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Prophetic Glory 2022 Critical Streaming event

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Jan 7, 2022


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Jan 14 – 16, 2022

The 'Prophetic Glory 2022 Streaming' event could be the most urgent prophetic update streaming event that could radically change your life and shift your course for the days ahead!

2022 is going to be the most earth-changing pivotal year we have ever seen in a generation and in our lifetime and we have seen a lot in the past 2 years already, but America and the nations are about to shift like never before!

Major Biblical and world event are about to occur in 2022 that will forever alter life as we know it! God wants His people to know what is about to occur and what He is planning and what His strategy is for God's people so we cannot just survive but thrive!

The tribe of the 'Sons of Issachar' had a gift to know what season Israel was in and secondly what they needed to do to pivot into God's plan. Believers and the Church today more than ever need to know what is about to occur, so they are not caught unaware and how to shift so that we are all opening at 100% and nothing is stopping the advance of the Gospel despite the current end time shakings that are about to take place.

We are super excited to have prophetic generals of the joining us for the Prophetic Glory 2022 online streaming experience.

In January, many people start to seek God for the year ahead and it's a time when people are just coming off the holiday and re-focusing on the things of God. Many are also in a season of fasting this month seeking God for direction. This streaming event is a must watch event so you will know what is coming and how to prepare and be fully equipped for the year ahead!

Join us daily 7pm MST/ 10pm EST
10am MST/1pm EST for replays

Click to Register 'Prophetic Glory 2022' - Free Streaming Event

Feel free to share this email with your friends and family. We don't want anyone to miss this powerful event.

   вЂў  Know what major national and world events are to occur
   вЂў  Understand how to prepare yourself for the changes coming
   вЂў  Learn how to position yourself for maximum effectiveness
   вЂў  How to see the end time harvest come during these events
   вЂў  How to move from fear into great confidence and boldness
   вЂў  Experience the power of God during the event
   вЂў  Hear God more clearly for your life
   вЂў  Understand coming shifts in the economy
   вЂў  How to live in a greater Glory necessary for the times

This 3-day event will be a powerful wake up call to commission us to our posts and thrive in the times ahead no matter what happens. We also believe the Glory of God will manifest through the broadcast with healings, miracles, deliverance and answered prayer as well as our prayer line which will be active during the days of the initial broadcast.


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