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A New Way to Write & Publish Books

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Apr 20, 2021

Dear Elijah List,

A couple years ago I locked myself in my room for a long weekend and cranked out my now bestselling book, On Purpose.

Soon as I finished I sent it off to my designer, he formatted it and made it pretty, and within two weeks the book was ready to be launched to the wider world.

And since that day?

I have sold over 100,000 copies of this book.

And made well over a million dollars from it — and counting!

And on Day 1 of Kingdom Builders Live (LIVE TOMORROW at 12:00pm US ET), I will share in detail the process I used to quickly write On Purpose, get it into people's hands, and turn a (massive) profit from it.

I now teach this process to all of my Inner Circle coaching clients. And they consistently use it to write bestsellers not in years... not in months... but in weeks. And the REALLY motivated ones can do it in mere days!

But believe me, it wasn't always this way...

When I wrote my PREVIOUS book, Get Motivated, I sold thousands and thousands of copies... it even hit the New York Times Best Sellers List — but here's the thing:

I spent 7 months writing it.

Then another 14 months editing it.

And then I paid tens of thousands of dollars - for an editor, a designer, publishing, and promotion.

So while it sure looked like a huge success from the outside...

... after all was said and done, I made only $3,000 net profit from two years of VERY hard work writing, editing, publishing, and promoting it!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still glad I wrote it.

Because the process taught me a lot...

But since then I have learned and perfected a much better way to write, publish, and promote your books.

One which is soooo much faster.

Which gets your book out to even more people than “traditional” methods.

And best of all, it's way more profitable.

So I ask you:

Would you rather take a year to get your book to market - or a week?

Would you rather reach 10,000 people - or 100,000+?

And would you rather make a few thousand dollars from your book — or over a million?

This is the difference between the first method I used (the traditional method) and the new method I will teach on Day 1 of Kingdom Builders Live (LIVE TOMORROW at 12:00pm US ET).

So if you want to learn a BETTER way, to get the book in your heart out into the world?

Sign up here for FREE:

If you have ever thought of writing and publishing your own book, make sure you show up LIVE tomorrow at 12:00pm US Eastern Time!


Tamara Lowe

New York Times Bestselling Author
America's #1 Christian Business Coach

P.S. If you've already written a book, but it's just not selling well (or at all)... get ready for a major breakthrough! Register now! I'll show you exactly how to sell your books and transform more lives than you ever imagined!

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