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Hank Kunneman: "Pay Attention to the Sound of the Lion!"

Hank Kunneman
Feb 11, 2022

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz We just had Hank and Brenda Kunneman on our Elijah Streams program yesterday...and believe me...this was one prophetically charged show you don't want to miss out on! (You can watch it right here!)

Below are some of the key prophetic words that the Lord just gave them on February 6, which they shared with us on the program. These are powerful words for the US and key states, Canada, Australia and much more.

Please take your time reading through these as we're in historical times...and the Lion is roaring over the nations. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)



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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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The Sound of the Lion of Judah Reforming and Reviving the Nations

Watch this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on February 6, 2022 (at Lord of Hosts Church), regarding the sound of the Lion of Judah reforming and reviving the nations of the earth! There are three nations that are arising at this current time which are leading the way to break the powers of darkness in the earth. Watch the nation of Canada; pay attention to Australia and the United States of America!

Be encouraged and stand in faith as the Spirit of the Lord has declared that as a result of the righteous uprising, we will never face this fire of affliction again!

Prophetic word of the Lord through Hank Kunneman:

"Do you hear the sound of My footsteps..." says the Living God, "...walking and moving among the earth at this time? And yet you have stood in the place of the spirit of agreement with Me, declaring: 'Let the Lion roar!' Do you really understand what you have added your decree and agreement with? For I say, look about the earth; you will see the manifestation of My roaring as protests are arising, and the sound of roaring is 'We want our freedoms!' This is not just human resistance, but this is a prophetic sound of the Lion of Judah and My roar, reforming and reviving the nations.

The United Kingdom and Three Nations Standing as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

"Why do you think the nation of the Lion (United Kingdom) stood and said, 'We've had enough of the narratives, the lies, the mandates, the decrees'?" God says, "They were the one to arise because the Lion of Judah has been roaring loudly through the nations, and you are seeing it as with United Kingdom. But now pay attention...for as the days when Nebuchadnezzar demanded decrees that those who [were] of his kingdom must bow—this has been the same spirit and mentality among leaders, demanding of their people to steal their freedoms, to dictate to them what they must do, as Nebuchadnezzar [did].

"But as the fire was turned up hotter, even seven times hotter, yet there were three; I said there were three," says the Spirit of God. "They were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and they would not bow to the decree and to the mandates, and it brought a breaking of the spirits of darkness who were using government to afflict man.

"I speak this to you so that you may understand that this is not just a story, but this is happening once again as the Lion is roaring. Therefore, as there was a Shadrach, and there was a Meshach, and there was Abednego, who did not bow, there are three nations that shall arise at this time that shall break the mandates and break the powers of darkness in the earth.

Pay Attention to the Sound of the Lion in Canada, Australia and the United States!

"Listen closely. Keep your eyes upon the sound of the Lion of Canada. Pay attention to the sound of the Lion of Judah that shall roar through protests in Australia. And pay attention to the sound of the Lion of Judah in you, United States. It shall be Canada, United States, and Australia that shall arise in their numbers and in their protests of things that shall break a decree and a sound that has touched this globe. (Photo via Pixabay)

"There will be other nations that will arise." God says, "Pay attention, because in Australia, Canada, and in you, United States—your resistance to bow and your standing up shall release a change of leadership, and those who rule, [so] that you will never face this fire of affliction again. And those who cooperated shall be like Nebuchadnezzar, where they will be seen in the craziness and the foolishness of their deeds as he who ate grass."

Husband and Wife to Lead in Australia

Listen to me, those who are in Australia. God is raising up a 'Sheila' and raising up a mate. There is a husband and wife—and they've already been chosen of God, selected of God, and appointed of God—that shall rise up out of the midst of your fire and shall bring you, Australia, from upside down to right side up and back in order. It's coming. Therefore, do not back down; do not bow; stand and you will see the salvation of God and God introducing's almost like a parental spirit that's coming because of what they've done to you and to the children of your nation.

A Standstill and a Standoff to Liberate Canada and the United States: Watch Your States, America

Watch this prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on February 6, 2022 (at Lord of Hosts Church), regarding a righteous uprising taking place in the north, in Canada, which shall lead to a standstill and a standoff that will bring liberation for future generations! This uprising shall spread to the United States and will lead to a supernatural uniting of the states that shall overthrow divisive spirits that have tried to grip the land.

