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The Amazing Miracles of Israel

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Jan 21, 2021

American Friends of Magen David Adom Donate Now

Dear Friend,

Israel is a land of miracles.

The Bible tells us of many great miracles that happened there. But the miracles never stopped.

Yesterday miracles happened in Israel. People were clinically dead. Funeral plans had come to mind. But it was not the end.

Today, miracles are happening; they are taking place right now as you read this. Some are spectacular, and some involve men and women, dressed in white, who have dedicated their lives to saving others.

In the Scriptures we see sovereign acts of God, where He worked alone to show His greatness. But we also see times where God used people. He worked miracles through their willing hands.

We believe today it is no different.

The brave men and women of MAGEN DAVID ADOM, Israel’s Red Cross organization, have a unified mission: To save as many lives as possible in Israel. Funded almost entirely by private donations they are responsible for Israel’s:

  1. Emergency medical services
  2. Ambulances and emergency vehicles
  3. National blood supply

When terrorists attack civilian areas, MAGEN DAVID ADOM is there. When a father is bleeding to death in a car accident, MAGEN DAVID ADOM is there. When a child drowns and their heart stops, MAGEN DAVID ADOM is there. No matter the emergency, when life and death are on the line, MAGEN DAVID ADOM is there.

For Israel’s paramedics and EMTs to answer these calls, to save, to resuscitate, and to give people a new chance at life, they must have crucial medical supplies and equipment. The only way that can happen is through the generosity of friends of Israel, just like you.

For your donation of any amount to help save lives in Israel, we will send you a copy of our ISRAEL Land of Miracles photo book. This stunning volume shows you the actual sites where 20 of the Bible’s best-known miracles took place.

These are sites where the impossible happened, where lives were saved, where destinies were changed. Each beautiful location is complete with the scriptures and descriptions of the miraculous events that transpired there.

This photo book not only shows you the locations where Biblical miracles took place, but you will also see where modern miracles still happen today.

As you page through the moving photos and Scriptures of ISRAEL Land of Miracles, you will be reminded of the miracles that happened yesterday — and of the miracles that you help make happen today.

Your generosity makes a real difference in the lives of real people. When you give to support MAGEN DAVID ADOM, you make miracles happen in Israel. Please give your best gift today.

American Friends of Magen David Adom Donate Now

MAGEN DAVID ADOM, Israel's national Red Cross society, provides emergency medical care and ambulance services for victims of terror, natural disasters, automobile accidents, and other emergencies in Israel. It is also responsible for 97% of Israel's national blood supply. MAGEN DAVID ADOM is saving lives in Israel every day.

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