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Jennifer Martin: "The Greatest Youth Revival Is Here!"

Jennifer Martin
Dec 20, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

This is one fiery word written under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Jennifer Martin has been having Tent Revival Meetings this year and so many miracles have been pouring out.

The YOUTH are front and center in this amazing article in which Jennifer shares:

A Message to the Young Generation: I want you to know that I see you. I hear you. I've watched you and I've seen the oppression that the enemy has put on you. I also see the fire and passion and the fight in your hearts for what is right. God put that there because your generation is going to be the one that brings in the Greatest Harvest. And this harvest starts right now, in 2022.

No matter what your age, the insight in this word is one you'll want to grab ahold of.

I also know many of our seasoned readers have been praying for a mighty move in the youth...well, God is answering your prayers too! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)



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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


Little did I know that every dream I've had over the past few years, and every prophetic word I've released, would become a reality beginning this year. I know this will continue throughout 2022.

Revival Is Here: Release of the Dark Horse Youth

It all began under a white tent off the side of the interstate, on April 22, 2021. I stepped directly into the prophetic word of the "dark horse" youth being released!

I call them "dark horses" because a dark horse is someone unknown and unseen who comes out of nowhere and creates unexpected success. A dark horse is the unexpected winner of the race.

There are many dark horses on the earth right now that are not known. An entire generation is coming forward that the enemy does not expect. They are the dark horses, and some of them are the dark horse youth. I stepped into this youth revival and am seeing it with my own eyes. I am now seeing the beginning of what I believe will be the greatest youth harvest we have ever seen!

I am seeing parents beginning to wake up and prioritize their children above all and watch over them, not allowing them to drown and burn. I am seeing an entire generation learn what it means to break generational curses and lay the ax to the root of the tree as Jesus did. I am seeing a generation step into the fullness of Christ. I am seeing the spirit of Elijah released to join the generations. I am seeing the youth becoming so hungry for the presence of God that the adults are getting set on fire just like I saw in one of my dreams. I am seeing what true worship looks like.

I am seeing all these things come together to bring about a complete harvest. I have seen all of this with my own two eyes over the last few months. The Church is coming back to her first love and coming out of false teachings and doctrines, returning to the simplicity of Christ and the power of the Cross! This all came to pass under a little white tent. I could not have dreamed of the things that would soon take place as we met for a four-day revival weekend by the side of the interstate.

I'm sitting here weeping, thinking about all that has taken place as I look back over this year. What began on that day has not stopped! The power of God that we experienced during those first four days shook us to our very core. My revival team and I have seen so many miracles, and hundreds of people delivered from demonic spirits. This awoke us to the reality that God wants to set His children free!

A holy fear and awe of the Lord swept through that place as we watched the Holy Spirit, night after night, heal people, deliver people of demons, draw many to Jesus, and fill little children with the Holy Spirit. I've never seen so many people delivered of demonic spirits in my twenty years of ministry. I've never seen the power of God move on this level. I've never seen so many young people become radically changed by one touch from Jesus. Redemption and restoration flooded through that tent and has continued to spread through families and states all across America, as people who visited the revival have gone home to see everything change!

We had people show up from almost every state across America! People even came from Canada! What kind of visitation draws people from all over North America to a tent? What kind of love is this that God bestowed upon us, that we should be called the children of God (1 John 3)?

I cannot explain in words the raw love of God that saturated our beings as we gathered at that tent together, night after night, for one thing: to love Jesus. The Holy Spirit responded to our love, and we could not shut down this holy move of the Lord. We extended the meetings after those four days and continued every single night.

We had rented the land by the interstate for only thirty days, and at the end of that time, we had to move on because of city permits and regulations on commercial property. God opened up an opportunity for us to use a church every week so that we could continue gathering as the Holy Spirit moved on hungry and broken people to set them free.

