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Veronika West: "A Spiritual Show Down - 'Let My People Go!'"

Veronika West
Jan 26, 2022

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

We had an incredible interview on Elijah Streams with Veronika West of Ireland last week.

She is a prolific seer prophet...and the visions she has are amazing.

In her interview, she read much from her prophetic words and visions. We asked Veronika for the notes she read from to share with our readers, which you'll find below.

This is a bit longer, so I'll let you get right to it.

There is great insight here to pray into, including revelation she received about Donald Trump, our nation, and the nations of the earth.

I encourage you to read these notes slowly and carefully...and pray as you are led. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Vision of Donald J. Trump Given on January 15, 2022

On Saturday, January 15, I was driving home in the car when suddenly the Lord showed me Donald J. Trump and then spoke to me, saying: "For he will be as slippery as an eel and the enemy shall not lay hold of him."

Then I saw Donald J. Trump covered in a thick, golden anointing oil, from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, and I saw the hand of the enemy and his demon forces trying to lay hold of him; but the thick, golden oil that covered him prevented them from not only taking a hold of him, but they also had no ability to latch onto him. I saw that the thick oil of God's anointing acted as a powerful, protective and impenetrable barrier against the powers of the enemy.

As I began to pray, I heard the Spirit say: "Look! For I have anointed him even as I anointed My servant Joseph and My servant Martin Luther King Jr. For even as I gave Joseph and Luther a dream, so I gave My servant Donald J. Trump a dream—yes, a dream to make a nation great again; a dream that saw beauty rise from the ashes. For it is I who gave him this dream, a dream conceived even before the foundations of the earth. But look, for many have rejected and even despised this dream, for their hearts have been wicked, and with an evil eye they have mocked and scoffed at this dream...yes, My dream. But I say, watch and pray, for surely I tell you, there are those who have planned and plotted the downfall of Donald J. Trump, and those who have set traps and dug deep and hidden pits for his destruction.

"Therefore, beloved, do not be caught slumbering in the midnight hour, but stay alert and vigilant and pray without ceasing. For I tell you that those who have sought to harm and hinder My anointed vessel—a vessel handpicked and chosen by My sovereign hand for this hour, and for this season—shall be swiftly and severely dealt with.

"Beloved, why do you ask, 'But when, but when, but when will these things take place?' And why does your heart seek for vengeance when I have said vengeance is Mine? Do not question My timing and do not grow weary in the waiting for My governing hand to move. For I tell you, I am not a man that [I] should lie, nor a man that [I] should change [My] mind, nor a man that shows no restraint or self-control. For do you think I shall wink at the wicked or turn a blind eye to their evil deeds? For I shall remember My covenant with this nation and I shall strike, strike, strike when the iron is hot and when the hand of the clock strikes at the appointed hour.

"So I say to you, beloved, do not become disillusioned, nor give in to the spirit of discouragement, unbelief and fear, but stay alert, sober and vigilant in these times. For the days ahead are days, yes, that will become darker and darker; but watch, for the radiance and the brilliance of the light of My glory shall only get brighter and brighter still. For who or what can diminish or blot out the brightness of My glory as it rises upon nations of the earth?"

As I heard the Lord say those words, the Holy Spirit then showed me, again, Martin Luther King Jr. and the dream that he had for the freedom of a nation. I felt an urgency rise up in my spirit that we must not grow passive or complacent in the place of prayer for Donald J. Trump, but we must remain alert and sober. We must continue to watch and pray that every demonic assignment of the enemy that has been strategically designed for the destruction and demise of Donald J. Trump will be overturned and torn down. We must pray that what was meant for the acceleration of the kingdom of darkness in the nation will be overthrown and turned for His good, and for the advancement of the Kingdom of light in the nations of the earth.

Word Given on November 25, 2021: Do Not Pray Away the Shaking

During a time of prayer, the Lord spoke to me again about the nations being violently shaken, and this is what I heard for the nation of America:

The Lord said, "My beloved America, do not be distracted and sidetracked by every contrary wind that is blowing across this nation, but be of good courage and stand your ground, and do not seek [to] pray away the shaking that is sent by My Spirit to realign and reposition you.

"Watch, for I am dismantling, uprooting and tearing down. Yes, I am reconstructing, rebuilding and reforming the nations. For in the midst of a great shaking, I am making all things beautiful in My time, and I am unmasking the spirit of Jezebel that seeks to bring destruction upon this land.

"So I say again: Do not pray away the shaking but fully embrace and surrender to a supernatural and simultaneous move of My justice and judgment. For without the shaking, the works of darkness would not be fully revealed and exposed, and the light of My glory would not be fully made manifest. Beloved, therefore, fear not but invite My divine shakings, and I shall bring you forth as pure gold!"

