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How to finance a global ministry

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Jan 14, 2022

Dear Elijah List,

You know who needed MONEY to finance his earthly ministry?

Jesus did.

And you know who else needed MONEY to finance their ministries?

Every person who ever had an important message to share with the world, and who actually succeeded in getting it out there - including the Apostle Paul, Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Oswald Chambers, Billy Graham, and many more.

And if you have a big dream to...

... Travel the world
... Start an orphanage
... Speak to crowds of 5,000+
... Share a message God gave you
... Then YOU TOO are going to have to make some serious moo-lah... to see your dream come true-lah.

But don't worry...

Financing a ministry is not nearly as hard as most people think!

Especially when you know the answer to THIS red-hot question:

What are the most effective ways to make money in 2022 — so you can start financing your dream ministry and have the life you really want?

I will thoroughly answer this question during Kingdom Builders Live 2022.

By teaching you the simple strategy for making money online - which has the power to solve your money problems once and for all.

And if you think I'm exaggerating.

Or "hyping" up the power of what I am about to teach you.

I ask you to suspend your disbelief for a moment... and read the below stories of what my students have achieved - after joining my Inner Circle, learning this strategy, and putting it into practice:

WHY is this money-making strategy which I'll be teaching at Kingdom Builders Live 2022 so effective?

Four reasons:

(1) It requires very little capital to start. So basically anyone can use it

(2) It uses several kinds of "leverage," which allow you to make big money with relatively small effort. The low end for what you can make is around $5k/mo... and the high end is around $30k/mo. That being said, I have personally known people who used this method to make $100k/mo or more... though these results aren't typical.

(3) Its really fun work - plus once you've built some momentum, you only need to be at your computer for 5-15 hours a week

(4) For reasons I'll explain on Kingdom Builders Live, this "strategy" is actually becoming MORE viable and MORE lucrative with time... rather than less viable and less lucrative


I've spent quite enough time talking about this strategy.

If you are ready to USE it...

And PROFIT from it...

Then get yourself registered for this event now:

Tamara Lowe
New York Times bestselling author
Founder, Kingdom Builders Academy

For More Information:

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