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Are You Ready For Revival? This Book Will Prepare You

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Jul 14, 2021

Are You Ready For Revival? This Book Will Prepare You
"One Net, Many Boats – Divine Patterns for the End Times Ekklesia"
Revival for Individuals; Restoration for the Ekklesia;
Transformation for Nations

"One Net, Many Boats" contains Divine patterns for the Ekklesia
to release revival at personal, corporate, and national levels,
and to transform nations from grassroots to Government.


"Apostle Steve Harris has captured and epitomizes the true spirit and heart of Kingdom apostolic life and ministry. Apostle Harris demonstrates the simplicity, humility, and practicality of Christ, and the signs following that accompany his ministry attest to that.
I personally have been genuinely impacted by the ministry of this modern apostle, and by the kindness, love, simplicity, and sincerity of his life. He is a true apostolic father in the faith."

Apostle Joseph Walters
Chairman, Body of Christ, Papua New Guinea
"This book by Steve Harris is a clear prophetic call to the Church today to engage with the Holy Spirit in renewed love and obedience, to engage with one another in renewed unity, and to engage with those outside the Church in renewed passion."
Pastor Ron Simms
National Leader, Full Gospel Australia
"One Net, Many Boats" is an amazing gift to the Body of Christ, filled with Biblical insights and strategic patterns to enable leaders to go forward and to emerge into the fullness of their calling and ministry to others."
Bruce Lindley
Founding Apostle, ARC Global Apostolic Community
"What you are about to read is not merely a theoretical idea to be discussed, but a burning message to be received. The intensity with which it is written is an overflow of a life filled with white-hot passion for Jesus."
Pastor Paul Smith
National Church Engagement, Alpha Australia

Book Description

The limitless dimensions of the love that Jesus has for His bride cannot even begin to be expressed in human language. And He longs for His Bride to be all that He has created and called her to be in all her glorious victory. He draws her with His increasing Presence, and the promise of even greater fruitfulness and manifestations of His Glory as the end of days approaches.

The Ekklesia is not just called to win the lost.
It has been raised up by God to transform nations from grassroots to Government. "One Net, Many Boats" is an in depth study of the potential of the end times Ekklesia. It contains blueprints for revival at personal, corporate, and national levels, and the role of the Ekklesia as a vehicle to enable this is examined in detail.

21st century paradigms such as apostolic centers, hubs and networks, as well as Kingdom worship and resource centers are explored; as are the relationships between the transformation of individuals, Ekklesias, spheres of society, and nations. It documents working examples of the concepts that are discussed. The book is filled with testimonies of Heavenly encounters and of meetings filled with miraculous fruit that spills over into the surrounding regions.

"For those with a heart to hear what the spirit is saying to the Church, "One Net, Many Boats" is a blueprint for this new era in Church history. This is a must-read for any student of Scripture keen to understand the period we are living in, and the way forward into the new era."
Peter Dunstan
Co-Founder, Break Free Australia

"This book is convicting, Holy Spirit-inspired, and power-packed with testimonies of Heavenly encounters and healing miracles, as well as Divine Patterns and principles for the true Ekklesia to effectively advance God's Kingdom into all spheres of human culture."
Thomas Abe
Founder & Leader, Gamogagolo Worship & Ministry Center

"Steve Harris is a rare treasure - he's like King David - a worshipper, warrior and servant. His book "One Net, Many Boats" takes you up the mountain of God, unveiling the Heavenly blueprints that are in the Lord's heart for His church, the Ekklesia."
Pastor Glen Gerhauser
Holy Fire Ministry Training School

About the Author
Steve Harris has walked with Jesus since 1987. He has taught the Word of God and preached the Gospel in many nations of the world, with salvation, healing, and miracles often accompanying the message. He has worshipped with ministers such as Ron Kenoly, Pastor Benny Hinn, and Olivia McClurkin.

As the founder of Outpouring Ministries, an organization that exists to make a difference in a world full of desperate need, Steve has launched mercy ministries in developing nations, constructing wells, computer & sewing schools, and establishing small to medium enterprises to lift people out of poverty.

He is also the founder of Global Influencers, a global community that is joined together in agape love and growing through the truth of God's Word and the fire of the Holy Spirit. Members are trained and equipped to walk in the fullness of the Gospel of the Kingdom, and to restore Kingdom culture from grassroots to government in the villages, cities, regions, and nations of the world.

You can also check out Steve's worship projects HERE


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