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Lyn Packer: "It's Time for Internal Expansion!"

Lyn Packer
Jun 30, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzThere are people reading this whom the Lord has told, "I have a Promised Land(s) set before you." Have no doubt about it!

Lyn Packer writes a great word about this and shares powerful, prophetic words from the Lord about this such as:

There is so much more for you to discover about yourself and of what I placed in you when I formed you. There is still much unrealized potential in you and I'm calling you to step into new aspects of that...

Just that first sentence above you could camp out on for a while...yes, there is so much more about yourself to discover from the Lord. It's been there from day 1!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"It's Time for Internal Expansion!"

Lyn Packer, Christchurch, New Zealand

Recently, I felt the Lord share something with me which was first of all was a word for me personally, but I soon realized that it was also a word for the Church.

I heard Him say that He has given us a Promised Land as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Within this is land that is personal, and also land that is communal. The land, in this case, is a symbolic picture of all that He has given us through being included in Christ – what He has promised in Scripture to us as the Church globally, and also all what He has promised to each of us on a personal level.

Don't Stop! Continue to Take Ownership of the Land I've Given You

I heard Him say, "Don't stop! Continue to take ownership of the land I've given you. Continue to activate the promises I've given you through faith and action, following My lead and seeking My timing and wisdom. You've done great work over the years, both in establishing My Kingdom in your own life, and in the world around you, but now is not the time to hunker down while the world rages around you; now is the time to step up with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

"What I have for you is that you continue to build on and then expand the things I've given you which came to you in seed form, and are ready to be planted in your life, ready to take root and grow.

"Your life is, in many ways, still full of raw land that is waiting for you to develop and grow a good and continuing harvest on it. Don't settle for the little you have now; develop the land you currently occupy and then expand your borders. My plan is that you take full ownership of the things I have promised you and see them fulfilled, and that you leave a good legacy, an inheritance for those who come after you. (Photo via Pixabay)

Growing Internally to Steward Externally

"In order to inhabit the fullness of the promises I've given you, and leave the inheritance I have planned for you to leave, you must first push back your internal boundaries so that you can take ground externally. Push back the internal boundaries established in your mind and heart – both your self-imposed boundaries and the boundaries others have tried to impose on you.

"It's time to get rid of limited thinking, of the internal strongholds that have been built and the 'thought taskmasters' that have been set in place to limit and restrain you. It's time for a renewing of your mind in some areas so that you can become more of who I created you to be. Deal with the heart's hurts and wounds; seek healing so that those wounds don't distract you and hold you back.

"There is so much more for you to discover about yourself and of what I placed in you when I formed you. There is still much unrealized potential in you and I'm calling you to step into new aspects of that. It's time for an expansion of thinking, a change of mind and heart that will lead to an external expansion. I have more for you to steward – more of My grace, My love, and My power, so that My Kingdom is established in more places. It's time for new growth internally so that you can steward more externally."

God is calling us all into a place of greater responsibility and maturity so that we can shine as fully-revealed, mature sons and daughters of God – ones who represent Him well. That means dealing with our internal taskmasters which are the thought patterns, beliefs, biases, prejudices, perceptions and lies we've believed that don't line up with who God says we are, or what He says we are capable of – that don't line up with the Kingdom of Heaven and the values of that Kingdom. There are exciting days ahead of us – days of glory and power being released into the world around us, and each of us has a part to play in that.

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Lyn Packer
Rob and Lyn Packer Ministries

Website: |

Lyn Packer and her husband Rob have been in ministry for over 40 years in varying roles from youth workers through to senior pastors and now currently as itinerant ministers in New Zealand. They have ministered in many nations throughout the South Pacific, Asia, and in North America. They are a part of the Prophetic Council in New Zealand and are widely respected as prophetic ministers wherever they minister. Lyn facilitates the New Zealand Prophetic Network, a ministry similar to Elijah List in New Zealand, and leads a network for women ministers in New Zealand.

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