One of the thumbprints (a signature sign which I saw God do consistently) that really broke me, in a good way, was how the Holy Spirit touched the youth. I knew something special was happening. I have ministered for over twenty years and have never seen young children touched on such a deep level, weeping as trauma was being healed in their little hearts. Even teenagers were experiencing the love of God, and would weep on their knees as God healed them. Some nights, they would experience the joy of the Holy Spirit. They would be oblivious to everything else happening under that tent as the joy of the Lord could be seen on their face; their eyes closed and faces shining with joy as they encountered Him. (Photo via Pexels)

What kind of visitation is this, when young children are experiencing the love of God on such a deep level? It is holy. It is pure. It is God. And it wasn't just happening one night, here and there; it was happening almost every single revival meeting. I knew that God had begun something very precious. This is His love for a generation that has had to walk through the deepest darkness this world has ever seen. Does God not see what our youth are walking through day by day? He does see, and He is responding. He is answering the cries of their heart for something real, for something that heals, for something that changes everything. He has answered. He has come. Revival is here.

Testimony from the Tent

REVIVAL IS SPREADING THROUGH FAMILIES! Read this testimony from one family that has been forever changed from their time at the tent revival:


We had no idea what we were walking into last Saturday night; we had only just heard about the tent revival and knew nothing about you or your ministry at all (not quite a typical activity for us). The first time I actually laid eyes on you was when I stumbled up to the front of the altar and saw you casting demons out of my sweet teenage daughter.

I've been a Spirit-filled Believer for two decades. I passionately love the Lord and have been dreaming prophetically and praying for revival for years. I had zero experience with what I was witnessing. I felt such deep grief that my girl had been in torment for so long, and I didn't have the discernment to help her fully. There are no words to describe the ache of gratitude in my mother's heart to see another mama loving my daughter with such fierceness and fiery love; that would sit in the hay and wipe the demonic spit off her sweet face while you contended for her freedom. I was stunned and could only pray in the spirit and agree with you.

Her deliverance was so compelling in the spirit [that] the next night we loaded up cars full of people, walked through the mud and the rain, thinking, "What are we doing right now? This feels nuts! [It's] Mothers Day - here we were in the dirt and water and mud with no lights and no heat but full of raw fresh faith." And I stood in awe of the Lord as another unsuspecting night unfolded, and you spent the second night in a row casting demons out of another one of our family members. My mother's heart was shattering with gratitude and love. I felt like a puddle of surrender and brokenness of thankfulness to the Lord and to you. It was sacrificial love with such audacity.

After you prayed for me and a few other members of our family, the Holy Spirit began to come on me in a way it never had before. I've warred in the spirit before, but I could feel it building to a capacity like never before.

That night, as I lay down in my bed exhausted and thankful and broken and full, the Holy Spirit just started pouring out on me like fire. I could feel the demonic pressing in on my chest, so I surrendered to this powerful anointing I had been witnessing. Until almost five in the morning, waves of the Holy Spirit poured over me, and demonic influences that I didn't even know were there left. I saw my ceiling open like a portal to Heaven. I saw demons fleeing my room and angels coming in more and more. Finally, at 5 a.m., I fell asleep for two hours. I woke up at 7 a.m., and the filling of the Spirit continued with intensity until about 1 p.m. that day.

It is multiplying throughout our family, and our house is so full of the glory of God we can hardly do "normal life." My family members are being baptized in the hot tub in the backyard and filled with the Holy Spirit. Revival has broken out in our family, [with] confessions, deliverance, prayer, laughter, joy, love, and fullness like never before; love and joy and gratitude and prayer to an anointed level I've never experienced before.

They talk about you like you're an auntie they love so much. So we love you, and we are beyond thankful for you. That word feels so small. We know it is the Lord, and we are also thankful for your faithfulness and obedience and your love. Jennifer, the anointing of God's love on you is so powerful; it's stunningly beautiful in the spirit. My kids want to be just like you. What more could I ask for?

Thank you for helping us get free. We are believing it is the first fruits of revival – and we want in! Revival is happening in our house, and I pray it keeps happening like this until there is wildfire spread all over. We love you so much.

-from a completely transformed family who wanted to share their story with you!



To this day, this family has been with me, plowing in the harvest fields alongside me to see others set free the way they were.

