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Buckle up. Stocks are getting strange.

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Jul 14, 2021

Buckle Up! Stocks Are
Getting Strange...

This is a strange time for U.S. stocks.

And if you sense a big financial reckoning on the horizon, you should know upfront: Your suspicions are correct.

  • Inflation is spiking across the country (it's forty times higher than this time last year)...
  • Stocks are swinging wildly as a result...
  • And unsurprisingly, Americans are scared.

Just look at CNN's Fear & Greed Index. This is the most "Fear" we've seen in a while...

Fear Greed Index

If you have any of your wealth in stocks right now (even just through a 401k or IRA), you need to know:

What's really going on in the U.S. stock market right now?

And most importantly, what does it mean for your money?

For the answers, hundreds of thousands of Americans turn to one man.

He's a Finance PhD, a former hedge fund manager, and a world-renowned expert on the invisible forces that move markets.

That's how he accurately predicted the dotcom bust in 2000, the gold boom in 2003, the Great Recession in 2008, and even Dow 30k in 2013.

In light of today's strange market activity, he just released a new prediction.

And his message is clear: You need to prepare for things to get a whole lot stranger.

He says:

"I'm seeing it everywhere I look...

The feeling that we're in the calm before the storm... like the whole country is holding its breath.

Today, I'm finally going to explain what's happening and why.

No, it's not a market crash, or hyperinflation, or anything like that. What's brewing is a completely different market phenomenon. One that's so rare, it only happens once every twenty years or so.

But when it does hit... it can completely transform your wealth for decades to come."

Everything you need to know is covered in his new video update, which is quickly going viral.

It's free to watch when you click right here.

But be warned: The prediction covered in this video is extremely time-sensitive. You don't have months to prepare... but weeks.

You'll understand why when you see this new prediction.


Allison Comotto
Staff Writer, Stansberry Research
Delivering World-Class Financial Research Since 1999

P.S. When it comes to the recent market swings...

You'll see folks blame President Biden's recent tax hikes. You'll see folks blame the Fed's reckless money-printing.

But here's the truth you won't see anywhere else.

For More Information:

888-261-2693 |

Note: You will not be ordering this item from The Elijah List. Your order will be processed on the Stansberry Research site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

This is a paid advertisement for Stansberry Research and is not affiliated with The Elijah List. All investments involve some amount of risk. We recommend that you research all investment opportunities and that you seek advice from investment professionals and pray for the Lord's wisdom prior to making an investment of any kind.

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