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Barry Wunsch: "I Am Removing the Veil! Words for US, Canada & Australia"

Barry Wunsch
Dec 17, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzMany of our neighbors up north have told us they want to hear from Canadian prophetic voices to encourage them as well.

Well, we've heard you! Barry Wunsch is a prophet from Canada that you will most definitely want to hear from. Not only does he release powerful words for Canada, but also for the US and the nations of the earth.

He also shared much of this during our interview with him a few days ago on Elijah Streams, which you can watch right here.

With that, I'll let you get to reading these potent words for both the US and Canadian Supreme Courts, including words for both nations, and our friends in Australia too.

Warning...some will SHOCK YOU, and I'll leave it at that.

This is a bit longer, so grab a cup of coffee and get ready to pray over Barry's word. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Standing and praying with you,


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Prophetic Word Released on November 9, 2021:

A Word for the U.S. Supreme Court: "I Am Removing the Veil"

Recently, I was taken up [in the spirit] onto the Supreme Court steps. I heard the Lord of hosts say, "Roberts...John Roberts, your days are numbered. You think you are in control? You are delusional. Never before [has] there ever been such corruption in this chamber. I am removing the veil for all to see.

"You have ruled this land with unjust deeds and actions. You have held open the gates to the enemy over this nation. You and your gatekeepers are nothing for Me. Your backroom deals are coming to light. You are not who you say you are, and the American people that I love shall soon see. Your little black book is coming out. Your Rolodex is being put on display. People will be shocked when they see this web.

"I am sweeping through this house. Every closet, every corner shall be swept clean. For I am doing a deep cleansing in this land, and it shall start here. You have made laws that are going to burn. When I am done, they will be in ashes. And the gates of Hell shall be closed in these chambers, and courts across this land. The kangaroo courts shall be closed once and for all! I am dismantling the evil, demonic structures that you have built. No longer shall they offer you protection. They are coming down. When I am done, you won't know what hit you!

"I am coming for My children...the little ones...the innocent, the weak, the vulnerable. The bloodshed shall be stopped. There has been wailing between the porch and altar. There has been travail. There had been pain and anguish. I have seen it all, I have heard it all, and it has captured My heart.

"So, watch Me and work with Me, My people, as I 'overturn' this court back into a righteous chamber. I am positioning and preparing those whom I have called and ordained to rule with righteousness and justice in this land. Pennsylvania Avenue shall be redeemed once again. As surely as the cherry trees blossom, so shall I bring this to pass."

Prophetic word released on December 2, 2021:

A Word for Canada: We Are in a Serious Hour

The Lord woke me up early on the morning of December 2. He spoke to me and took me into a prophetic encounter. This is what He gave me, raw and unfiltered:

"Barry...Barry, we are in a serious hour. The enemy is throwing everything at you. But do not be discouraged; in fact, rejoice. Have I not said that these things would happen? And have I not said that I would be with you? So do not fear, for I am with you. I will not leave you or forsake you, for you are Mine and I am yours. Barry, tell My people that there are some dark days ahead, but [they] shall overcome."

Then I saw a military helicopter. It was flying low through a valley in the foothills [and] mountains in the surrounding area. On the horizon was a military base camp. As it got closer to the camp, it was evident that [there] was more than just Canadian troops on the ground. There was a measure of Canadians, but 80% were Chinese troops. It was a significant size, and had barracks set up. There appeared to be approximately 3,000 men and women on the ground. They were on standby, awaiting word for mobilization.

I was taken up as if by satellite. I could see Canada from coast to coast. There were similar camps set up throughout Canada. There were a few in BC, on [the] northern coastline, and just off the lower mainland. There were a few in the interior. They were staging areas that were undercover for other operations, hidden in plain sight. There were more throughout the prairies, and many [were] underground, aligned at the Canadian-American border. Ontario and Quebec had several, with another main gateway on the East Coast Newfoundland.

The Lord said, "Barry, tell My people that there is a push coming against them from within, but they will not prevail. They have compromised many men and women in places of authority, but it is not too late for them to deal with things at hand. Many were framed, many were set up, and some were threatened with outright lies and threats."

I saw men in black, in every provincial legislature, controlling the premiers and governments. There was half a dozen in Ottawa, in parliament, behind closed doors in the highest offices. They were the ones who were really in power. They were like mercenaries...cold, heartless and full of evil; emotionally dead; ruthless in tactics; professionals at what they were trained in, [their] consciences seared. They had little respect for life and would do what they had to in a heartbeat. They invoked fear in people that was straight from the pit. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) commissioner's office was also controlled by these guys. They were told what to do and how to do it. The commission was only a figurehead. All integrity [was] lost.

