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Joan Hunter: "Persevere in the Face of Opposition"

Joan Hunter
Jul 5, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzJoan Hunter is solid in the Word of God and knows how to walk in His healing power. I've had the privilege of ministering with Joan and have been at her church. The power of God is very apparent in their midst!

In this article by Joan, she offers key revelation to persevere through opposition. I'd say in the last year, we've all gone through much opposition, but it's so important to grow in these times as Joan says herself:

We all would like to stay in peace and joy with constant happiness; however, our spiritual growth is formed by the challenges we survive and subsequently share with others as a testimony of God's goodness, grace, and mercy...

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Persevere in the Face of Opposition"

Joan Hunter, Pinehurst, Texas

The One Who Endures All Things

The ultimate example of a person who never quit in the face of opposition is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We so often think and talk about His travels, His love and kindness to all He met and ministered to... For a few minutes, think of all He faced:

God sent Him to a damaged and challenging existence on Earth. Jesus had to leave the throne and peace of Heaven to be born as a helpless child. He had to learn how to walk, talk, and exist on this planet. He felt pain and bled just like we do. When He reached His time for ministry, He was enticed and tempted by the devil himself. While out in a desert without food and water, Jesus fought His enemy and got the victory.

Jesus experienced the love of parents and family, but also endured the pain of rejection, slander, and eventual execution on the Cross. He was loved by many; however, His earthly enemies falsely accused Him, tortured Him, and crucified Him. Yes, behind it all was satan who wanted to destroy the blessed Son of God. (Photo via Pixabay)

We know the story, but do you look at the negative portions of His life as well as the positive love, joy, and peace His pictures so often portray?

Challenges That Bring Us to Destiny

Life brings challenges and frustrations whether you are the Son of God or an adopted child of God. Jesus knew before His miraculous birth that He would die on that Cross for the sins of the world. That means He died for you and for me before we were even thought of or born. God designed the plan for our salvation, for our destiny.

Yes, we endure some late nights of pain and tears; but in the end, God uses our pain, our tears, and our love to bring us to the exact destiny He designed for us so long ago. We all would like to stay in peace and joy with constant happiness; however, our spiritual growth is formed by the challenges we survive and subsequently share with others as a testimony of God's goodness, grace, and mercy.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

We are instructed to act like God and shape our lives more like Jesus. We are to be the hands, feet, voice, and love of Jesus working through us. To understand and embrace His love, we must focus on the prize, not the agony of the path to get there. Jesus kept His eyes focused on the other side of the Cross—on His resurrection and the salvation of God's children. He knew what the prize was and He also knew the price He would have to pay.

Jesus didn't falter. Jesus didn't quit! He fulfilled His destiny! He faced His accusers and spoke only the words that came from His Father in Heaven! (Photo via Snappy Goat)

When you face your next challenge, think of what He had to do to give you the opportunity to live with Him forever. He had a God-ordained destiny—you have one too.

Don't Quit! Jesus Is Waiting for Your Request

Don't quit! Jesus never gave up on you; don't you ever even think of giving up on Him! Instead, reach out for His outstretched hand. Jesus is always there waiting for your prayer. Ask for His help every day. His Holy Spirit is waiting for your request so He can work all things out for your good.

Never, never, never quit!

"Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him." (James 1:12)

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(Used by Permission via Destiny Image.)

Joan Hunter
Joan Hunter Ministries


Joan Hunter is a healing minister, dynamic teacher, and accomplished author who has devoted her life to carry a message of hope, deliverance, and healing to the nations. She brings a powerful ministry to a world characterized by brokenness and pain. Having emerged victorious through tragic circumstances, impossible obstacles, and immeasurable devastation, Joan is able to share a message of hope and restoration to the brokenhearted, bringing deliverance and freedom to the bound, and healing and wholeness to the diseased. Joan's life is one of uncompromising dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as she exhibits a sincere desire to see the Body of Christ live free, happy, and whole. Joan and her husband, Kelley Murrell, live in Pinehurst, Texas. Learn more at

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