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Donna Rigney: "From Great Turmoil to Great Peace - Justice Will Prevail!"

Donna Rigney
May 4, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz When my friend Donna Rigney talks, I LISTEN.


"Why?" you may ask.

Because Donna has been there, and by "THERE" I mean she's been to Heaven many times and she's been WITH THE LORD, PERSONALLY, many times.

And anyone like that, I listen to clearly!

And I hope you will too!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Below are some of the prophetic words that I received recently regarding the future as I sat before the Lord in prayer.

Prophetic words given on April 3, 2021:

A Crossfire of Love 

I saw myself in one of Heaven's gardens. This elegant garden was filled with beautiful yellow flowers. I lay down between Father and Jesus, with Holy Spirit overshadowing me. Lying on this bed of flowers, I could feel and hear the flowers singing – worshiping Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. As worship went up through me, the glory of God poured down all over me. I felt like I was in a crossfire of love.

Father explained that this is how our life on Earth could be, if we would just spend more time with Them. We would be in a crossfire of love all the time! He showed me that His children only accomplish their destiny to the degree that they spend time with Him: "Look at Samuel – he abided in My courts day and night. He lingered with Me; he listened to Me giving him clear instructions. Eventually he led all of Israel. He fully accomplished his destiny. The same is true of David, a man with a heart after Mine. From a lowly shepherd, I made him into what I created him to be – the greatest king of Israel.

"Only those who spend time with Me ever fully accomplish their purpose. Imagine what this world would be like if all My children spent time with Me daily; that would be Heaven on Earth. Because very few do truly get apart with Me daily, very few realize their full potential. The more My children spend their time in vain pursuits and in aligning with the gods of this world, the more the attitudes and atmosphere of Hell attaches itself to them. Their lives don't reflect My glory, but the wickedness of satan's kingdom becomes the fragrance they exude. Teach My children to get to know Me!

There Are No Shortcuts to Success!

"Teach them that there is no shortcut to living a holy, successful life. Sitting absorbed in My presence daily will bring them what they long for: love, acceptance, holiness, success and wisdom. Look at the lives of those who did walk with Me in continual fellowship. They became exactly what they were created for and fully enjoyed their lives. There are no shortcuts to true success! I am the Way, the Truth and the Life! I came to the earth to draw all men to Me, to My Father and My Holy Spirit, but few truly accept Our invitation to live for, with and through Us."

"The Sovereign Lord is my strength; He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to tread on the heights..." (Habakkuk 3:19)

Prophetic words given on April 6, 2021:

Injustice Is a Spirit

Sitting alone in my prayer room, I heard Father declare: "I say, 'No longer will My children be ruled by injustice.' Injustice is a spirit, just like pride, lust, fear, Jezebel, Ahab...These are all spirits who are assigned to destroy people, lands and My Kingdom. My Church has been assailed by injustice for many years. In droves, people have left the Church, because of the spirit of injustice manifesting through the people in these churches – both through the leaders and the congregants.

Unjust Rulings Will Be Overturned

"Injustice ruled in Jerusalem and killed the Lord of Glory. In this hour, I am ruling against injustice in all areas of My children's lives – not just in the courts but also in relationships, in the Church, in politics, in the government, in health care, in business and in the media...In every place where injustice has ruled, I am exposing it, taking it down and replacing injustice with My Spirit of truth and justice. Watch and you will see unjust rulings overturned and replaced by just rulings, in all sectors of society. Watch and see those held in the chains of injustice set free, and set ablaze with the fiery love for Us! Justice will prevail; injustice will not!

Justice Will Prevail

"Justice has been perverted. The high courts on down to the lower courts...all have caused the scales of justice to be tipped in favor of the unrighteous. Bribes, coercion and wicked hearts have influenced the justices, but that will change. I will cause the scales of justice to once again be balanced. My children will receive justice; they're just due will be given to them, because I have heard My sons and My daughters [crying out] for justice. Never in the history of mankind has injustice had its way worldwide and to such a tremendous degree. Injustice has run rampant. (Photo via Flickr)

"This will change! Angels of justice have been released from Heaven to fight all the demonic spirits of injustice. Far greater is My army than the soldiers of fortune that serve satan."