I saw a funnel of money being dumped into the Supreme Court and justice system; money being funneled into judges to buy them off and turn the other way. I saw perversion in closed chambers with women and children being used in awful ways for their pleasure. Many in this system had sold themselves out to the enemy in perversion of all sorts. (Photo via The Noun Project)

I saw communication towers and satellite dishes that were pure black. Everything that they transmitted was dark and driven by evil to control the masses—all synchronized, repeating the same dark, evil narrative, spreading fear across the nation.

I saw a financial market report on the news. A graph of inflation skyrocketed over a few short months. I saw the stock market crash. [I saw] brokers on the floor that lost it all and then some. Suicides [were] rampant [among] those who could not cope. I saw store shelves practically bare. Freezers were nearly empty. [There was] a black-market supply for those trying to survive.

I saw a demonized Justin Trudeau, frolicking with pleasure behind the scenes, completely out of his own mind. As the oppression and depression increased, so did his control over the Canadian people.

I watched as the Canadian people began to rise up with great discontent. The tipping point had been hit. They began to take to the streets in masses of illegal outdoor gatherings and protests. These gatherings were [no longer] permitted under the false pretenses to control the nation. Nevertheless, they rose up and gathered, pushing back on an evil, global regime. It took great wisdom and insight for these leaders to plan and execute these events. Underground planning [and] meetings became the norm.

I watched as pockets of God's remnant rose up to lead the way. It was the Christians who were the most oppressed and the greatest threat to the enemy. They were given supernatural grace to execute plans. They were given supernatural protection and resources. They were forced to lay aside differences and past offenses to work together in love and unity for the Kingdom of God. Even though this shaking was far worse—far greater than anything anyone could imagine—it was also a turning point for the nation. It was evident that this nation was about to turn to God like never before in history. Revival was imminent. There is about to be an outpouring throughout this nation that will expand the Kingdom of God exponentially.

I heard the Lord say, "Barry, tell My people: Do not lose hope. It is time to engage—fully engage. I am going to remove the scales from their eyes. I am going to open up their ears to My truth. I am going to wake up the masses. So, get ready. Take your positions. Prepare to receive them! They are coming! A great awakening is being released, and it is going to be far greater than you ever imagined!

"Hold your ground! Be bold and be strong in the power of My unfailing love! It is time for all hands on deck—the young, the old. Do not think you can't do it! Surrender to Me, walk with Me and we will take back the land the enemy has stolen!"

Prophetic word released on December 5, 2021:

A Word for Australia: "We Are in an Isaiah 55:7 Moment"

I heard the Lord say, "Barry, we are in an Isaiah 55:7 moment right now."

"Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." (Isaiah 55:7 KJV)

"Barry, I am calling in My harvest—not just in Canada but across the nations. Keep your eye on Australia, for I am about to light it up!" says the Lord. "I am about to release My fire across the land. And I shall blow upon the burning ones who are standing in My ways. They shall ignite cities, towns and regions.

"Australia, you have been forced down under and, yes, from that place I am going to birth a movement—a revival. I am not bringing it through the mega church as many may have expected, for they had their chance. They compromised and now will pay the price. For this movement I shall birth in the hearts of My people.

"I am coming to them in supernatural ways and encounters. They shall be empowered by Me," says the Lord. "My Word and My Spirit shall burn within them. As they surrender to Me, I shall fill them and lead them. From the underground they shall arise with Me.

"Your oppressors do not have the upper hand as you suppose, for I am working underground in secret places, in the hearts of good men. I am going to give them wisdom and guidance to lead this great and mighty nation back to Me. I am releasing the hosts of Heaven to do their bidding. For I am raising up a national leader among you, whom I have prepared for the call. He is already on the inside and knows the landscape; He knows the cost. And He is soon to know Me in a far greater way.

"For, Australia, I have heard your cries. Day and night you cry out to Me, and I have heard them.

"Australia: prepare for a coup, for when I move, I will move fast, and swiftly it shall be done. At first you won't believe it is happening, for they will try to hide it, but they will not be able for I am tying their hands. The media shall fall to their knees and turn from their wicked ways. The henchmen shall be taken out. Their days are numbered.

"Australia, My love, I am going to blow upon your Sunshine Coast, and your Golden Coast and bring a revival to the wild ones! For the places where they used to come to party in unhealthy ways, I am going to rebirth into hubs and places where they shall come together to seek My glory and My revival. They will come from the nations once again for revival among the young and vibrant that I shall raise up as mighty ones to take back the nations.

"Australia, I have not called you to be a timid nation. I'm calling My Church to wake up out of slumber and out of silence. I'm calling you, once again, to stand up. Put the past behind you, come to the altar and I will wash you clean. I will, once again, restore you and refresh you to take back the land. I'm calling My Body to take back the universities and the schools that have been taken over by the enemy. They have used these institutions to swing and steer a nation into a place of great compromise, forsaking My Word and My ways.

