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Mandy Woodhouse: "It Is Time to Go on Display"

Mandy Woodhouse
Jul 19, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzAre you ready to be put on display?

Remember that Scripture tells us that we are His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10), as Mandy Woodhouse shares in her recent word:

Friends, I believe that this is what the Holy Spirit is doing with many of us right now! The Creator has an entire global gallery of masterpieces that He longs to put on display (Ephesians 2:10). Each one of us means life itself to Him (John 3:16), and He longs to put us ON DISPLAY for the glory of His splendor (Isaiah 61:3).

Many have been hidden, even not wanting to be put on display! But because of your humility, your obedience, your faithfulness to Him...get ready because it's going to happen! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)



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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"It Is Time to Go on Display"

Mandy Woodhouse, Brisbane, Australia

Recently during prayer, I heard the words "on display." Immediately, I saw a vision of a group of people walking the streets of their city. They were everyday people who had "all eyes on them" because of the glory, love, power and presence that they carried.

I began to think of all the years that I worked at a large arts center in America. We had a beautiful gallery that would highlight some of the region's top artists. My own paintings and photographs were often hung in this particular gallery, and the Lord reminded me of one particular art show that I helped to organize in which we had artists from across the city participate. I remember how each artist carefully chose their beloved pieces to submit to the show.

An artist has a deep love for everything that they create, but the works that are on display in this kind of environment are the ones that carry a little extra "something." A beautiful work of art is one that isn't necessarily perfect in technique, but causes the person looking at it to FEEL something. It stirs the soul. It uses things such as color and contrast to command attention. And when this work goes on display, it is hung in just the right place, with the most sublime lighting shining right on it in very specific ways to make everything about the work of art "pop" to those who behold it.

On Display for His Glory

Friends, I believe that this is what the Holy Spirit is doing with many of us right now! The Creator has an entire global gallery of masterpieces that He longs to put on display (Ephesians 2:10). Each one of us means life itself to Him (John 3:16), and He longs to put us ON DISPLAY for the glory of His splendor (Isaiah 61:3).

There is a greater level of DISPLAY that He wants to invite us into. There is a love for one another that He longs to pour out, which the Bible actually says will cause all men to know us as His own (John 13:35). (Photo via Unsplash)

The Refining Fire & Increase in Glory

There is a POWER for us to carry that only comes through the refining fire. This requires us actually being willing to walk through the fire with Him. Just like the fourth man in Daniel 3, the Spirit of the Lord reminds us that "...When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, nor will the flame burn you" (Isaiah 43:2). Staying low, at the feet of Jesus, and surrendering to everything that He has for us – even in the fire – causes us to sparkle and shine like the purest of gold, and to rise in a purity and power that we have never known.

"He said to me, 'You are My servant, Israel, in whom I will show My glory.'" (Isaiah 49:3)

There is an increase in GLORY that He is inviting us into; a glory so radiant that, when on display, any light shining on it will only enhance its beauty! There are no "little foxes" hiding in the shadows (Song of Songs 2:15), only a glory that causes all eyes to look upon the beauty of the Lord!

"Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; but the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising. Lift up your eyes round about and see; they all gather together, they come to you. Your sons will come from afar, and your daughters will be carried in the arms. Then you will see and be radiant, and your heart will thrill and rejoice; because the abundance of the sea will be turned to you, the wealth of the nations will come to you." (Isaiah 60:1-5)

Carrying His Presence

There is a PRESENCE that He wants you to carry as well – His presence. His presence encompasses all of these things mentioned, but it comes at a great cost. His presence must be at the start of EVERYTHING...intimacy before power...intimacy before glory. Intimacy with Him before intimacy with the brethren. Intimacy before social media. Intimacy before pouring out. Intimacy before everything. His presence, carried by His children who are "on display," melts even the hardest of hearts! It is our life; the very reason we exist (Acts 17:28). (Photo via Unsplash)

Isaiah 49:2 says, "He has made my mouth like a sharp sword, in the shadow of His hand He has concealed me; and He has also made me a sharpened arrow, He has hidden me in His quiver." There may also be a time of hiding for those works of art that have a specific purpose, or that have a specific way of reaching people. 3D works, such as pottery, ceramics, metal-work, iron, jewelry, etc. require an extra amount of time to fire, polish and make ready for the sublime lighting in a gallery. Sometimes, God's timing is not ours, yet we can rest assured, we WILL come forth like a sharp sword or flaming arrow, if we remain humbly at His feet, fully surrendered to His love washing over us during that time.

It is time. We MUST humbly lay our lives down, once again, on the alter of our Creator. He is inviting us to go "on display" in our cities, nations and homes. He has chosen US, out of all of His creation, to DISPLAY HIS GLORY.

When the lights come on and all eyes are on us, it will be His presence, power, glory and our love that draw all men unto HIM. Are you ready to run back to His feet and humbly surrender all again?

YOU are His servant, in whom He longs to display His glory!

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Mandy Woodhouse
Outrageous Hope


Mandy Woodhouse is a wife, a published author, a speaker, an evangelist and a teacher. Originally from Louisiana, she and her Australian husband are the heads of Evangelism and Discipleship at Glory City Church in Brisbane, Australia, and they both sit on the Queensland Prophetic Council. Mandy is a has a strong gift of exhortation and a love for the Word of God. She lives to use her prophetic voice, creative teaching style and her writing skills to impart HOPE and to awaken true, righteous IDENTITY in the Body of Christ, across the globe, while always pointing to JESUS.

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