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Bill Lackie: "God Said, 'Batten Down the Hatches'"

Bill Lackie
Jan 22, 2022

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

This is a really good word from Bill Lackie of CI (Christian International).

The Lord gave him very key, detailed revelations, and they are straight to the point, which I greatly appreciate.

The Lord spoke this word to Bill in a dream: "Batten down the hatches."

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Gather Not Scatter

Recently the Lord gave me a dream. In this dream, I was at our local church (in the gymnasium), watching people fill the room and sit at round tables that were set and decorated. As they began to sit down, getting ready for the special lunch after church, only one person would go to one table, and so on. So each table became occupied by only one person, leaving many people standing.

As I was watching this, I heard the Lord say, "Gather, not scatter." When His voice filled the air, I saw the people who were once standing now filling the empty chairs. I realized that God was calling for connection all over the gymnasium. Then I heard the word "unity," and everyone joined hands. The atmosphere all over the gymnasium changed. It was charged with power.

In every situation where Christians were joined in prayer, fellowship, teaching, training, projects, etc., the voice of the Lord was speaking, "Gather, not scatter."

The final thing He said to me in the dream was "Batten down the hatches."

10 Insights to Help Us Gather

1. Hindrance to gathering often resides in the hearts of Christians. Many Christians have not been healed from the brokenness that has come into their hearts through relational division. When someone gets offended and separates from a group (because the hurt feels devastating), they become afraid to connect again. This fear causes them to become suspicious of relationship, and it hinders the unity that the Lord is asking for. Until that person gets healing from the hurt, they will find it difficult to connect.

2. Healthy people connecting to healthy people will find themselves open to many relationships, because they are used to reproducing relationships with others, and they find their relationships strong and fulfilling. (Photo via Unsplash)

3. Bonding requires a first step: talking and communicating in an open way. If someone is defensive, it will hinder the entire group. So, it's important to work on openness in all of our relationships. We must work at any insecurity we may have that causes a withholding. Each step is a strong foundation for the next relational step. Keep working at it.

4. Unity in relationship requires more than connecting; it requires a deepening choice to connect with God and His purpose through people. In particular, it requires choosing the vision of the 'house' through the lead person(s) who is birthing the vision. It requires maturity to sacrifice your voice or vision for the unity of the 'house vision.'

5. Dying to self is a basic but profound principle for all Christians. God will advance your vision when you allow Him to bring "death" to your vision by giving place to the house vision and those whom the Lord uses in your church to implement the house vision. Most offense happens through differences in personalities as well as a lack of effective communication. Often, people who are angry, fearful, rejected, confused, defensive, etc. cause hindrances in communication. Dying to self is a choice that causes us to promote others before we are promoted.

6. Laying down one's life for others is a principle that Jesus lived by when He was on Earth. He never let go of His God-given purpose, leading the disciples into their place, ready to birth and grow their destiny. Jesus divested Himself of Heaven in order to open Heaven on Earth to all He ministered to. Laying down our lives is a very important principle to walk in...dying to self. It is also the most effective way to grow the vision of those whom God has positioned you to mentor.

7. Along with facing our areas of insecurity, it is also important to know how to help heal people who are hurt. Hurt people hurt others. When hurt occurs in relationships it also tears a hole in the nets the Lord has used to connect us. So when difficulty occurs in relationships, we must focus on how we can heal the connection. I call it "mending the nets."

8. Building the Church is not building it with more numbers (although it may increase the numbers). Building the Church means building their maturity, connection and skill. Maturity and mentorship are the top focus that God desires for every Christian. It may require more work; however, if we work smarter, not harder, we will be amazed at how the Church Body will build itself.

9. The mighty Church of Jesus Christ is arising. The Holy Spirit has been at work for many years in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. As a result, people are answering the call to maturity and mentorship. The Church is now ready to rise up and demonstrate the power of God. The greatest power is "Love." (Photo via Pexels)

10. There is an anointing that's residing within the mighty Church, and it is released to heal and empower Believers through worship, relationships and living life. People who know nothing about the zoe life of God are healed, restored and brought to LIFE. What an inheritance! This Church is full of unity for the divine destination of this living organism—the mighty Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

10 Revelations on How to 'Batten Down the Hatches'

"Batten down the hatches" is defined as:

• Nautical: Secure a ship's hatch-tarpaulins, especially when rough weather is expected.

• Prepare for a difficulty or crisis; 'a natural tendency in times of recession is to batten down the hatches.'

After the Lord spoke this word to me, I received the following revelations about what this phrase means for the Church.

To batten down the hatches means:

1) to sharpen our warfare

2) to be alert for a coming storm

3) to unify in order to gain greater power and defense

4) 'to connect strongly to' every connection God has given us; to fortify!

5) to acknowledge that we need one another

6) to secure every 'God-given authority' relationship

7) to rise and be alert for action

8) the team accomplishes more than the individual

9) test all your warfare tools

10) be ready to push the button.

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Bill Lackie
Frontline International

Bill and LaRue Lackie have served the Body of Christ in various capacities: on staff at many local churches, traveling all over the United States and the nations, and traveling and ministering in local churches. They have strong roots in the local church to train, equip and release, and they have mighty doors of opportunity to activate, impart, demonstrate and "reproduce reproducers" in the Body of Christ. They are currently on staff as elders and part of a pastoral team at Vision Church, Christian International. Their ministry together has been characterized by the "Passion and Love" they have for the Lord and every move of God. Bill's and LaRue's heart is to impact and transform lives. Fullness and fruitfulness are the testimony of the Lackies after 45 years of seasoned ministry.

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