Now as I heard those words, I saw in the spirit that the nation of America was standing in the midst of the greatest demonstration of God's love and mercy that has ever been seen or experienced in the history of the nation. I saw a divine rescue mission underway. I saw that the great shaking was causing a prodigal nation to come back to her senses, to turn and return to her first love. The great shaking was causing a supernatural shift and a course correction in the realm of the spirit that was bringing a nation back to its roots...back to the covenant foundation on which it was built and established.

It was a great shaking that was awakening a nation going blind to its true identity and Kingdom destiny; a great shaking that was igniting a flame which would go forth to ignite an unquenchable and uncontainable fire of revival and reformation that would sweep across the nations. It was a great shaking that was purging and purifying a nation of its sin and iniquity so that it would become a vessel of great honor in the house of the Lord, and as gold signet ring upon the finger of God among the nations.

Then I heard, again, these words: "America, America, be still and know that I am God, for now a new mercy movement of My Spirit is making a way where there seems [to be] no way. For I have declared over this nation that mercy, mercy, mercy is the taproot of this great land, and it shall stand once again as one nation under the power and authority of My sovereign hand!" (Photo via Flickr)

Vision of a Giant Agitator: A Season of Divine Extraction and Division!

I saw nations being tossed like stones into what looked like a giant agitator. (An agitator is used in mining for gold or even opal. It's when raw, mineral-rich dirt is put into a rotating agitator, and water is pumped into the machine to wash away and remove the finer particles from the large material; the larger material is then collected in a tray for hand sorting.) Miners use an agitator to separate the precious metals and minerals from the rest of the rocks and dirt.

As I saw nations being tossed and turned in this giant agitator, I heard the Spirit say: "Watch, for now is the season of divine extraction and supernatural separation, for a time of the great divide is now taking place within the nations of the earth. For nations will be tossed and turned in this hour; shaken, sifted, separated and scattered. For My Spirit is now moving to agitate, to disrupt, to dismantle, and to demolish. For My Spirit is moving to make a divine distinction between that which is precious and that which is of no use to My Kingdom purposes in the earth.

"For I tell you, I will purge and I will purify in these days of great shaking; for gold, gold, gold is what I shall have—nothing less than pure gold. Watch as My Spirit moves to deal with mixture that have brought a defilement and deception in My Body. For I tell you, in this new era, a move of My Spirit shall bring forth a swift and severe course correction within the nations of the earth.

"Watch as I realign and reorder, for now righteous nations shall be cleansed by the waters of My Spirit and purified by the fires of My glory. Watch, for righteous nations shall come forth as pure gold from among the rock and the rubble. For in the midst of a great agitation and purification, a great awakening shall take place that shall bring Kingdom reformation and restoration," says God.

Vision Given on October 10, 2021: Nations in the Valley of Decision & a Rainbow Whirlwind

Then the Lord began to speak to me again about a shaking that is causing prodigal nations to come back to their senses and return back to the heart of the Father. The Lord then took me back to a powerful vision I received on the 10th of October, where I was shown nations in the valley of decision, and I heard the Lord say: "The fatted calf has been prepared for prodigal nations that will turn and return."

During an early morning prayer time, I suddenly saw what looked like thick and heavy rainbow-colored clouds in the realm of the spirit. I heard the Spirit say: "Watch, for battle lines have been drawn. See! For a divine convergence of the seven-fold Spirit of God is now forming over prodigal nations. Get ready, for its time to go up. There is a sound of an abundance of rain. For the reign of My seven-fold Spirit draws near over the nations in the valley of decision. Look! For the fatted calf has been prepared for My prodigals; nations are now turning and returning home."

As I heard those words, I saw, as far as my eyes could see, a deep valley in the realm of the spirit, and the valley was covered in a veil of darkness. Then I heard these words: "Nations in the valley of decision are now being separated.

"Watch, for the light of My glory will pierce and penetrate the deep veil of darkness that covers the eyes of the nations in the valley of decision. For now a great awakening is taking place over the nations. Watch! For a new day is dawning and a new Kingdom movement is being birthed in the earth. For the time of divine separation, sifting, shifting and scattering has begun."

As I heard those words, I was shown specific nations in the valley of decision being violently shaken by the hand of God. Then suddenly, I saw multitudes of angels standing over the nations that were being shaken, and they had swords and sickles in their hands. I watched as they started moving strategically over the boundary lines of these nations. Then suddenly, I heard a loud roar going forth over the deep, dark valley of nations; a roar that shook the very foundations of the seven mountains that stood high above the deep valley of nations.

I heard the Spirit say: "Watch! For the valley shall shake as the seven mountains of the Lord shall quake, and the mighty whirlwind of My seven Spirits shall move like a harvest sickle to sift, separate and scatter the nations like wheat and tares in this hour.

