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Nathan French: "The Roll Out of 'Operation Clean Out!'"

Nathan French
Mar 26, 2021

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzI've really enjoyed getting to know Nathan French and his ministry. The favor and the anointing of the Lord is very apparent in his life!

This is a most sobering word by Nathan, and we're going to see what is spoken here from the Lord come to pass.

I'll keep this short and let you get right to reading this word. Please share it with all of your friends...we're about to see God move in tremendous ways across this nation and the earth! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)



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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"The Roll Out of 'Operation Clean Out!'"

Nathan French, Gig Harbor, WA

Prophetic word of the Lord given on March 12, 2021:

What Is Happening?

"I am looking for willing vessels in this hour to assist Me, the Lord, in accomplishing the fulfillment of every promise I have given. Do you wonder what is happening with the leadership in America? I have a plan and My plan still stands.

"You have heard many words: Marxist, Communist Agenda, and Socialism. The vaccines are not the Savior! I say I will shatter these agendas like clay pots. I will expose the hidden sins of the godless and those who intentionally work against My name from the anti-Christ spirit!

"What is happening?" you ask. The battle between good and evil.

"What is happening?" you ask. A power struggle for America.

Many Want Answers

"I know many want answers about what will happen. I am the Lord God, Almighty, and I am not blind. I can see perfectly the feeble attempts to bring this nation under siege. This nation will be made an example of. This nation, one nation – under God – will be redeemed. (Photo via Pikist)

"Many say, 'Well, for the one world government to take place this had to happen,' or, 'for the one-world order to come to pass all this needed to occur.' Listen to the voice of the Lord GOD almighty. I do not waver in My plans. I am just and will bring justice. I am looking for a certain response from My people.

"I want pure hearts and clean hands. I want repentance and true service.

I Will Do My Part

"Let your allegiance be to My cause. The Kingdom of Heaven is advancing and the righteous shall take it by force. The plan of the dark side is to empower an evil leader. Why do they want an evil leader? Because the anti-Christ spirit wants to fulfill the plan of satan. He has always thought his plan would work, in spite of the fact that his plans never work out in the end.

"I have prepared the outcome as I make allowances for free will. I will do My part to put the House in order. I will do My part to adjust the Senate. I will do My part to remove the lawlessness in this land and settle the injustice to protect those who have demonstrated sacrificial obedience. I am a great defender and I will always come to the aid of those willing to be helped. Many who do not know My love resist My rescue. Many who do not know My ways make plans on their own.

Operation Clean Out

"I am excited to see the roll out of Operation Clean Out. I shall clean out the corruption in the leadership of My Church in America. Many leaders are being exposed while others are being promoted. Many leaders are not leading by example and I have been patient. Many leaders are not leading and many new leaders are going to be placed in powerful positions, based on willingness and not on their credentials. I would rather have a heart that is willing in position than a highly skilled, rebellious person. Credentials can help but do not guarantee wisdom. Wisdom and obedience to truth and conviction are more important than knowledge and the lust for power. (Photo via Unsplash)

A Changing of the Guard

"There will now be a changing of the guard. Remember, the kings of the earth are only as good as their willingness to follow the King of kings. So many pursue earthly success and sacrifice the eternal blessings. I want to reward you, beloved.

"Think about souls. Think about hearts transformed. Think about Heaven's plan of redemption. Think about what is happening and remember what I have promised – it's not over! Everything will be laid bare. I am still working with imperfect people, some who will and some who won't. Watch what I do.

"What is next? I am! I will come as the rescuer. Those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."

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Nathan French
Nathan French Ministries


Nathan French and his wife, Danielle, are the founding leaders of The Rock Revival Center, located in North end Tacoma, WA. Nathan has a heart for evangelism, discipleship and healing that is nurtured through a powerful, prophetic gifting. He is an international revivalist with a heart and a passion to bring the movement of the Holy Spirit wherever he goes. Nathan has also served as a business consultant "under the radar." He has a passion for bringing the "success" principles of the Kingdom into action at the companies he has been privileged to serve. Nathan has authored two books: It's NOT Meant to be a Secret: God Wants to Speak to You, and Rushing the Flood Gates of Heaven. Nathan has been featured in several television and radio broadcasts such as TBN, God-TV and Spirit 105.3FM.

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