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Hank Kunneman: "God Is Tearing Down Walls as in the Days of Jericho"

Hank Kunneman
Jan 31, 2022

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

The Spirit of the Lord was certainly hovering over Prophet Hank Kunneman as he released these powerful words in this month of January.

I'm going to keep this real short, so you can start reading these words from the Lord.

I will share this part that needs to be shouted from the rooftops:

"And I speak concerning viruses, vaccinations, mandates, agendas—I will bring these walls down." And God says, "Were the walls ever rebuilt? No, because the hour and the time that you've come into shall be the season that you will say in America, 'Great things are coming. Great things shall unfold...'

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2022 Is the Year of God Lifting Up His People

Prophetic vision given to Pastor Hank Kunneman on January 2, 2022 (at Lord of Hosts Church), about God placing His hands around His people and lifting them up into tremendous blessing in 2022!

Vision from Hank Kunneman:

I want you to get a picture of something. As I was standing on the front row as we were singing, I saw like a quick flash of a picture (which I feel the Lord put in my heart) of two, big hands, and they were around me. But God was saying, "This isn't about just you. I'm showing what I'm doing, using you as an example. I'm doing this with My people." I saw His hands come around me, but then I saw them come underneath me and lift me up.

I want you to understand that this is a tremendous year of God lifting us, God being upon our right and upon our left, and putting us in His hands. Now that is a very powerful place to be, because it also represents His protecting and lifting, but I believe, also, His blessing. And somehow God has literally taken us and scooped us up in His hands to position us for an amazing time and season of tremendous blessing.

Just see that—God just lifting you up and putting His hands around you—and realize He's saying to you, "What do you want Me to do for you? What can I do to show My love for you, My honor to you, My people?"

The Year of Remembrance: God Is Poised for Action

Prophetic word given through Pastor Hank Kunneman on January 2, 2022 (at Lord of Hosts Church). God has declared that 2022 is the Year of Remembrance, and He is poised to take action on behalf of His people! It's time to come into agreement with the sound of Heaven.

Prophetic word from Hank Kunneman:

(Worship music is playing as Hank gives this word.)

Begin to move your feet, those of you at home, and wherever you are watching from, begin to move your feet. You ask why you would move your feet? Because as the Body of Christ, you are adding your agreement with what is happening right now to the sound of the instruments. They are prophesying to reveal to you and to the earth and to all of Hell that God has remembered this year. And when God remembers, it's not because He forgets, but because He is now poised for action. (Photo via Pixabay)

So, the instruments testify, prophesy, witness to the movement of God Himself...up and down—all across the earth—for His action, His justice, His righteousness, His breakthrough...things to do. In other words, He will do what He said, and He's come to finish business.

I believe that this sound that is happening right now in the spirit realm, the enemy has desired for war this year, and for there to be nations (where there would be the sound upon the beating of the drums) getting anxious for battle. And, yet, God is reminding us of the time when there was a noise that was so great in the spirit, through the instruments when Israel played, that the enemy began to run in terror. And as the people began to shout, the enemy began to turn on one another, and there was great confusion as an ambush came. God is saying, "This is what is happening, also, that will bring a manifestation to the earth of turning on one another of those who've conspired together."

Father, we pray and speak confusion into the enemy's camp. We speak an absolute unveiling and exposing of all the injustice, thievery, bribes and corruption; God, bring it to light and let them turn on one another. And may the hosts of Heaven, the royal guard, be released in great numbers to bring it to light and bring them to light, and to bring an absolute confusion and an ambush in the camp of the enemy. Let it also be a sound that restrains the hands of the enemy from bringing nations into conflict.

Thy Kingdom come, Lord. Your will be done.

We're going to hear the sound of the Lord speak much this year. You will think that He has refrained Himself. God is not just operating from the place of the throne room; He has set His feet, literally, upon the earth.

God Is Tearing Down Walls of Viruses, Vaccinations & in the Days of Jericho

Prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman given during the Prophetic Pulse Conference Call on January 12, 2022 (at Lord of Hosts Church). The Spirit of the Lord has declared that He is tearing down the walls of viruses, vaccinations, mandates, and agendas, as in the days when He tore down the walls of Jericho! And we will say, "THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN IN AMERICA THIS WAY."

Prophetic word from Hank Kunneman:

The Spirit of the Lord says, "This is the time that I have chosen in the earth not to allow the enemy to think for a moment that he, and those who have cooperated with him, shall get by with their demonic agenda, their acts of evil; their corruption. This is not the time.

"Therefore, this is the hour that I have chosen to bring forth My hand [with] a great intensity that shall shake the earth, cause the mountains to blow their tops—to cause even the weather to seem backwards and out of normal—because I am the God of the times, the seasons...I am the Lord of the earth. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

"Therefore, I say to those who are in fear: Pay attention! Why is it that you look to the things that are happening and think that this is the way that it shall be, or shall be the future? For did David stand before Goliath, and did he consider how big the giant was that paralyzed a nation with fear? No, he knew the power of his God and the power of covenant, and he said, 'Who is this uncircumcised Philistine?' and he took him out with My power and cut off his head. And so, this is what shall begin to take place concerning the things that look impossible. Those who have said it will never change, and it is as big in their minds, as Goliath that stood that day... But yet, there is supernatural intervention of My hand that is about to take place, and a striking forth that shall cut off the head of those that thought they could get by with what they have done."

And God says, "The day that they came to the walls of Jericho, I had them be silent, because the walls were speaking loud, and I did not want them to come into agreement, like some who have come into agreement with the agenda of Hell that is blatant upon the media and upon the screens.