Prophetic word of the Lord through Hank Kunneman:

"Men speak," says the Living God, "and they say, 'As in the days of Noah'; but I say to you, it shall be as in the days of Noah that another flood shall come upon this earth, and it shall not be the flood of destruction, but it is and shall be the flood of My glory that shall cover this earth as the waters covered the sea.

The Convoy & a Changing of Names

"Therefore, watch what is arising among you, United States, for the friends to your north—they arise; they gather. There is a convoy but there shall be a standstill that shall bring a standoff that shall liberate a nation.

"I speak and I say to you, O Canada: this standstill and standoff shall release the future of your nation and your leaders; but, America, you shall follow, for there shall be a gathering among trucks, among vehicles [and] campers. There shall be great gathering of crowds throughout your cities, United States, and it shall form a unity that shall break the division—that the enemy thought that he could make you the divided states. For I say, you are the United States of America.

"Therefore, pay attention. I'm the God that changes names and I'm the one that said to Abram, 'You are Abraham.' I spoke and I said to Saul of Tarsus, 'You are Paul'; and so I speak to this nation, and I say, 'You are united, you are free; therefore, watch your states...very soon.'


"Keep your eyes upon Wisconsin...but I say, 'Wiscon-soon.' Soon, soon, out of Wiscon-soon shall there be that which they [said] would not be done, nor take place, to throw things in a spin, for they tried to spin it; now I will spin it and turn it another direction. I will use what you say [is] 'Wisconsin' [but] I say [is] 'Wiscon-soon.' (Photo via Pixnio)


"Then there shall come something unusual...Illinois, you shall be known as 'Illi-noise,' for a noise shall rise up out of you from Chicago that shall throw your mayor out, and a new mayor shall arise and a great reform shall come unto you, Illi-noise, because there shall be a noise of conservatism that shall arise and break the power of liberalism that has been over you.

Don't Mess with 'Tex-sass'!

"Listen to Me," says the Lord, "for this shall also happen in Texas. You shall be known as 'Tex-sass' because there shall come an attitude of legislation that shall arise, and they shall surely say, 'Do not mess with Tex-sass'; for I will show you how a state should be governed, and I will make this a prototype throughout the United States.

Florida, You Have 'Keyes' Among You

"As I look even to Florida, you have 'Keyes' among you, and that which shall arise up out of Florida shall be the key to future government. Future leaders, future rulers, shall be the key that shall unlock the nation. And, Florida, My hand is upon not just one, but there are two and three that shall arise to restore the liberties and freedoms of this land once again.


"'Colorado,' you say? I call you 'Colora-do' because the Spirit of the Lord says you are a stench, and what you have done in secret, and yet you pride yourself of your freedoms." God says, "I will show you that they are but bondage, and you will become Colora-do. You will do My will; you will do the will of the people that shall not be that [which] legislates things, that brings bondage; but there shall be a 'doing,' so strong, that a movement will arise out of you that shall restore the goal back to the nation of virtue, of morals, of honor. Yes, this shall happen.

California, There Shall Be Another Rush of Gold!

"And I, California, I am callin' for you, for there shall be another rush of gold, because," God says, "I will take away the old, California, to establish the new. They have left you; there are those that have left. But," God says, "watch a great return as [if] it was a gold rush, a great return to you, because the leaders—and I even speak of a woman who thinks that she shall arise and stay seated—their days are numbered. They will be removed, and I will show you, California, that you are more red than what they report, than what they have said. And I will turn it around and I will cause a gold-rush return to you because things will change."

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Hank Kunneman
One Voice Ministries


Hank Kunneman is the senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church, a thriving church in Omaha, Nebraska, and founder of One Voice Ministries. As an uncompromising voice that God is using to stir up the Body of Christ, he is known for a strong prophetic anointing as he preaches. He travels and ministers extensively as he and his wife, Brenda, preach together at conferences, churches, and national television programs throughout the United States and overseas. Together, the Kunneman's also host their own nationally and internationally televised weekly program, New Level with Hank and Brenda, airing on Daystar Television Network, Victory Television Network, and Faith Broadcasting Network. Pastor Hank is a published author with both Destiny Image and Charisma House, with his most recent books being The Lord Himself Is Stepping In, Prophesy with the Wind in Your Mouth, My Heart Cries Abba Father, The Revealer of Secrets, Barrier Breakers, and Don't Leave God Alone. He has also written and created several children's books.

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