision unfolded, revealing prophetic keys and strategic wisdom for the Bride to overcome in this season.

"The Promises My People Thought I Forgot"

As I was looking at the bookshelves, I saw Jesus walk into the library and look intently at the many books, searching for one in particular. He stepped toward the bookshelf, and I watched Jesus reach forward and pull one particular book off of the shelf. As I looked at the binder, I could clearly read the title of the book in His hand. It was called, "The Promises My People Thought I Forgot."

As I read the title, I was overcome with emotion. I could feel the heart of God for His people, and the compassion He felt for their circumstances. There was no condemnation or shame, only compassion and love for His people. Jesus' eyes said it all, they were burning with love and understanding for those who felt battle weary. I watched Jesus tenderly open the book as I was eager to see what was written inside, given that I innately knew that whatever was written in it was significant for the season. I wondered what strategic wisdom or supernatural keys were written on its pages.

"He Who Promises Is Faithful"

I looked and saw the first page. The only words written on the page, in a beautiful script, were, "He who promised is faithful." Again, I was suddenly overcome with waves of emotion as the words hit my heart. It was like they were being forged in my spirit. Even as I heard Jesus read out these words, they became the Living Word, alive and active, penetrating my heart. I was aware this was truth for such a time as now.

I was keen to read the rest of the book when, suddenly, a gentle wind started blowing that turned the page. I saw what was written on the next page. Interestingly, it was exactly the same as the page before, reading: "He who promised is faithful."

Acceleration of Promises Fulfilled: You Will Recover All

The wind picked up and blew with accelerating force, turning page after page after page, quicker and quicker. I understood that this was the winds of change for God's people, bringing acceleration of God's purposes and promises fulfilled. As the pages turned faster and faster, I was aware that acceleration was now upon the remnant. I knew things would happen quickly. Recovery of that which has been lost, stolen or attacked is upon the Body. You will recover all (1 Samuel 30:8)! (Photo via Pxhere)

The Page Is Turning

As the winds blew the pages, I saw that every page that turned said the same thing: "He who promised is faithful"! Every single page said that exact same thing, and only that one thing, over and over: "He who promised is faithful." Each page that turned prophetically trumpeted out: The page is turning, as "He who promised is faithful." Expect swift change as God aligns circumstances to what Heaven is decreeing, and evicts the interference of the enemy.

I knew these words were straight from Hebrews 10:23: "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful."

The truth of this word was literally becoming a living word, alive and active in me, as I saw the pages of the book turning in Jesus' hands. As the words of this verse were decreed from Heaven, they were shifting hopelessness and imparting supernatural hope. This verse is literally life to the Church for this season. This truth is a weapon that must be wielded right now. This declaration of truth must become a banner over our hearts as it's an antidote to the assignment of hopelessness attacking the Church.

"HE WHO PROMISED IS FAITHFUL." He is the God of the turnaround, still!

A Second Book was Opened for Such a Time as This

Then, I saw Jesus' eye drawn to another book on the shelf, and He reached to grab it. Again, I could read the binder and saw what it was called. This book was named "The Promises That Have Been Highly Contested." Again, I was very emotional just looking at Jesus holding these books. I knew they were being opened for the weary but faithful warriors of today. They were for such a time as this.

I wanted to know what was written inside this book, so I watched as Jesus opened its cover and I could see the first page. I was amazed to see, written on the opening page, "He who promised is faithful." The same wind as before began to blow across its pages, and I could see that this book, too, had only one thing written on every single page: "He who promised is faithful." Over and over, I saw the words "He who who promised is faithful," and waves of God's presence washed over me.

The Key to Stepping Into Your Season of Promise Fulfilled

As the wind brought acceleration, my heart was etched with the truth that He who promised is faithful, and that God has not forgotten His people – especially where the promise has been highly contested and fought against by the enemy. I was immediately aware that acceleration was upon God's people, and that promises are being fulfilled, one after the other after the other.

I felt surges of new strength as this revelation hit me: the key to stepping into this season of promise fulfilled is holding on unswervingly to hope, and to the truth that God is faithful to His word. Hope in God is an anchor, a catalyst of faith, and essential to prevail.

The enemy has been trying to derail the Church by attacking faith and hope. Hold on unswervingly, friend, for truly, He who promised is faithful. However, hope must be fought for right now. Hope must be intentionally held onto, as it is being warred against by the enemy to take out the end-time Church. Hope is weapon right now. God has not forgotten your promises or abandoned you, for He who promised is faithful.