As we continued weekly with the revival, it seemed that the power of God would never lift. Even to this day, as I have been traveling all over America, He continues to set people free of demons, fill youth with the Holy Spirit, heal deep trauma in hearts, and heal people's bodies of sickness. I can see now, more than ever, that God is ready and willing and so passionate about making people whole. All He needs is willing servants who will walk with Him, yield to Him, and let Him do what He wants to do. (Photo via Jennifer Martin)

I feel strongly in my heart right now that this young generation is going to answer that desire in God's heart. They don't want to see religion anymore; they don't want to do the programs; they don't want to be stuck in a routine. They want to be free. So I write to this young generation:

A Message to the Young Generation

I want you to know that I see you. I hear you. I've watched you and I've seen the oppression that the enemy has put on you. I also see the fire and passion and the fight in your hearts for what is right. God put that there because your generation is going to be the one that brings in the Greatest Harvest. And this harvest starts right now, in 2022.

God has ordained this year for your generation to walk in the harvest anointing. My generation is going to walk side-by-side with you and prepare you for what is ahead. That is why this great anointing of deliverance is upon us right now, so that the Body of Christ can get free of everything that is not of God; free of religion; free of the bondage.

We are coming back to the simplicity of the power of Christ and His resurrection. That is what will set people free. His love will come and His power is going to fill people. He's going to break every chain and they are going to run to Him, and we will be there to hold them as they finally melt into the arms of Jesus.

I want you young people to know that I am here for you. I'm here to champion you, to cheer you on, to lead you, to guide you, to direct you in all the ways of God and in His truth. I pray with all of my heart that I can be a model of the love of God to you and show you that it is possible. And that there is more. There is so much more. God is going to allow us to see it with our own two eyes.

A Message to the Entire Generation: We Are the Dark Horses

I speak to this entire generation now, young and old: You cannot give up. You cannot stop this fight. We are in a war with darkness but we are the ones who get to win. We are the victorious ones. We are the dark horses. The enemy will not have time to stop us because he won't be able to see us. We will be hidden in the midst of his dark plans by the light of Jesus Christ. He will be blinded by the power of God and rendered powerless, defeated by the Blood of Jesus Christ. It's time for us to know this truth, to stand up, and set the others free.

I'm extending a baton to all of you, including you young people. I'm asking you to run with me. I'm asking you to stand up and take your place. This is your time. God has chosen you. You're not too young to pray for someone and see them set free. All you need to do is believe and put 100% of your trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to set that person free.

Will you enter this race with me? We can run shoulder to shoulder, head to head, heart to heart; running with one vision, one mind, one Spirit. I'm fighting for you in my prayers and in my heart.

I can barely say these words as I sit here weeping. I want you to know that I really do love you. I have been given a special gift from the Lord to really love people and to really care about them, and I want you to know that I do. For me, it's not about the ministry; it's not about the books; it's not about all the revival meetings where I go to speak. It's about the freedom I see on your faces. I told myself I would do it all over again just for one of you, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

It's time. It's time for the truth. It's time for people who really love others to come forward to the front line. It's time for the true warriors of love to arise. I'm ready to see as many people healed and delivered as I can, and I know that you guys are ready too. This is my heart; this is God's heart; and this is our mission.

The Mystery of 222 Revealed

There is so much to the significance of 222. God made this more clear to me, as He began to unravel the mystery of 222 as pointing to a generation that would be released in 2022. (I would recommend reading my book "Awaken: The Dark Horse Prophet," which you can download right here on the Elijah List store.)

When I first heard God begin to talk to me about 222, I had no idea that He would connect it with the prophetic word about the dark horses being released. He spoke to my heart that it was to correlate with this Scripture:

"It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with Him." (Daniel 2:22)

This generation is hidden in the midst of great darkness by God Himself. This is why this word is amazing on so many levels. They are the dark horses...unseen, hidden in darkness, with the light of God inside of them. In 2022, this generation will not only ride through the darkness, but God's light will dwell with them and they will overcome – first in their own lives; then they will saddle up and ride for others to be free.

Dark Horse Youth, you have a huge part in this generation. You are the generation that will reveal the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. Time to saddle up!

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Jennifer Martin
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