"For the Lord will vindicate His people and have compassion on His servants." (Psalm 135:14)

Prophetic words given on April 12, 2021:

From Great Turmoil to Great Peace

As I sat with the Lord, He began to speak to me about what is coming to the world: "Peace like a river will eventually flow in your land. Turmoil – great turmoil – will precede this time of peace. Transitions from one season to the next are frequently tumultuous. When you see this tumult, know that We have shown you this would come, preceding the new season of peace.

"Yes, a peaceful government will soon take over to replace this one that has only brought strife and chaos. When you see the strife increase, be at ease, for peace will arrive, as I declared it would. Comfort My people during these difficult days; encourage them to expect peace to arrive soon. Yes, justice and peace are being sent from Heaven because of the prayers and selfless sacrifices of My faithful friends. After justice has been implemented, peace will follow! Hearts and minds will be stilled; fear, doubt and worry will flee.

"A new contentment will fill your land. You will be content with those I put in positions to lead your nation. No longer will criticism and judgment against those I have chosen be launched as was done previously. Unity shall be restored."

A Sign of What's Coming

The Lord reminded me of what happened this past Sunday evening at our home prayer service. The glory fell, as it always does, but this time a great peace settled on everyone. All present were encapsulated in a deep peace. No one moved; no one opened their eyes or spoke for about 30-60 minutes. While I sat in His presence after praying over everyone, I felt this deep peace too, but also a pillar of fire which rested upon me. This intense heat reached to the ceiling and extended many yards out from me.

The Lord explained that what happened on Sunday evening is a prophetic picture of what will be settling on our nation. A tremendous peace will rest on everyone, and it will come about through the pillar of fire.

A Great Shaking Is Coming

The Lord said, "My curious children are asking Me what is coming, and I say, 'Peace is coming soon.' Keeping one's eyes fixed on Me will bring peace, even during this storm that will precede this season of peace and reconciliation. There is a great shaking coming. All that is not rooted in truth will be shaken out of your government and out of places and people of influence.

"After a terrible, raging storm hits, the stillness that comes on the land is often eerie. This is a prophetic picture of what is coming. Hold on tightly to Us during this great shaking and before this season of peace arrives, you will be a bold forerunner of peace during the storms of life. Filtered by My embrace, no flying debris will touch you. Like a screen filters the air going into a home, I will filter all that would do you harm, and only allow the refreshing wind of My Spirit to come upon you and those who stay sheltered in My arms of love.

"Remember, when you see the storms hit your land, know that great peace is about to make its arrival seen and felt by all!"

This Storm Will Bring in a Great Harvest

While the Lord spoke, I saw myself in the spirit walking through piles of leaves. It looked like a scene in autumn when colorful leaves fall off the trees.

In the past, I saw myself in this same scene lying under a tree with Jesus. Many leaves fell onto us from the tree we were lying under until we were almost buried in them. During that visit months ago, the Lord told me that this was a picture of how easy the harvest of souls will be that will soon be upon us.

Now, in this current vision, I saw myself walking through piles of freshly fallen leaves. I knew that they had fallen as a result of the winds of change and time of turmoil that had come on the land. This stormy time would be used by the hand of God to bring in the great end time harvest.

The Lord explained: "Souls that are dry, like these leaves, will be brought into My Kingdom during this time of upheaval. They do not have My life in them and are so very dry; they are languishing because of the lack of nourishment found only in My Spirit and in My Word. They will come alive once they are submersed in My Spirit."

"In your distress you called and I rescued you, I answered you out of a thundercloud..." (Psalm 81:7)

This Scripture confirmed that we will go from turmoil to peace, because we have cried out to God.

Here's another wonderful confirmation of this prophetic word: When I finished visiting with the Lord, a friend called and began to tell me that she had just told her husband that a dried rose can come to life. Her father put a dry rose in a vase with water and wet paper towels and it came alive! In time, it even grew leaves. She knew nothing of my encounter with the Lord – seeing dry, dead leaves on the ground, and hearing Him tell me that these leaves would come to life once they were submersed in His Spirit. (Photo via Donna Rigney)

Prophetic words given on April 14, 2021:

Leaks Are Coming

As I sat in the presence of the Lord, I heard Him say, "People's eyes need to be opened to the truth. Before the great unveiling occurs, I will be sovereignly opening the eyes of My blind children. Where they've walked in great darkness, they will soon be seeing the light. Little by little, light will be shown upon areas of deception, and they will see and understand the truth. Where they once believed that lies were the truth, now they will know. Because of My mercy on these blind ones, I am gradually going to shine the light into these dark corners where wickedness has been hiding.