How to Recover Hope

DECREE the truth of this word over your heart, over your thoughts and over your promises: "He who promised is faithful!" Say it out loud now. Say it till you believe it. Speak it out as a weapon. Announce over your circumstances where delay has tried to bury you in despondence and hopelessness. Pronounce it where the enemy has fought to take you out. Hope is recovered by partnering with the truth, for "He who promised is faithful."

From Delay to Due Season

I understood that the Body was shifting from perceived delay to due season. Promises are being birthed that many thought were forgotten and shelved. Breakthroughs that have been fiercely contested will suddenly break through. Swift acceleration of promise fulfilled is upon God's faithful ones, especially where there has been fierce attack and resistance, and where many have grown weary wondering, Does God remember? but continue to stand.

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." (Galatians 6:9)

Friend, the season is shifting from "delay" to "due season" of the promise fulfilled. Acceleration is upon the remnant who will see breakthrough after breakthrough in profound ways. That which has been long prophesied (never-before-seen miracles, signs and wonders; saved souls in unheard-of numbers; long-contested promises; and breakthroughs where many thought that nothing would ever change) is upon God's people. The key is to hold on unswervingly in this season, as the devil is after your hope and faith. Resist the devil and he will flee (James 4:7). Write the word across your heart and mediate on it day and night: "He who promised is faithful." (Photo via Unsplash)

Even in Times of Chaos, God Remains Faithful

Remind yourself that God is faithful, always. This may seem obvious, but in a season of prolonged turmoil, warfare and attack, it is important to remember that even in times of chaos, God remains faithful. Heaven is releasing a fresh wave of revelation on the faithfulness of God. Faith in the faithfulness of God is being upgraded, restored and renewed. Faith is being stretched and grown for the new wineskin glory. Faith for new breakthrough is being imparted through trust in the faithfulness of God.

Remind yourself that even when people, systems and circumstances let you down or disappoint you, the faithfulness of God remains. The faithfulness of God is our stronghold and a game changer in this hour. The enemy has thrown his best at you, but God's faithfulness is actively working in you and fortifying you with prevailing faith. Resurrection comeback power supersedes every demonic assignment of attack designed to take you out. Keep going, friend. God's faithfulness prevails, and He is adding prevailing faith in you.

Decree this over yourself: "He who promised is faithful to me."

Hebrews 10:23 says, "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful." Therefore, He who promised is faithful to us.

God remembers your promises, friend, even if you think He's forgotten, because He is faithful. God sees the resistance that has come at you and the season is changing. It's due season. It's the time of birthing promise fulfilled and taking new ground. It's the time of the prevailing Church. The pages are turning, increasing in swiftness, so hold on to God's faithfulness, as this is your weapon for the hour and your stronghold.

Now You Are Even More Dangerous to the Enemy

The truth is, the resistance has made you stronger. You have built faith that is a sharp and effective tool for this season. What the enemy intended to use to destroy you has instead made you stronger. You have been forged in the fire and are now even more dangerous to the enemy, as you have built prevailing faith in the midst of great resistance, simply by standing and not quitting.

Let your heart hope again. Look beyond the resistance to the reason the enemy has tried to take you out. You're made for this season, friend. You're truly born and prepared for such a time as now. Let hope arise.

Look for the New That God Is Birthing

The days long prophesied of unprecedented harvest and revival are breaking even now. For the faithful remnant, these are our greatest days. Though the shakings continue – for you, friend – God is birthing promise and opening doors of opportunity reserved only for His people. Look at the new that God is birthing. Look for the 'breaking open' of promise where it's been highly fought against. Look for the doors that God is opening into new influence and territory you've been believing for. The page is turning. Be ready to step beyond resistance into prevailing faith for the new thing God is birthing in you.

For, He who promised is faithful. The faithfulness of God is sure and is your weapon of the hour to restore hope, push through and prevail. A fresh wind is blowing, for He who promised is faithful. You are rising in prevailing faith to take new ground.

Decree this promise over your heart, family and nation today: "He who promised is faithful," and "He who promised is faithful to me."

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Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries

Ben and Jodie Hughes are the founders of Pour It Out Ministries and have been in ministry together for more than 20 years. Recently relocating to the United States from Australia, they, along with their adult daughter Keely, travel full-time around the world as revivalists, with an emphasis on releasing and equipping for revival, breakthrough prophetic worship, prophetic ministry and preaching the Gospel with miracles, signs and wonders following. Ben and Jodie are known for recently hosting the Pineapple Revival in Australia which saw thousands come from all over, initially going non-stop for 22 weeks and extending for 18 months. In addition to being full-time itinerant revivalists and prophets, they have pastored and planted several churches, trained hundreds of ministry students, recorded worship albums and other writing projects as well.

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