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I never thought I'd have to fight for my son's freedom

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Jul 21, 2021

From the Desk of Peter Spencer:

In these days where there is a war against all types of law, it's never been more important that we support our law enforcement! In every form-these men and women and their families need our prayer and honor for sure; but even financially too as we're able. By doing so we're both honoring and blessing the One who created law to begin with.

Here's one opportunity to do so with the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

Dear Friend,

I never thought I'd have to write a letter like this.

But then again, I never thought I'd have to fight for my son's freedom.

You see, the handsome young man in the photo is my son Garrett. Even though Garrett has been an officer with the Atlanta Police Department for nearly six years, it wasn't until the George Floyd riots began not long ago that I started losing sleep at night for worrying. 

Especially after those rioters started killing cops.

Little did I know my own son would be at the center of their protests, too – for a crime he didn't commit.

Now, I have no choice but to turn to kind strangers like you and ask for help to keep my son out of prison for doing his job and defending himself in the line of duty.

Last June 12th, just a few minutes before midnight, Garrett and his partner responded to a call about a drunk driver at a Wendy's fast-food restaurant.

The driver – Rayshard Brooks – had passed out behind the wheel of a car while still in the drive-thru lane.

After Garrett's partner repeatedly knocked on the car's window, Rayshard woke up, pulled over, and staggered to his feet.

Garrett calmly talked with Rayshard for more than 30 minutes. He even performed two separate field sobriety tests.

Rayshard failed them both.

After the second test, Garrett began to slowly place the suspect in handcuffs. That's when the situation turned dangerous for my son.

This drunk suspect shoved both officers and – in a split-second – wrestled them to the ground.

Then he grabbed the Taser from Garrett's partner and took off running.

My son radioed in for backup because the suspect was armed and dangerous. 

The officers chased this violent criminal for a few feet before Rayshard turned and pointed the Taser directly at them.

Garrett was immediately in fear for his life and the lives of the other innocent people in the area.

His training kicked in and he fired his service pistol to protect himself and his partner.

Those rounds ended the threat that night... but the political fallout began right away.

Not only was Garrett fired from his job the very next day, but the Atlanta District Attorney – Paul Howard – charged my son with MURDER without even waiting for the independent investigation to finish! 

Former Atlanta D.A. Paul Howard

Video footage from the officers' body cameras and from nearby security cameras clearly show Garrett and his partner acting in self-defense. 

But the D.A. is a "social justice" prosecutor. And since rioters burned down that Wendy's restaurant after Garrett was fired – that D.A. wanted to appease the mob by arresting and charging my son. 

Now Garrett is facing life in prison. He's lost his career. And his legal bills have the potential to bankrupt our family. 

As a mom, there's nothing I wouldn't do to help my son. But our family just doesn't have the kind of money it takes to stand up to a prosecutor who is determined to put an innocent police officer behind bars.

I felt helpless.

So when Jason Johnson from the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund  called and offered to help us, I knew God was answering my prayers.

If you've ever heard of the LELDF, you know they defend police officers like Garrett who have been forced to make split-second decisions in the line of duty.

And they've decided to help my son, too.

My friend, you've read my letter this far so I'm going to ask you one of the toughest questions I've ever asked anyone:

Will you consider sending a one-time gift of $27 to LELDF to help them fund Garrett's defense.

This past year has turned out to be such a dangerous time to be a police officer in America. The violent protests are proof of that fact.

Yet every day, brave officers still put their lives on the line to keep you and your family safe.

Now those officers also risk being prosecuted for split-second decision they make in the line of duty... officers like Garrett.

That's why I hope you'll send $27 for my son's defense. I only mention that amount in recognition of the fact that Garrett was 27 years old on that horrible night. 

And since LELDF is a non-profit organization, your gift today is tax-deductible – so if you would be able to send a larger amount like $50, $75, $100, or even $500, I hope you'll consider it.

Not just for Garrett's sake – but so no other mom has to write a letter like mine.

I'm so grateful that LELDF has stepped in to help my son. And on behalf of every parent who's been in my shoes, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my letter and for whatever help you can send today.

With deepest gratitude,

Sheena Rolfe
Garrett Rolfe's mom

More such officers, who sacrifice so much for all of us, will face similar fates unless you and we speak out.  Please approach an officer then next time you see one and thank them for their service!  Thank you so much for supporting the LELDF and these good men and women.  Please see more about these and our other cases on and remember - Blue Lives Matter!  

Support our Mission to Protect America's Protectors

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