"Then the great unveiling will happen, where all will see what has been hiding in the darkness. Pray, before that day of the great unveiling, that many will allow their eyes to be opened so that the shock will not be so great.

"You will hear reports that amaze! These are going to look like they are accidental disclosures but are, in fact, deliberate leaks orchestrated by My hand, through My people who are working behind the scenes on behalf of the truth.

"Righteousness and truth are going to be established, and then a great season of peace will be set forth on your land by My hand. This is all coming very soon! You will not have to wait much longer.

"Just like a leak in a roof demonstrates that there is a big problem lurking that needs to be investigated, these leaks will cause people to investigate to see if there are bigger issues hidden behind the scenes. People will see the heart of wickedness for what it is in those they once trusted, and reject those leaders. These leaders will not escape the scrutiny of a God who sees all. From the rooftops their wicked deeds will be revealed for all to see! Judgment will fall soon as these leaks are investigated by the masses."

Trump Compared to Daniel and Biden Compared to Daniel's Enemies

Continuing in prayer, the Lord led me to read Daniel 6 and showed me that wicked men, out of jealousy, accused Daniel and had King Darius throw him into the lion's den. Because Daniel trusted in the Lord, God rescued Daniel, and then King Darius had Daniel's accusers and their families all thrown into the den of lions where they were all killed. Then the king issued a decree saying that everyone in his kingdom must fear and revere the God of Daniel:

"...'For He is the living God and He endures forever; His Kingdom will not be destroyed, His dominion will never end. He rescues and He saves; He performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth. He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions'...So Daniel prospered..." (Daniel 6:26-28)

My Lord explained: "I am going to expose all the wickedness and corruption for everyone worldwide to see. In this great exposure, judgment and true justice will occur. Just as I defended, protected and restored Daniel – I will do it again, for Donald Trump and for all who have endured the injustice and false accusations of the wicked. I will mount a strong defense on behalf of them, because My remnant has placed their trust in Me, like Daniel did! That which the evil doers tried to do to the righteous will fall upon the wicked."

Confirming Scriptures:

"They encourage each other in evil plans, they talk about hiding their snares; they say, 'Who will see it?' They plot injustice and say, 'We have devised the perfect plan!' Surely the human mind and heart are cunning. But God will shoot them with His arrows; they will suddenly be struck down. He will turn their own tongues against them and bring them to ruin; all who see them will shake their heads in scorn. All people will fear; they will proclaim the works of God and ponder what He has done. The righteous will rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in Him; all the upright in heart will glory in Him!" (Psalm 64:5-10)

"...'I will destroy the king who is in the Valley of Aven [wickedness] and the one who holds the scepter in Beth Eden...For three sins of Ammon, even for four, I will not turn back My wrath. Because he ripped open the pregnant women of Gilead in order to extend his borders, I will set fire to the walls of Rabbah...Her king will go into exile, he and his officials together,' says the Lord." (Amos 1:5,13-15)

"They trample on the heads of the poor as upon the dust of the ground and deny justice to the oppressed..." (Amos 2:7)

"Woe to the worthless shepherd, who deserts the flock! May the sword strike his arm and his right eye! May his arm be completely withered, his right eye totally blinded!" (Zachariah 11:17)

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Donna Rigney
His Heart Ministries International


Donna Rigney and her husband, Jack, are pastors of His Heart Ministries International, a non-denominational church in north central Florida. Donna is known for her passion for intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Her meetings are prophetic and directed towards salvation for the lost and healing and deliverance for the hurting. Jack and Donna are also members of Hastings Youth Academy Advisory Board, a youth detention facility for boys aged 13-18 in Hastings, Florida. Along with her evangelistic work in Florida, Donna started a missionary work in Croatia in 2001. An author, successful playwright and inspirational speaker, Donna has written Divine Encounters, a book that details her startling and vivid encounters with Jesus in both Heaven and Hell. Her book and story were highlighted on Sid Roth It's Supernatural.

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