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Please put this on your calendar ASAP

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Jan 11, 2022

Wednesday - Friday, January 19 - 21 @ 12:00 - 4:00pm US Eastern Time.

Please block that off in your calendar ASAP. Preferably in red. And with BIG, BOLD letters... so there's NO chance that you forget this date and accidentally double-book yourself.

Go ahead, do it right now!

"But why? What on earth is happening on Jan 19-21?"

Something which could drastically change your entire year... and "shock" your business-building, and ministry-making efforts into a season of unprecedented growth... and quite possibly alter the rest of your life for the better.

No, I'm not "hyping" this thing up. In fact...

... all that may very well be an UNDERestimation of the significance of January 19-21. And here's why...

Around this time last year I ran a breakthrough 3-Day Live Online Event... which taught people a detailed, 12-month road map showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it — so that you accomplish far more in 1 year than most people accomplish in 5 years. It's what I call my "Inner Circle System."

The event was a MASSIVE success; nearly 20,000 people signed up for the event... and when they learned this 12-month system, it was like humans discovering the wheel for the first time:

"Oh my GOSH, this thing is gonna help me get SO much further than I thought possible."

But the secrets and stories shared during that event have long since been locked up; the replays have been taken down, and it will likely never be publicly viewable again.
The recordings are no longer available for sale.


On Jan 19-21, for a brief, 3-day window...

I've decided to run a "sequel" training.

... where you can, one last time, learn my proven 12-month plan for starting and scaling a lucrative influencer brand. Plus, I'll unveil TWO Brand-New Masterclasses for Writers, Speakers, and Coaches that I've been relentlessly working on for the past 3-months!

CLICK HERE to Register for KINGDOM BUILDERS LIVE 2022 Right Now
[Seats limited to 3,000]

Just ask the thousands of people who experienced the last live event... this event could change the rest of your life.

The content I'll be teaching has made many a 6-to-7-figure influencer.

It has helped hundreds become #1 bestselling authors.

And it has freed my top proteges to STOP investing the majority of their time and money in what does not excite them... and to START earning money, impacting lives, and traveling the world, while doing the things that light their hearts on fire.

For example?

Here's just a small sample of the results my proteges are getting using my Inner Circle System (which I'll be teaching at Kingdom Builders Live 2022)...

"From the first day I started listening to Tamara, the favor of God increased. No matter what I did, it seemed that I hit wall after wall — for years. But since I started following Tamara's advice, the favor of God has overwhelmed me! Doors just keep flying open, one after another!"
-Dr. DAVID NICO, Ph.D., Author of "The Diet Diagnosis"

"Thanks to Tamara Lowe, I'm a 7-figure entrepreneur, I'm living out my purpose, and my latest bestselling book just got endorsed by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Tony Dungy!
-BRIAN BOSCHE, Author and Political Commentator

"Since I found Tamara Lowe and Kingdom Builders Academy I picked up 9 clients in less than 2 weeks, I have extra money in all of my accounts, I have been able to tithe and give on a bigger scale, and I feel like my heart has been cleaned out with a roto-rooter! Thank you feels rather insufficient... But, thank you."
-JAN GOSS-GIBSON, Transformational Speaker, Coach and Trainer

And you too can learn the "secret system" which fueled these proteges to such impressive heights...

... if you join us on January 19-21 (LIVE at 12PM EST):

>>Learn the "Inner Circle System" used by my top proteges<<
[Seats limited to 3,000]

Last time we did this, this event utterly changed those who attended; it was a landmark moment.

And I have no doubt that this event — the "sequel" — will utterly change even more lives.

The only question is, will one of them be yours?

Tamara Lowe
New York Times bestselling author
Founder, Kingdom Builders Academy

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