"Australia, My love, My fire is coming to your Government House. And when I am done, the rats will be burned out, each and every one. All corruption, all control, every satanic practice—all occult rituals shall be dealt with. Yes, [it is] impossible for man, but not for the Lord of hosts. (Photo via Piqsels)

"Australia, consider your ways. Now is the hour. Now is the time. Do not hasten your decision on this day, for no decision is a decision. Turn your hearts of worship unto Me today, for I have called you to lead a 'Global Worship Sound' too—and with the nations. I am releasing frequencies in and through you that will shred the heavens for My Kingdom, and nations will turn to Me once again. For this is what I have called you to lead.

"Is it no wonder the enemy hates you so? Is it no wonder he has tried to control and suppress you? Is it no wonder he has tried to silence your voice and your song? Australia, My love, sing once again! With all you have, turn to Me and away from your wicked ways and, yes, I will heal your land!"

Holy is the word of the Lord.

Prophetic word released on December 8, 2021:

A Word for Canada: "Batten Down the Hatches! Abide in Me"

"Barry, tell My Canadian people to batten down the hatches, for the storm is quickly approaching and about to hit the shoreline. You think you are ready, but I tell you now that very few have seen what is about to hit. They are pulling out all stops against My people. They have made willing and intentional plans and decisions to bring Canada to its knees. They will stop at nothing to maintain control. One vaccine – or ten – will not matter; they will stop at nothing to shut you down and try to take you out.

"Barry, tell My people that they must unite. Tell My leaders that now is the time to stand up! Come out of hiding! This is not going away! Tell My people that they must unite, and that they must seek My face.

"Where are My worshipers? Where are the ones leading the way? I am calling them up to go in front of this great army that I am raising up. I am not looking for the top 10 worship songs! I am looking for authentic, raw worship, and the cries of your heart! I am not interested in the plastic! I want the real! Don't try to be like those who went before you. It may have served well in its season, but we are past that now. You must come up higher! This is a spiritual battle. This is an air war! Change the atmosphere! I will inhabit it as you step up! I am going to release a new sound across Canada. Press in with Me and you will find it!

"My Canada, My Canada, this land that I love...come and abide in Me, surrender to Me and My ways, and I will redeem and restore your land. Greater are the weapons that I have given you than those that are against you. There are going to be casualties if you move on your own. Barry, tell My people that I have a great, great love for them. I will never leave them or forsake them, for they are Mine. Now is the time to pull together.

"Barry, tell My people that there is a movement that has just started to burn across Canada, and it has only just begun. Some are already tired and have been under great opposition and pressure, but do not lose heart. Do not grow faint. Regroup for another push. Strengthen your stand. Let Me help you through the fog and trust My lead. Another hard wave is going to be released, so be prepared. I am with you.

"Barry, I will use the enemies' plans against them. It will not turn out in the end as they suspect. They will eventually find themselves behind their own bars. They will occupy the prisons they built for others. I have men and women behind the scenes, running deep, running silent, preparing to move when the time is right. You are not alone. I will use it all to open the eyes of the blind. No longer will they be able to ignore the truth.

"There are global leaders, global entities, global organizations behind the curtain pulling the strings, and they shall be exposed. They are not bigger than I! These puppeteers shall have their day! And they shall pay for the blood on their hands. Babylon will fall at My hand. The floodgates of global harvest are at hand and shall be thrown wide open.

"Canada, My dear Canada, you are key! The nations are counting on you! The evidence is sitting in Canada, soon to be fully understood and released. It was meant for evil but has left open doors. Elections controlled from and through this nation are going to come into full light. The false sense of democracy is being exposed. Nations around the world shall be impacted. I am bringing My justice," says the Lord.

I was taken into a vision of the Dominion voting machines' office in Canada. I saw a trail of breadcrumbs that ran down the hallway to the office of Justin Trudeau, as well as the office of Chrystia Freeland. I was then shown a world map and the trail of breadcrumbs that led from Canada to other nations of the world, in Europe, Africa, China. They looked like flight paths that you would see on an aviation, radar-type computer screen, [where] data [could be] tracked, easily manipulated and controlled. I have to be careful as to what I share regarding all I saw here. I can say that this is much bigger that most people would ever expect or imagine!

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Barry Wunsch
The Canadian Hammer

Facebook Ministry Page: Click here

Barry Wunsch is a Canadian prophet and businessman. He has a father's heart and a love for family and community, bringing words of hope, restoration and healing to many. Barry has a deep love for Canada and the heart of a reformer. He is part of the Frontline Church in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada, a prophetic community who have gathered the Ecclesia for 20 years, hosting some of Canada's largest prophetic gatherings. Barry brings words for individuals and regions and is a prophetic voice for Canada throughout social media. He ministers prophetically in meetings locally and regionally across Canada. Barry was born and raised in Central Alberta, and is currently residing in Red Deer. He is married to Judy and is the proud father of two adult sons.

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