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Gretchen Rodriguez: "This Is Your Stabilizing Force"

Gretchen Rodriguez
Jan 8, 2022

Intro from Brian Simmons:

Steve Shultz Gretchen Rodriguez is a friend, a prophetic scribe, and an anointed author. I've known her and her husband Len for many years. They have been missionaries of love to the nations and carry a call to bring this generation closer to Christ.

I love the way Gretchen walks with the God of glory. Many can testify to how her words have impacted their hearts and adjusted their thinking to seeing God in a new light.

I, personally, have enjoyed working with Gretchen as a co-author of some of our popular devotional books. I know you'll love this insightful, powerful word from Gretchen. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Brian Simmons
The Passion Translation Project

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"Tell Them I Love Them"

The Lord has a word of encouragement for you through a prophetic vision He gave me for His Bride. My prayer was, "Lord, how would You encourage them? What is on your heart for your Bride?"
Instantly, and with such tender affection, I heard, "Tell them I love them." His words came with an impartation of hope, and I saw weary ones who had been sitting in darkness, slowly lifting their faces to the sun as if they hadn't felt its warmth in ages.

The Eyes of the Lord Run to and Fro

As I, too, lifted my face into the warmth of perfect, radiant love, my vision shifted into the heavens. I was standing above the earth with the Father, whose eyes were locked on our planet. He was hovering over the earth, brooding over it as He did at creation. I heard rumblings and screeches of wickedness that made me feel momentarily confused and afraid for our future, but negativity couldn't stick to me because I was close to the Father.

From various points on Earth, darkness oozed into the sky like an upside-down oil spill, and putrid gases spread in multiple directions. It seemed that the planet wasn't rotating as smoothly as it was meant to be. This didn't feel like a warning of something to come but instead portrayed the current spiritual condition of leaders and citizens alike. I believe it was a mixture of fear, control, hopelessness, and deception. There was so much unrest and fear shaking the earth that it was noticeable from above. Again, sadness began to weigh on my heart until I noticed tiny lights flickering like stars, shimmering through the dense darkness. The lights released the sound of worship to our King; songs of love and words of devotion rising, despite every opposition.

I turned to the Father, whose countenance was filled with both compassion and determination. He leaned in closer and sniffed with delight at what I knew were fragrant offerings—scents of devotion coming from the Bride of Christ. Then He bent closer, His head moving into the earth's atmosphere. I heard, "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him..." (2 Chronicles 16:9). (Photo via Flickr)

It's difficult to put into words the expressions of compassion and composure that I saw on His face. Wisdom, power, and majesty were moving in and around Him like the ebb and flow of an ocean. This immediately put my heart at rest. I knew that our Father was taking care of everything. My heart stirred with expectancy as I thought of Revelation 7:10 (emphasis mine): "With a great voice they shouted these words: 'Salvation belongs to our God who sits upon the throne and to the Lamb!'"

Again, He was above the world, but now as Jesus. I'm not able to explain how I knew it was Jesus. It was only something I felt, not what I saw. He reached out and wrapped the earth in His arms, enclosing it with His body. This amplified the sounds of love, which became louder than the distracting, confusing noises I'd heard before.

His gaze was focused on what He held, and I leaned in to see what He was looking at. Multitudes of people were trying to find their footing and balance themselves, but there were so many voices shouting directions at them that they weren't sure what to do. They seemed to have a type of vertigo. In desperation, one by one, and in small groups, people began to kneel. In humility, as if remembering something they'd forgotten or perhaps forsaken, many bowed their hearts before the Lord. Everyone was in a different situation or trial with varying levels of faith and hope, but the commonality was their posture and the flicker of light inside them.


In response, the Lord released what felt like a holy resolve that came as a grace for supernatural strengthening. This grace was like the Aurora Borealis in appearance, and it was green in color. (Green can symbolize new life, new beginnings, growth, and restoration.)

I found myself back on Earth, bowed with the rest of the Bride. Wondrous peace and holy resolve settled over us and permeated into us, and as it did, we stood. Then the Lord said, "Stability," and I understood that He was giving us the grace to stand stable and sure-footed, but that we were responsible to maintain it.

He directed my attention to our feet. Our left foot was partially inside of a Bible opened to Proverbs chapter three. The theme of this chapter is wisdom, which will steady us in the days ahead. The importance of reading and pondering the Word with the Holy Spirit will be vital to our stability. Believe for greater revelation of this incredible chapter and any other scriptures that He highlights to you. If Scripture reading feels dry, I encourage you to ask the Lord for a fresh love for His Word, and honor it, remembering that it is perfect wisdom for every situation. (Photo via Public Domain Pictures)

The other foot was in a gently moving, narrow river. I felt Jesus' hands wrapped around my ankles and pressing into the top of my foot. It made me feel secure without fear of tripping on the rocks beneath my feet. At first, I wanted to step forward, but He restricted my foot from moving. Another time He nudged my foot in a specific direction so that I knew which way to go, but a moment later, I couldn't tell which was His guidance, something else brushing against my skin, or if I was influenced by the sounds around me. To discern, I had to close my eyes, still my soul, and focus on my connection with the Lord. Only then could I feel the gentle pressure of His hands and the water.

The Lord has heard us, and He is responding to those whose hearts are postured before Him in dependence and surrender. In love, He is strengthening us and teaching us that stability happens through prioritizing our relationship with Him. By sensitizing ourselves to the Word and His Spirit (symbolized by the Bible and the water, both washing and guiding us), we will be stable and secure in ways that have nothing to do with the state of the world. This is where we experience the peace that surpasses understanding. This is when our ears shall hear a word behind us, saying, "...'This is the way, walk in it,' whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left" (Isaiah 30:21).

The Lord started this encounter by asking me to tell you that He loves you. This is what He wants you to remember and carry into your new season. Love is your stabilizing force. As you take this word to heart, knowing that it is God's 'love reply' to you, and do your part to slow down and ponder it with Him, you will find your balance, your peace, and fresh perspective.

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Gretchen Rodriguez
Gretchen Rodriguez Ministries

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Gretchen Rodriguez is a writer, dancer and ballet teacher. Her heart burns with one main message: Intimacy with Jesus and discovering the reality of His presence. She co-authored Prayers on Fire, 365 Days Praying the Psalms, The Divine Romance: 365 Days Meditating on the Song of Songs and Ever-Present Love: 365 Days Discovering Jesus in the Gospels, with Brian Simmons. She and her husband invested nine years as missionaries in Puerto Rico, along with their three daughters. They now make California their home.

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