"Listen! For at the sound of the roar of the Lion of Judah, I shall awaken the sleeping sheep nations to their true identity and Kingdom destiny. Yes! For now a great awakening shall bring rebellious nations to [their] knees in full surrender and repentance. For I say, the fatted calf has been prepared, as My prodigal nations come to their senses and return home. For now full restoration and Kingdom reformation [are] taking place in the nations," says God!

As God was speaking, suddenly I saw the rainbow clouds begin to come together, and I heard these words: "Watch, for a divine convergence is now taking place in the heavenlies over the nations in the valley of decision." Suddenly I saw a rainbow whirlwind begin to form over the valley of nations. As I looked at the whirlwind, I saw what looked like a harvest sickle in the midst of the the hand of the Lord. I watched as the sickle began to fly across the valley of nations, and I watched what looked like tares being uprooted from among the wheat. I watched as the sickle flew and a great gathering and scattering of sheep and goat nations began to take place.

Then I heard the sound of weeping fill the valley of nations (a sound that filled the atmosphere), and as I drew nearer in the vision, I saw many nations crying out in repentance. As the mighty rainbow whirlwind moved across the valley of nations, I heard these words: "Watch, for My whirlwind of Elijah comes to turn the hearts of prodigal nations back to the heart of the Father." (Photo via Flickr)

Then I watched as those nations that were lying prostrate in repentance and full surrender before the hand of the Lord, in the midst of the violent winds of the whirlwind, were being protected and preserved from being scattered by the mighty winds of the rainbow whirlwind.

Then suddenly, I saw an altar rising in the midst of the valley of nations, and I heard these words: "Altars of awakening shall arise in the midst of the great shaking, and the fires of My glory shall fall upon the altars of awakening."

As I looked at the altar of awakening in the midst of the valley that was being shaken, I saw multitudes of people gathered around the altar, on their faces, crying out to the heavens—crying out in repentance. Suddenly the sound of their cries caused rainbow clouds, that had come together to form the mighty whirlwind, to break wide open. I watched as tongues of fire began to fall upon the altar and upon the people like heavy rainfall. Then I saw the heavens above the valley of nations split wide open like a heavy curtain.

Suddenly, I saw an ancient door appear in the heavens over the valley of nations, and I heard these words: "For I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved and go in and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I came that you may have life and have it abundantly!" (See John 10:9-10.)

Now, as I heard those words, I saw the ancient door open wide, and I watched as nations that were gathered around the altar began to step into and through the ancient door. A great light covered them like a thick blanket, and I heard these words, "Arise, shine, for your light has come" (see Isaiah 60).

Word Given on December 4, 2021: A Spiritual Show Down - Let My People Go!

The Lord has given me powerful words for 2022. He gave me the first word at the beginning of December. I heard the Spirit say, "Sheep nations in [an] exodus shall be led by a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. For My glory shall overshadow them and My fire shall protect and preserve them. I shall lead them to the land I have promised them!"

The Lord then led to me the book of Exodus and took me to the portion where Aaron's rod turned into a snake and swallowed up the other rods that had turned into snakes; the ones which belonged to the magicians and sorcerers of Pharaoh (see Exodus 7:8-12).

Consider also the budding of Aaron's rod: Hebrews 9:4 tells us that Aaron's rod remained in the Ark of the Covenant as a testimony of God's choice of Aaron and Moses to lead His people. Aaron's rod was also a reminder that God does not put up with rebellion against Himself or His chosen representatives on Earth (see 1 Corinthians 10:10).

Then I heard the Lord say this concerning 2022: "Listen for a cry of 'Let My people go' [that] will reverberate across the nations of the earth. For a great spiritual showdown has begun between the power and authority of the key of David vs. the power and authority of the counterfeit spirits of Leviathan. See! For it will be a showdown between satan's smoke and mirrors vs. beholding the power of God's glory made manifest in the nations of the earth. For ruling counterfeit spirits of light will seek to mimic and masquerade as the real and the genuine in the midst of the undiscerning and those [who] have chosen religion over intimate relationship.

"Therefore, beloved, listen and take heed and fear not and think it not strange. For My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts. For I will harden their hearts [so] that I may display the powers of My glory in the nations of the earth. Watch and pray! For have I not said, 'Be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves'? Watch! For now is the time when My governmental hand of justice and judgment will move to strike down the counterfeit powers of the serpent spirit of Leviathan that rages over the birthrights and destinies of the nations of the earth.

"Watch, for I say to you: the authority of the key of 22:22 shall be in your mouth, and you shall bind and loose, and He shall open and none shall shut; and He shall shut and none shall open. For the powers of the serpent spirit of Leviathan shall be swallowed up by the jaws of My truth, My righteousness, My justice and My victory!"