"There was a shout that brought the walls down. Who could raise the walls back up again? Were the walls raised back up again?" says the Lord. "No. The walls were taken down by the power of My hand. And so it is...this will take place with the things that look intimidating, look impenetrable, impossible—like no breakthrough [will] happen, like the walls of Jericho. Yet, I brought the walls of Jericho down and I will do this again.

"And I speak concerning viruses, vaccinations, mandates, agendas—I will bring these walls down." And God says, "Were the walls ever rebuilt? No, because the hour and the time that you've come into shall be the season that you will say in America, 'Great things are coming. Great things shall unfold.' And you will say, 'This will never happen again in America this way,'" says the Living God. "The walls of Jericho are your evidence; the Lion is your evidence. I will act and it shall never be again, for what I will do in this coming season," says the Spirit of the Living God.

A Supernatural Transformation Is at Hand!

Prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman given on January 23, 2022 (at Lord of Hosts Church), regarding a divine shift that is taking place at the hand of God! It has been prophetically declared that we are at the moment where no one can take credit for the supernatural transformation that is about to take place, except for God Himself! Continue to stand in agreement with His word and boldly declare His promises!

Prophetic word from Hank Kunneman:

(Worship music is playing as Hank gives this word.)

Hear the sound of the keys...they're not just keys on the instrument that you're hearing, but these are keys in the spirit that are turning things. As you hear the sound of the keys in the natural, there are things that are turning in the spirit in the year of the book of Isaiah declares the key of David, to open doors that no man can shut and to shut doors that no man can open. There's a turning.

Lord, as we enter into the new season, the new year, things will accelerate in their turning.

"Do you hear it," says the Living God, "that things are beginning to turn? Do you hear it in the spirit? For there was a day and there was a time [when] the Son of God was led into the wilderness by the Spirit to be tempted [by] the enemy. And the enemy sought to press the Son of God, just like the enemy is pressing today. And you ask, 'What did he press?' He said, 'If you be the Son of God, turn these stones into bread.' And so the enemy has been pressing, seeking to turn this nation into socialism, Marxism—to turn it into a place that strips you of your freedoms and your voice...but this will not succeed. (Photo via Picryl)

"And so the enemy has pressed, and some have come into agreement with what he desires to turn, to change. But yet there was a wedding at Cana, and they ran out of wine, and the mother of Jesus said, 'We are without wine.' And He said, 'Woman, do you not understand the time? It is not My time; it has not yet come.'"

There are those that are pressing, saying, "God, when will You turn it? When will you change it? When will it turn?" God says, "When the desire is great, but when certain things have run their course or [run] out like the wine—then you're at the moment that I have [a]waited, where no man can do what I'm about to do. No one at the wedding of Cana could turn the water into wine and bring the supernatural transformation that I did, and no man in My turning will take the glory of the transformation that is going to quickly come upon the earth, and upon the nation. For I'm the God that turned the water into wine, and I'm the God that will begin to turn events, one after another."

And God says, "As they fail, as they backfire, can you hear the sound of the backfiring [of] their agenda, their plans? As many jump ship, abandon the race, turn the sword on one another—peel back the masks so you can actually see that there are more things that were masked than your mouth[s]. You will say, 'Is this what we were led to believe?'"

God says, "They shall see the transformation as My supernatural power shall invade. You will see a great turning and a great transformation." And God says, "I bring you back to the wedding, once again, of Cana. Not only was there a transformation, but there was a celebration that continued. And there will be a celebration in the earth and in this land, too, at the turning of My hand, and the supernatural act that shall come not of your might, nor power, but by My Spirit," saith the Lord!

Break open now and break forth in the hour of change. And it's not just changes that are coming for the nation and the nations, it's changing for God's people! The mandates are changing; the masks will change.

The Spirit of God says, "Pay attention, as the water was turned to wine; pay attention to the nations that gather—to the protests—for these signify [a] great turning of events. And there is coming a day as I turn, and as I transform like I did with [turning] the water into wine. Pay attention, for they will say, 'I remember the days of mandates; I remember the days of forced vaccinations; I remember the days of masks; I remember what they called the pandemic.'"

And God says, "The reason that you will say that you remember is because it will not be the days that will be upon the earth! But do not be lulled to sleep, for the enemy is still the one who seeks to alter and change things from the way they were created, as when he said, 'Turn the stones to bread.' He sought to alter, to change [it] from its course; and so they are seeking other means to sicken the population of the earth, to alter the human body, to strike it with disease. Do not be lulled to sleep!"

God says, "Rise up now. And if you will rise up now, and unify, then what they seek to bring as a weapon against the nations again will not prosper," says the Living God.

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Hank Kunneman
One Voice Ministries


Hank Kunneman is the senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church, a thriving church in Omaha, Nebraska, and founder of One Voice Ministries. As an uncompromising voice that God is using to stir up the Body of Christ, he is known for a strong prophetic anointing as he preaches. He travels and ministers extensively as he and his wife, Brenda, preach together at conferences, churches, and national television programs throughout the United States and overseas. Together, the Kunneman's also host their own nationally and internationally televised weekly program, New Level with Hank and Brenda, airing on Daystar Television Network, Victory Television Network, and Faith Broadcasting Network. Pastor Hank is a published author with both Destiny Image and Charisma House, with his most recent books being The Lord Himself Is Stepping In, Prophesy with the Wind in Your Mouth, My Heart Cries Abba Father, The Revealer of Secrets, Barrier Breakers, and Don't Leave God Alone. He has also written and created several children's books.

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