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"I was sitting at my desk praying, crying..."

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Jan 12, 2022

Dear Elijah List,

My heart breaks for Christians who have tried and tried and tried to build their ministries or businesses, but have been frustrated, lied to, misinformed, and ripped off.

And I hear about them every single day.

It's like hearing about people suffering from a disease that has a cure.

I want to scream, "You don't have to suffer! There is a better way!"

But all the lies, misinformation and incompetence in my industry makes it hard for most everyday Christians to actually realize their potential and become successful writers, speakers, and coaches.

There is just so much NOISE. So much JUNK. So much mistrust.

So, if you are skeptical and frustrated, I get it.

And I want to make it as easy as possible for you to see if my strategies could be the solution you've been looking for...

That's why I decided to make Kingdom Builders Live! My 3-day, online event FREE.

Over the course of 3 days, I will deliver some of the same strategies I've taught at my $1,000+ live in-person events over the years. The same strategies I share with my millionaire coaching clients.

But now they're free.

No risk.

All I ask is that you...

    •  shut the door to your bedroom or office
    •  turn on your computer
    •  click the link I'll send you in the email
    •  tune everything else out
    •  and just listen with an open mind.

If, by the end of Day One, you don't believe that my strategies are the most effective, affordable and fastest methods for increasing your income, impact and influence for the Kingdom...

Don't come back for Day Two.

Just give me one day.

Because if you've struggled with increasing your income and impact, isn't it worth a few hours of your time to see if 2022 is the year you can finally see results like these...

I Made $44,000 in Two Weeks when I Launched My Coaching Program. $344,000 the First Year... And Now I Have TWO 6-Figure Income Streams.

Although I had a successful career in the fitness industry, I was experiencing burnout and my heart was no longer committed. I wanted to work from home as a coach and consultant. So I left my 20+ year career to pursue my dream. The problem... it wasn't going well. I had already built a website and had a blog, but I lacked clarity on how to acquire clients or what to do next.

Tamara showed me how to launch and scale a coaching program right away. I made $44,000 in the first two weeks! A month later, I scaled to a $344,000 annual income and completely sold out my coaching program!

I now have TWO 6-figure income streams, I'm living debt free and have my dream schedule!

-Caity Hunt, Austin, TX

Click here to save your free spot at Kingdom Builders Live!
Create or Replace a Six-Figure Income in 2022.

#1 Bestselling Book, Impacting Countless Lives, and a 6-Figure Income.

After 17 years of serving women in ministry I was sitting at my desk praying, crying and asking the Lord what to do next. I needed a new model to expand the ministry but I didn't know what to do. I felt drained and defeated.

Tamara showed me how to automate our ministry to serve more women globally while cutting our travel expenses and providing an affordable platform for our students. I couldn't be happier with the results!

-Michele Jones, Reston VA

Click here to save your free spot at Kingdom Builders Live!
No more frustration, just 3 days of proven 6- and 7-figure strategies!

No more crying at your desk!

Michele and Caity are just two of the literally hundreds of Christians I've coached from frustration, tears, and 6- and 7-figure careers as speakers, authors, and coaches.

There is a better way for you.

And I want you to discover it in 2022.

I want this year to be the year you finally rise up and achieve all God has planned for you.

But you have to take the first free step...

Tamara Lowe
New York Times bestselling author
Founder, Kingdom Builders Academy

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