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Jay West: "Power Surge! Welcome to God's Light Age!"

Jay West
Apr 27, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

You are definitely going to want to read EVERY WORD of this word of the Lord through my friend and prophet, Jay West.

Jay has "walked the walk" in these days and he knows what the power of God looks like and feels like.

And Jay is prophesying this about the age we have moved into:

"We are just beginning to move into the 'Light Age,' with true transforming and explosive power surges that emanate light where light previously was completely hidden. Light will become the 'new shadow,' and this shadow will far exceed what Peter's shadow accomplished. The Light Age is about to launch!"

Where we are now going, we have never been before and neither have any of the saints of old.

This is a brand new and exciting work of God and it's about to get very, very, VERY good!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


Recently, the Lord spoke to me and said to take the power of the anointing and begin to prophesy and foretell of the second coming of Jesus...EVEN IF HIS SECOND COMING IS STILL 100+ YEARS AWAY. Since no man knows the day or the hour, this is not regarding a specific date, but rather it's about creating a position of readiness, AT ALL TIMES, coupled with power and authority.

Power is the ability, might and strength to accomplish a task, but authority gives you the right to use the power to accomplish the task. Some of God's people have often tried to use power but not with the authority to release it for Kingdom good. Like a power of attorney, we will have God's signature authorization standing behind us to accomplish these tasks.

A New Heavenly Power Surge

The Lord went on to say that the previous anointing for healing and prophetic words, coupled with words of knowledge, will pale in comparison to what is coming. He added that I was to take the testimonies of those who have had heavenly encounters, who have seen Jesus, experienced angels, and have seen Heaven as further evidence of preparation.

He also indicated that many will have this same call and flow, the same anointing, with new heavenly power surges. But unlike a natural power surge that interrupts power here on Earth, a heavenly power surge adds more surging power to the demonstration of the gifts, and will see far greater miracles and supernatural occurrences than previously experienced. (Photo via Flickr)

There is an acceleration plus a larger demand being put on the power of God to expedite the release of His power to those who are not prepared for the second coming, nor actively involved in much Kingdom life at all. These power surges will enhance and encourage more to participate on a consistent basis, and plug into the extensive power source of God.

Staying Connected to the Power Grid of Heaven

Later, I received further downloads on this as the revelation of the Lord continued. There is an extensive power grid that God is setting up for these power surges to flow from Heaven to Earth. This power grid will not fail. The natural power grids that failed this past winter failed due to lack of preparation and due to lack of planning. God has planned this out for the new season we are entering, and the new "Power Age," but He is looking for our preparedness to activate this power for the sole purpose of demonstrating His power to draw more people into the Kingdom for the final great harvest.

It is our job to stay connected to this grid through being more attentive to His instructions and responding with quick and radical obedience. It is the Lord's desire for more and more to have heavenly encounters, to see angels, and to be in and keenly aware of His heavenly presence. It won't be enough to vaguely follow or to just access this power at a worship service. This power is truly for public demonstration in the marketplace, in the schools, to business and corporate leaders, to political activists, to heads of state, and to the world.

Welcome to the New "Light Age"

Ultimately, there will be world-wide power grid manifestations of Kingdom power surges happening simultaneously around the world, with incredible signs and wonders that far exceed anything we have previously seen. And many of these manifestations will be recorded by social media for all to see as they happen, so that no one can refute them or try to deny that they happened. In fact, many of them will even happen on social media as an extension of the Kingdom to that realm.

Massive explosions of God's power will create a hunger for people in every walk, in every country, and in every area of life to desire the Kingdom. This will then, in turn, drive many to their knees to encounter Jesus, bringing them into the Light, into the Way, into the Life, and ultimately into the Truth. And the truth will truly set many free to then freely offer the same, with more power surges, to those inside and outside of their circles of influence.

As this happens, each step will draw us closer and closer to the second coming. Lives will be transformed as thousands and thousands meet Jesus. Programs and normal training will be eliminated and obsolete as new Believers begin to manifest the Kingdom on a consistent basis; it will soon become normal for a new follower of Jesus to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, experience heavenly encounters and freely give to others. (Photo via Unsplash)

As in the days of Moses, the enemies of God will try to duplicate and manipulate this with lying and deceiving trickery, sorcery, magic and illusions, but those who are truly touched by the power surges of God will give testimony to the genuine, the real and the authentic; while those with illusions will soon be refuted and exposed for their darkened ways and silly attempts at duplicating the power of the Lord.

Even the dark web will begin to experience this light and heavenly power surges, as light always pushes back darkness. The Kingdom of God will indeed dominate the kingdom of darkness with supremacy, superiority, influence, weight, force and strength. This will be released with pinpoint accuracy through prophetic words, words of knowledge and wisdom, bringing solutions to many world-wide problems, with answers that will confound the wisest worldly thinkers and prognosticators of the world.

We are just beginning to move into the "Light Age," with true transforming and explosive power surges that emanate light where light previously was completely hidden. Light will become the "new shadow," and this shadow will far exceed what Peter's shadow accomplished. The Light Age is about to launch!

"...When people knew Peter was going to walk by, they carried the sick out to the streets and laid them down on cots and mats, knowing the incredible power emanating from him would overshadow them and heal them." (Acts 5:15 TPT)

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Jay West
Kingdom Encounters

Website: |

Pastor Jay West has ministered in over 1,700 churches in 64 different denominations along with many schools and marketplace locations. He frequently spends time with business, medical, educational and political leaders including governors, congressman, and senators. Jay moves in healing seeing over 7,000 people healed in a very low-key and unhyped way, plus he gets many accurate words of knowledge. Jay is the pastor of a church in Omaha, Nebraska called Kingdom Encounters. Jay is an author, having published four books, including "Downloads from Heaven," "Willing to Yield," "Kingdom Encounters" and "Well, Well, Well."

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