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Biblical Wealth Building Secrets

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Apr 19, 2021

Dear Elijah List,

If you want to learn more about how to create Biblical Wealth (and what to do with it when God blesses you with it)... then register for Kingdom Builders Live right now!

And then be sure to show up LIVE this Wed - Fri (April 21 - 23) for a can't-miss Global Online Event for Christian Writers, Speakers, Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs!

During the online event I will run an important session titled, "Biblical Wealth Building Secrets".

But let me rewind a bit.

And tell you WHY I think this session is so needed.

Starting with THIS question:

Q: Why do so many Christians struggle financially?

In my experience the problem is rarely a bad work ethic...

Not a bad brain...

Not bad luck...

... but a bad conscience.

A mindset of guilt. Of lack. Of "I'm not supposed to earn a lot of money."

Did you know it is possible to have a heart for ministry AND a brain for business? In fact, it's Biblical!

I've coached thousands of Christians over the years... and while some of them are able to create massive passive income, right from the get go...

... many are caught in a cycle of financial self-sabotage. Feeling like they are not "supposed to" earn lots of money.

And so?

They unconsciously repel wealth in all of the decisions they make.

And stay stuck in the same financial swamp, year after year after year.

And this is why during Kingdom Builders Live (if you haven't registered yet, do so on this page ASAP) I will be talking about,

"Biblical Wealth Building Secrets"

Starting with... how to purge your poverty mindset!

Do YOU have a poverty mindset?

One which is quietly keeping you broke, and stuck in patterns of financial self-sabotage?

(If you're a Christian, you're probably more susceptible to this than you realize...)

Would you like to know how to purge your poverty mindset once and for all?

If so do *not* miss a moment of Kingdom Builders Live.

In addition to helping you get free from poverty mindsets, I will also cover...

What is the purpose of Biblical wealth?
What is the prerequisite for Biblical wealth?
What is the proper response to Biblical wealth?

And Here's More of What You'll Get:

NOT sure what to specialize in as a speaker, coach, or consultant? I'll reveal the top 20 proven and profitable niches... and I particularly see a HUGE opportunity right now for people who choose niches #9 and #15

All of the successful online entrepreneurs I have met... do *this* one thing, that I will teach at the very beginning of the event

The top 28 traffic sources for building an email list in 2021

If you build it, they will NOT necessarily come! But if you do *this*, customers are guaranteed to come whenever you build a new course or launch a new product

My Fast 4-Step Formula for building an email list, getting your first paying clients and creating curriculum your customers LOVE

"I wrote a book... but no one is buying it! What did I do wrong?!" I can't tell you how many times I've heard this question. And I will deliver the most comprehensive answer I have ever publicly given to this question, on Day 3 of the event

Thousands of people have already signed up for this event.

And the big day will be here soon. (In about 48-hours to be exact!)

So I advise you to register now if you haven't already - because there's some prep work you need to do beforehand, which I'll send you as soon as you register:


Tamara Lowe

New York Times Bestselling Author
America's #1 Christian Business Coach

For More Information:

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