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Ready or Not, Here Comes the Great Wealth Transfer

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Jun 3, 2021

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Great Wealth Transfer.

It is really happening, just as prophesied.

No one likes to be in lack. Quite frankly, it is not a lot of fun. Lack of funds, lack of time, and lack of direction.

Imagine... what you could accomplish in your life if money was not an issue.

Did you know the #1 fear people have isn't death or public speaking?

It is not having enough money.

Watch my short free webinar showing you how you could earn 15% on the money in your bank passively.

Most Christians nearing retirement age fear that there will not be enough money to survive. Forget fulfilling purpose and funding Kingdom work...they are worried about their survival. I know because I speak with them daily.

People of all ages are fearful they will be forced to enter the workforce late into their sixties, seventies, and even eighties? Can you imagine that? Heaven forbid!

That would be horrible and painful. And it is certainly not God's best.

Let me ask you a serious question... Are you worried about not having enough money or not having enough for YOUR retirement?

What if I told you there is an incredible opportunity for you to consider? Right here, right now.

My name is Richard Roblin.

I am a Christian CPA, CMA, CFO who has worked for or with Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship – John Arnott; Deloitte & Touch; Oracle; Department of Defense Contractors; Merrill Lynch & the Canadian Federal Government.

We all know, with God, there are no accidents. You, my friends, are in the exact right moment in time and space. God placed you right here, and it is not luck, nor an accident. He genuinely wants to bless you.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if your retirement were filled with steady, passive income that allowed you to do all the things God has called you to do?

Maybe, you think it's too late! Even if you missed all the great "Booms" of the past forty years: The Real Estate Boom (twice), The Tech Boom, The Dot Com Boom, Bitcoin boom, and now the Crypto Currency Boom.

In fact, at this moment, we believe God has provided His Body an incredible opportunity to accumulate great wealth. It is all part of His plan. To take the Wealth of the Wicked and transfer it into the hands of the righteous. Just like so many prophets have already testified.

Even today, God is moving real-time funds into His children's hands to bless them and help fund the end-time harvest. He is allowing His Body to sow seed into ministries that desperately need the funds to accomplish His will.

You are probably wondering, where do I even begin? Easy.

I am hosting a short FREE Webinar with some of my Christian friends introducing an incredible opportunity to increase your retirement money 3X and even 10X using compound interest...

Passively. As passive as leaving your money in the bank...

Except now you could earn 15% interest per month.

In fact, if you are not earning 15% per month interest on the money in your bank then you should jump on this call.

Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because thou hast rejected knowledge..."

It is FREE. Do not reject this free knowledge I am offering you. Do not miss out. Could this be an answer to prayer?

It is definitely worth your look. Do your due diligence. You will be happy you did.

Please click here to register<<<

Richard Roblin

P.S. You may be saying "this sounds too good to be true".

But so is the great wealth transfer...and an all-sufficient Savior who died for our sins...

Come check it out you have nothing to lose and sooooo much to gain.

Please click here to register<<<

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Note: You will not be ordering this item from The Elijah List. Your order will be processed on the Wealth Transfer site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

This is a paid advertisement for Wealth Transfer and is not affiliated with The Elijah List. All investments involve some amount of risk. We recommend that you research all investment opportunities and that you seek advice from investment professionals and pray for the Lord's wisdom prior to making an investment of any kind.

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