As I heard the Spirit speak these things to me, He then quickened to me the book of Isaiah, the 11th chapter. As I went to read the 11th chapter, which speaks of the seven-fold Spirits of God, I heard these words: "Watch, for My 11th hour kings and high priests are rising in this hour. For a divine convergence of the power of My seven Spirits is now taking place. For I shall pour out a double portion of My anointing upon the heads of My servant kings and high priests in this new era."

Then the Lord quickened to me the 22nd chapter of Isaiah (Isaiah 22:22) which says, "I will give him the key to the house of David—the highest position in the royal court. When he opens doors, no one will be able to close them; when he closes doors, no one will be able to open them." (Photo via Pixabay)

Then He led me to Matthew 16:19: "I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven."

Then the Spirit of Revelation took me back to Isaiah 22:22 and I heard these words: "For 2022 shall be a year of the key of David being laid upon the shoulders of My righteous remnant, and they shall rule and reign in the kingly anointing of David that shall break and shatter to pieces the heavy yoke of oppression and deception over the nations of the earth."

The Lord showed me a powerful, prophetic parallel between the word for 2022 (the spiritual showdown between the power and authority of the key of David vs. the power and authority of the counterfeit spirits of Leviathan) and the vision of the fatted calf being prepared for sheep nations that will return in repentance. I saw that as prodigal nations returned to the altar, they received the kingly robe, the key of David and a gold signet ring. This all symbolizes the governmental authority of the key of David. Sheep nations will begin to rule and reign in great power and victory over the antichrist spirit that will arise to govern over goat nations! We will see that the powers of the serpent spirit of Leviathan will be swallowed up by the jaws of truth, righteousness, justice and victory.

Vision Given on December 20, 2021: The Fatted Calf Has Been Prepared!

Now, amazingly, God then took me back into this encounter. Again, I saw an altar rising in the midst of the nations that had been gathered up by the rainbow whirlwind, and I saw a fatted calf lying upon the altar.

I heard the Spirit say, "Daughter, look! For the fatted calf has been prepared for prodigal nations. For a new Kingdom era of the gold signet ring, the royal robe and the key of the house of David has now begun!

"Watch, for prodigal nations that have eaten with the pigs will suddenly come to their senses and turn and return to the altar in repentance, and be fully redeemed and restored!"

Then suddenly, I saw two archangels of the Lord standing beside the altar. One held what looked like a royal robe and an ancient key in his hand, while the other held what looked like a gold signet ring.

Then I heard the Spirit say, "Watch! For at the altar of awakening, a gold signet ring of My power shall be put upon their finger[s], and royal robes of righteousness shall cover their nakedness, and the authority of the key of David shall be laid upon their shoulders. For the true identity and Kingdom destiny of prodigal nations shall be fully redeemed and restored at the altar of awakening!"

As I heard those words, suddenly I saw, again, a great door appear in the skies above me, and I could see the altar of awakening standing before the ancient door. I watched as prodigal nations, that had emerged from the dark valley of decision, were going before the altar of awakening and in deep repentance. Their cries filled the atmosphere.

Suddenly, I saw fire from Heaven fall upon the altar where the fatted calf was laid. As the fires of God's glory fell upon the altar, I saw the archangel of the Lord, with the royal robe and ancient key in his hand, step forward. The archangel who held the gold signet ring also stepped forward, and I watched as those that had been kneeling before the altar suddenly stood to their feet. I watched as one-by-one an ancient key was given, a royal robe was thrown over their shoulders, and a gold signet ring was put upon their fingers.

Then suddenly, I heard the sound of a lion's roar, and I heard these words: "Watch! For sheep nations shall arise at the sound – the roar – of the Lion of Judah, and they shall rule in righteousness and they [shall] reign in great power and authority over the nations of the earth!"

As I heard those words going forth over the prodigals and over the sheep nations that had returned to the altar, I heard the Spirit speak Isaiah 22:21-22, "I will clothe him with Your robe and fasten Your sash around him and hand Your authority over to him. He will be a father to those who live in Jerusalem and to the people of Judah. I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David. What he opens, no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open!

Now, As I heard the Spirit speak those words, suddenly my eyes were drawn back to the great door which stood behind the altar, and I heard these words: "Come up here and I will show you what must take place after this!"

[To watch Veronika West's recent interview on Elijah Streams click here.]

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Veronika West has been anointed and appointed by God as a prophetic voice to the nations. Veronika has a heart to see everyone in the Body of Christ fully activated and released in their Kingdom identity, purpose and destiny. Being born and raised in Africa, she also has a passion for deliverance ministry and seeing the hand of God set free the captives that are bound. She enjoys teaching the Word of God through practical application and supernatural impartation. Veronika heads up Ignite Ireland Ministries, and currently teaches a broad range of prophetic truths to those who are actively seeking to walk in deeper realms and dimensions of the prophetic ministry and office. Veronika is married to Andrew West, and together they have two children.

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