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Sara Whitten: "Adjust Your Sails! Catch the Wind of the Spirit!"

Sara Whitten
Jul 19, 2021

Intro from Angie Stolba:

Steve Shultz

Dear Elijah List Readers,

I am honored to introduce to you Sara Whitten. Over the years, I have truly been blessed by Sara's writings, teachings, and the prophetic gift that she operates in.

Sara has been blessed with wisdom beyond her years, and her writings are a testament to that. She walks in such humility, yet her passion for God's Word continues to shine boldly through her.

Be blessed and encouraged as Sara shares some of the latest insights that the Lord has been speaking in and through her. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Angie Stolba, Founder
Living With Confidence Ministries

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Recently, God has been showing me little sailboats everywhere. Each time I noticed a new one, I would smile, knowing it was a little wink from Heaven. Recently, while on vacation with my family, we checked into where we were staying, and a picture on the wall had a sailboat with words printed over it reading: "You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails."

I got this image of people being still in the water, frustrated at their lack of motion. Ready to give up, they were trying everything with no success. Then, as they adjusted their sails in a new direction, they FOUND the direction the wind was blowing and began to become unstuck.

God then said, "Adjust your sails! A rosy gust is coming." "Rosy" seemed like a strange word, so I looked it up just to see the official definition. It can mean HEALTHY, YOUTHFUL, PROMISING or HOPEFUL. A GUST of air, or wind, is a sudden uptake in wind speed in a way that's noticeably different.

There is a SHIFT coming that will bring a noticeable INCREASE in HOPE and JOY, but to experience this, it will require us having our sails positioned to "catch" the wind of the Spirit.

How to Position Yourself in This Sailboat Season

Since we are going to be adjusting our spiritual sails, I started reading about sailing techniques. Here's how we can adjust the positioning of our hearts to be filled with new joy from the Lord:

1. Trim your sails!

"Trimming the sails" keeps you upright and adjusts speed. Other sailing advice includes "reduce drag" and "lightweight headsail." There is a trimming, reducing, or lightening that will need to be done which will keep you from being improperly weighed down or slowed down. This will sometimes mean letting go of "good" things to pursue a more limited list of "God" things. (Photo via Pxhere)

God has specific things He wants you to put your time and energy toward in this season of shifting, so be prayerful and intentional about seeking Him on what stays and what needs to take a break during this season. It will be tempting to "do it all," but if the Lord is calling you to trim what you're keeping, it could be to avoid slowing down or a spiritual capsizing.

2. "Even if you don't have much wind, there is still a lot to learn."

This sentence caught my eye as I read about sailing. Preceding a gust are a lot of less-strong winds or even stillness. When there's not a lot of movement happening, there is still much to prepare on a sailboat in order to be ready to catch the wind as it comes. If you're in a slow season or waiting season, don't assume it's time to put on autopilot or do nothing. In fact, another sailing tip the Lord highlighted said, "It's very easy to overdo the rule of thumb that says 'slacken everything' in light winds." DON'T slacken everything. Instead, ask God how you can be PREPARING. There's purpose even in the stillness.

3. "On warm days with light winds, the wind will generally increase during the afternoon as the land heats up. Don't rush breakfast – the sailing will almost always be better later on."

This was yet another sailing tip that was highlighted to me. Don't rush; get fed. There is a temptation to rush during this time, but I believe that's exactly why this is our sailboat season – BECAUSE it must be God-powered instead of powered through. There is a pacing that is very important for what God is doing in this season. It's also important to not skip being fed. Take extra time to pull back and "feed" on the Word. It seems small, but without more recharge time, your extra work will feel like little more than spinning your wheels.

4. Be on "wind watch"!

As I continued to read sailing tips, I came across this passage: "There will probably be a brief period of flat calm, but look out for puffy, white cumulus clouds forming over the shore showing the beginning of the sea breeze circulation. The clouds will drift inland as the onshore sea breeze becomes established." This reminded me so much of Elijah watching the skies, and when a TINY cloud appeared he knew, by faith, something BIG was coming. In the calm, still keep watch. Look for little signs that your "gust" is coming, and be ready for when God calls you! (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

5. Don't despise smallness.

Small sailboats, as opposed to bigger vessels, are more responsive, easier to steer, and able to TEACH you more...whereas larger vessels are harder to learn on, have less responsive steering, and low maneuverability. Embrace the SMALL steps and ask the Lord, "What is this teaching me to be able to steward more?" God is moving in BIG ways through the small things – not just the large vessels!

6. Transition can be chaotic.

This reminds me of a sentence I found on sailing instructions: "When the wind is up, the sails flap around and you may feel a moment of chaos before getting back in control." If you feel like you're floundering or life is chaotic, you are just in TRANSITION. Take a moment, receive peace, and continue to make your "adjustments." It won't be long before your sails are full, and you're on your way!

Activation Prayer:

Lord, fill my sails with Your Holy Spirit. Show me what needs to be trimmed. Show me in what direction Your winds are blowing so that I can partner with You instead of working by my own power. Give me eyes to see Your joy around me and to glimpse Your coming gusts of hope. Teach me how to rest without losing my readiness. Sync me with Your pace and show me how to use even times of stillness and slowness for preparation. Help me to see with Your eyes the value even in the small things You have me doing. Give me peace in transition and hope for what's to come. In Jesus' precious name, amen.

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Sara Whitten
Arrows of Zion


Sara Whitten began Arrows of Zion in 2017 as an obedient response to the Lord's call to take prophetic words from her handwritten journal to the web in order to share it with His Body. Since that time, Arrows of Zion has grown to provide personal words, resources, and prayer ministry. Sara has a passion for equipping individuals to better understand and fulfill their God-ordained purposes. Her heart is for the unreached and to see the Great Commission fulfilled. She co-leads a ministry that provides biblical training and professional resources to Christian entrepreneurs in least-reached and restricted areas. She and her husband are also invested in training up the next generation to hear His voice as the youth pastors of Impact Christian Fellowship, a nondenominational church in Kerrville, Texas.

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